Harem trousers – I love ’em.

Now we’ve discussed before how harem trousers are a love ’em or loathe ’em item but I really do love ’em.  I’ve decided it all hails back to when I met MM in 1991.  He was/is a non-conformist and when I met him he had long curly hair and more jewelry than me.  He always wore loud shirts with harem trousers and his red Converse hi-tops, which incidentally, he has on his feet today – not the same pair mind you.  MM was fortunate that all his harem trousers were hand made in Turkey.  As a PhD student in Byzantine history he was lucky enough to have regular trips to Turkey where he could indulge in Efes pilsener, Roman ruins and fine tailoring.  I must dig out the photo of the first University Ball he took me to – he wore black harem trousers, a tailcoat, black shirt with white polka dots, a white bow tie and the omnipresent red converse – he’s such a wall flower…

Anyhow I am now the flag bearer in the family when it comes to harem trousers.  Today I have on the Zara grey trousers (they’re labeled as khaki on the site but they are definitely grey) which are super soft and comfortable.  I try to wear them with a more fitted top so I don’t look too overwhelmed.  Today I have my Boden blackberry Must Have jumper layered over a black Zara t-shirt.  The scarf is H&M and the boots are the Isabel Marant Dickers.  So thoughts please would you, do you do harem trousers?

IMG_3478 IMG_3489

Here’s my outfit from yesterday – black Gap skinny jeans, a black Gap t-shirt and the AllSaints Plume cardigan from the sale back in June, all finished off with the mocha Acne Pistols.  We happened to be doing some work on the IKEA Pax last night, and without the cardi and boots MM said I bore a keen resemblance to the IKEA ninja in the instructions…he can mock when he can beat my time for drawer assembly…


I also got to try on my new Boden Fairisle jumper.  I’m so glad I sized up in this – this is a US 10 but fits far better than the 8 – I can’t abide tight knitwear and this now falls really well.  Not my usual style but I really like it for winter and it complements my Pistols perfectly!  There aren’t many left in stock after all the promotions recently, but worth stalking.



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    • Well thank you Emma! Zara have a fabulous array of harem pants – I have a few – some black and white silky ones and the camo ones that are a bit dressier than these grey ones. The herringbone ones are lovely too but less harem about the crotch:)

  1. I see you’ve managed to get a replacement for your Dickers. How are you liking them? They look FABULOUS on you! You’re tall enough to pull the harem pants look with such aplomb. I have to go with much skinnier legs in order to achieve the same effect. Speaking of which, you’ve just reminded me to pull mine out now!

    • Yes the fabulous NAP replaced them for me! I ordered a pair from La Garconne just in case NAP didn’t get my size again but returned them as the CS with NAP is so much better. It was obviously a fault with the ones I had. I love them – they are so comfortable – worth every penny in my eyes – but I feel like I’m wearing glass slippers every time I wear them – I want them to stay new forever:)

  2. Yes I was thinking the same as Marlene – you look good in them – me – not so good. I had the Zara herringbone harem/joggers delivered and they were okay on me but I couldn’t get the footwear right on me so I gave up on them. Shame as I really did want to wear something other than boyfriend jeans despite all the mags saying you should be wearing boyfriend jeans. Funnily enough, I’ve been in skinnies for the last week or so – it’s winter and time for tucking skinnies in to boots or wedge trainers. The ninja reference – very funny. Maybe that’s a look I can get in to!

    • So sorry the herringbone ones didn’t work out! Wouldn’t your Gap boots have worked with them? The IKEA Ninja – that’s me:)

    • Oh flattery will get you anywhere Trea:) Give them a try – you might like them – I’m really not very tall only 5’6″…pretty average:)

  3. Love harem pants – yours look great on you! – but have yet to try some on. Also, like Sue, I would be unsure about what shoes, boots to wear with them – or is it best always to wear boots with them. Loving those booties of yours

    • Hi Jody – I really think you can wear any show with them – a pointy pump, a ballet flat and ankle boots all work great depending on the activity! I have some dressier ones that I wear black heeled sandals with in the summer – they are fabulous:) xx

  4. Hi i usually have a look at your blog once a week- and love your style!! You have inspired me to dig out my old harem pants an i;ve bought a shirt today to wear with over xmas. Hope i look as good in them as you do!! Thanks for the inspiration! Jane x

    • Well thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read and comment! So glad the harems will make an appearance – I’m sure you’ll look fabulous – feel free to send me a photo so I can share with the skeptics! We’ll show them how fabulous the harem is! xx

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