Girls only.

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to go out with the girls more often.  Sometimes life can get in the way of spending time with friends, and prioritizing time gets tricky.  But life also raises issues that are best shared with girlfriends over a glass of wine and a good laugh, hence my resolution.  I put it into practice last night and headed out with Cristin.  We had a fabulous night catching up over a couple of bottles of unnecessarily expensive wine:)


I wore my black jacket again from Zara over the Dita t-shirt dress (yeah right – dress that barely covers your butt!) from AllSaints.  The trousers are the coated jeggings from Dorothy Perkins (currently on sale) which have turned into my favorite ‘going out’ pants – they fit amazing and feel sexy!  I busted out the Buster boots from Nine West.  They’ve been sitting in my closet for a while now after I bought them at a bargain price before Thanksgiving.  Not sure why I haven’t worn them till now – I think I was concerned about tottering around in really high heels – but they turned out to be the most comfortable ‘going out’ boot.


So after putting a New Year’s resolution into practice I also broke one.  My new Boden folded leather clutch arrived.  I just couldn’t resist it and I’m glad I didn’t now – it is just beautiful.  The leather is buttery soft and it is incredibly roomy without any bulk.  The color could be pink, orange or red depending on what you wear it with, and the detachable strap is genius.


Make me feel better and tell me you have broken a resolution too by day 12!

Oh and talking about Girls – don’t forget if you are in the US the new season starts tomorrow 9pm on HBO.

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  1. Looking Ah-Maz-ing! Great outfit….love every bit of it. Glad you had a good night – hope the head isn’t too sore. Does this mean I get to break my shopping ban too?? Avril xx

    • Thank you lovely! It was a fabulous night – too much good wine:) And no – stick with it – I’m banned again till London:) xx

  2. Really cool outfit. Especially love the jeggings & boots. You were right to get the Boden clutch as it looks really nice. How long was this shopping ban supposed to last by the way?:)

    • It was supposed to last longer than 12 days! I think the clutch will be a big seller this year though and I didn’t want to risk missing out:) So easy to justify!

    • AllSaints always have some lovely drapey items – they’re so easy to wear. The boots are fab aren’t they? Better than $1500 on the Isabel Marants no? x

  3. Omg Joanna u look soooo skinny, your obviously doing something right. I’m going to have a look for those DP jeans as ive seen a few people look great in them. I’m also so in love with that Boden clutch after you linked to them a while back, I’ve my eye on the yellowish one, damn u!!!

      • She is isn’t she!! I’d never thought of that before as I never see Davina over here on the telly:)

    • Well thank you!! A combination of smaller portions, drinking more water, less wine and more working out…all the basics! Kat first alerted me to the DP pants – they are fabulous – I’m almost tempted to get another pair for when these fall apart…but they feel pretty good quality so hopefully it’ll never happen! The fit is great. I love the greengage clutch too…actually I love it in all colors:)

  4. Ooh, you look fierce. And the photo of you and your friend, you both look beautiful. 🙂

    I have a night planned out with a friend for March 8. That is two months from now. I can’t believe I have to plan that far in advance to do anything. Ridiculous.

    I really wish I could be in London in late February, alas plane tickets are far too expensive.

    • Thanks you Dina! It’s so hard to find a free night – OH has to be available then when we all have kids there are so many other activities going on. I had such a brilliant night though so I’m determined to make girls nights out a priority in 2013! I wish you could be in London too:( It’s only feasible for me as I can spend 2 weeks with my parents too…xxx

  5. I never made any resolutions in the first place – January is tough enough already! Agree that girls nights are essential had a lovely night out Friday with a good friend at the theatre. Love the look you’re rocking! Caroline

    • Hi Caroline! I love your approach to no resolutions – maybe that should be my resolution for next year i.e resolve to have none!

  6. That’s a dress? Well maybe on me but definitely not on you but it looks fab as a top. I totally love this outfit especially the boots. And like Tcro above says – you look so skinny!

    • Yes a dress! I wouldn’t be caught without leggings on with it though! The hard work is paying off thank you – nothing tastes as good as skinny…

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