School’s out for Summer!

Yes it is the last day of school today!!!  Early here, but we go back on the 7th August, plus we always seem to finish before Memorial Day which is this Monday, and the unofficial start of Summer.  The pools are open and summer camps begin – the rhythm of life changes.  I love it – less routine, with far lazier starts to the day.  I woke Poppy this morning to the gentle refrain of me singing ‘School’s Out’ – nothing but encouragement to get her out of bed – though, as she had lost a tooth yesterday, she was pretty spritely looking for her gift from the tooth fairy.  Is it wrong that I had to take cash out of her piggy bank for the tooth fairy?  That’s what I call recycling:)

Once she was up, and had written her thank you card for her teacher – she burst into tears poor thing.  I thought she was going to be excited about the end of school, but it must be bittersweet.  The fact she was so sad to finish 1st grade confirms we’ve had a brilliant year, with fabulous friends and a wonderful teacher.  Now I just have to convince her that 2nd grade will be twice as much fun!


Vince Ninas Zara and JCrew


Shoes – Vince Nina // Trousers – J.Crew café capris // T-shirt – Gap // Jacket – Zara (old)


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    • Thanks Fiona – still never sure about them – but they are super comfy!

    • Hi Ruth!! Thanks for stopping by!! I’ve heard so much about you, your clothes and your site!! So glad SGS and A57 let you know where to find me!

  1. Love your outfit Joanna & like you we love the summer hols & the fact there’s less clock watching, half term for us next week – yippee 🙂 x

    • First day has been a bit draining – not used to 2 of them at home! But I have cooked and cleaned and will be pouring a margarita any moment now. Then they are in camp next week so back to work for me after the Holiday Monday!

  2. Oh gosh – broken up totally? Like not a half term thing or anything? When do they go back? My Ben would be veritably whooping with delight rather than crying.

    And I like this simple streamlined look. I really should experiment with trousers a bit more but it seems a bit strange when I’m not going to work.

    • YES! Off till August 7th now – so we do go back earlier than you guys too. Has it’s pros and cons – we can go away in June when it’s not yet peak period but it’s still so hot when they go back to school in August. I’ll be leaving for the UK again in a few weeks!:)

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