Liquid gold?

Halloween costumes were mandatory at our neighbor’s party this weekend.  My Husband ignored this and went as himself.  I on the other hand, for the first time ever made a token effort.  Can you guess what I am?  The classy Dixie cup full of margarita is not part of the costume…neither is a very bemused looking Tennyson!

Halloween 2013

Yes I’m a ‘Cereal Killer’ – mwah ha ha haaa!

Today I headed off to the hairdressers.  ‘Tis the Husband’s birthday tomorrow so I need to look glam.


Boots – Grey Nubuck Rag & Bone Newbury boots // Trousers – Mango (old) // Top – Zara


And the big reveal – my ombre highlights by the lovely Lauren at Plum Salon – love it!


In order to treat my hair kindly and take care of my fabulous new color I bought some gorgeous Bumble & Bumble shampoo and conditioner – but blimey it is priced like liquid gold so I better keep it for ‘best’!

Okay off to wrap presents now before everyone gets home!

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  1. Love your hair!! I might also need to steal your fancy dress idea in the furure .very clever and Im all for low maintanance dress up;)

    • It was great for taking off later in the evening – I think I might keep it handy for recycling next year:) xx

    • Thanks lovely – now if I can just get it to my shoulders I’ll be happy:)

  2. Echoing the other lovely comments, your hair looks gorgeous, sigh! Inspired by your glossy locks, I’m off to the bathroom to locate the deep conditioning mask I know is hiding there! xx

    • Thank you – a hair treatment always makes me feel better – I forget how hair can impact how you feel!

  3. Your costume is hilariious and reminds me of when my oldest was about 7 and heard my husband reading about a seriel killer and piped in “Why would anyone want to kill cereal?” I may just have to steal this costume idea sometime to honor that memory!

  4. Hi I hope you dont mind me asking about the fayza jeans i didnt understand what size you wear in the regular and what size in the jogg? is there a difference between the sizing? i want to order on line and i wear the same size as you…. thank you so much

    • Hi! I find the Fayza jogg jeans fit really big – I am normally a 28 or US 6 in jeans. The Fayzas only come in odd sizes and I tried a 27 and 25 both were fine but the denim is so soft that I had heard they loosen a lot with wear so I ended up with the 25″ – hope that helps you!

  5. Loving your hair colour Joanna. I also might pinch your serial killer idea, best I’ve seen in a while with minimal work involved in prepping the outfit, fantastic! x

    • Thank you Natalie! I saw another great costume – someone had cut out black paper in the shame of a hashtag – that’s mine for next year sorted:)

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