Come on I know we all have a pair.  I wear mine nearly every day at this time of year – they are perfect for slipping on for nipping out of the house to the yard or down to the bus stop – no where too public.  Yes I’m talking about Uggs – frowned on by stylists around the world, yet worn by everyone.  I just put mine on to take the Halloween decorations down – yes, yes I know it’s November 7th but I’ve been busy;)  They’re also perfect for nursing blistered feet after their first 6 mile run in 6 months yesterday…yes I’m hobbling around today.

I prefer the simple Classic Ugg – these are grey – but my favorite pair were the short classic in sand – I wore them out over 2 pregnancies.

Here’s my catalog pose.






Sweater – H&M // Jeans – Diesel Fayza Jogg Jeans // Uggs – Ugg classic tall in grey


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  1. I would love a pair. I have Ugg slippers which I wear all the time at home but I would love some to wear in the car. Perhaps they will make it onto my Christmas list…Ax

    • I didn’t realize how much more they were over there…maybe it’s something to get shipped from here? Just let me know:)

  2. I’ve got some brown & tan ones that are being stored on top of the wardrobe but they’re great for comfort and warmth as you say….may have to dig them out for when the temperatures drop!! x

  3. I have Uggs (Bailey buttons) which I wear occassionally but I also have Croc boots (don’t be horrified I too hate the little holely shoes) and I love them. They are the last word in both comfort and warmth and they are waterproof too! I have the Berryessa Buckle (copied from @lovemeagan)

    • The buttons are gorgeous – love the short version in sand. I’ve seen the Croc boots for the kids but not for adults – they sound perfect for the rain!

    • I love the chestnut color too – I keep trying to decide about the black – Poppy has some black fake ones that look great with everything.

  4. I`ll admit it: last winter I lived in them for like 5 or 6 months, I love my Uggs! (ok, they`re not “real” Uggs, one pair is no-name but real leather and quite good quality. And the other pair is by Emu and quite good too). There`s nothing better for warmth and comfort, especially when we have snow!
    Just realized that the real ones are much more expensive here in Europe(249Eur!) than on zappos.

    • They are a lot cheaper here aren’t they? I just bought my daughter some fake ones from Target for $20 and she loves them – they probably won’t last more than this winter so I’m happier paying Target prices for her:)

    • It’s gorgeous here right now – the temperature has just turned so it is peak fall and all the leaves have changed and are starting to come down.

  5. I just love ugg boots although my kids hate them they call them my ‘ugly boots’ but you just cannot match their cosiness, warmth and they are just sooooo comfortable. You wear your uggs so well!

    • I saw:) I definitely prefer the shorter version – more versatile I think. I even wear mine to get to the gym – I think I love them more as you don’t even need to find a pair of clean socks to wear:) x

  6. Yep I need a a pair too, want slipper ones though as I live in slippers most of the time. Every time I come on here u make me want to buy stuff Joanna, I’m going to have to stop visiting u!! 😉

    • I have the Ansley slipper Uggs which I love – they come in great colors too. Don’t worry I want your hair every time I see your posts:)

  7. Marmite .. that is what they are and I love marmite but I don’t love UGGS I’m afraid. I love you though, is that ok?!!


    • Oh no I haven’t – there are so many styles available now – I love the knitted ones but they don’t have the furry lining so they seem a bit pointless.

  8. uggs are essential for cold days watching my boys play football/rugby/lacrosse. I have the grandle, slightly less ugg looking, but still not up there in the style league. DD is 7.6 and loves uggs, she got her new bailey bows today and is going to be so excited after school, just in time to watch London wasps play Saracens this evening.

    At least you’re not wearing velour joggers with them 😉

    • You can get lovely waterproof ones these days can’t you – much toastier than a pair of wellies!

  9. I love my Uggs, have 4 pairs!!!! They do end up looking tatty with time, so those ones I don’t wear out and about. They have some amazing new designs coming through which I would love to invest in, leather boot styles x

    • So funny you say that – I just washed mine the machine on a hand wash and they came out perfectly – lovely and clean and fluffy again!

  10. Late to the discussion but I love Uggs. You really can’t beat them for warmth and comfort and I have a feeling my Ugg Kensingtons are going to serve me really well as a newly fledged soccer mum.

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