The big Thanksgiving catchup.

I’m back…after a brilliant week.  I intentionally tried to avoid the laptop as I was determined not to be sucked in by random Black Friday deals – especially knowing that most brands offer far deeper discounts at other times of the year.  Yes we have been conditioned to go mental on Black Friday but don’t!  You’ll be better off waiting for other big sales – most retailers know we want to spend now but hold out if you can.

The week started with some fun appointments.  Poppy had a layer of pink in her hair – so you can just see it when she has a pony tail.  Less permanent at this age than piercings – and after mine I didn’t want to be too much of a hypocrite when it comes to exploring new looks and self expression.  Lauren at Plum Salon once again looked after us – she is fabulous and I highly recommend her if you are in the Atlanta area.

IMG_4895 IMG_4897 IMG_4899


It was freezing on Tuesday and it called for some big coat and scarf action.

Unknown1 Zara coat


Jeans – coated jeans Dorothy Perkins (25% off everything with Holiday25) // Boots – Dorothy Perkins // Sweater – Boden Westbourne sweater // Scarf – Zara (old) // Coat – Zara

On Wednesday the kids had dental appointments.  Don’t ask me why I scheduled them the day before Thanksgiving.  We had a power cut that morning, due to all the rain and wind we’d had, and I had to go without a shower.  While messaging Fiona and Avril from the waiting room I assured them I didn’t look too skanky with this selfie – no full length photo that day – I’ve enjoyed a break from the mirror:)


Sweater – Boden Off Duty jumper (last year’s but similar here) // Coat – Mango // Hat – Nordstrom (100% cashmere for less than $30!)

That evening was spent pretending to be a domestic goddess – I chugged a bottle of sparkling while making cranberry sauce, sausage stuffing and then brining the bird.  It was a really fun family night listening to music with the odd random game of chess thrown in.  Chess is our new obsession – I’m still being thrashed by my 5 year old.

IMG_4903 IMG_4904 IMG_4911

On Thanksgiving Day we had our fabulous friends from Bulgaria over, so we could enjoy an international Thanksgiving.  Neither of us have family here so it was absolutely fantastic to share the day with fun friends.  We talked Communism, music and literature while drinking and eating LOTS.  The best Thanksgiving ever, and I have to say the food was pretty darn good too:)


The aftermath:


Yesterday we headed out for a blast of fresh air.  We went to the Georgia Dome to watch the Georgia State Panthers play – a fun day with some tailgating thrown in for good measure.

AllSaints sweatshirt

Shoes – Isabel Marant Bobby sneakers // Jeans – Zara // Sweatshirt – AllSaints (20% off with THANKS) // Hat – Nordstrom // (the jacket below is Next from last year)

IMG_4925 IMG_4928


So today it is back to normality – I’m back to running and eating left over turkey:)

IMG_4920 IMG_4916

Here’s to my favorite Holiday of the year.  Now to start planning for Xmas – and Maximus the Elf rejoined the clan today so I better be good!

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    • I am obsessed with hats right now – great for keeping the hair under wraps when I can’t be arced:)

  1. Oh I’d love to be in the US for Thanksgiving some year…it’s great that it’s about getting together with friends and not about presents. Tho I guess you have to do it all again this month? Not sure I’m liking the idea of 2 turkeys within a month of each other!
    Love the Zara coat especially – it looks so cosy. Enjoy your Sunday lovely, Axx

    • Oh don’t worry we don’t bother with turkey at Xmas – normally just do some kind of roast or even just finger food – I can’t go through all that again! x

  2. I love the All Saints jumper Joanna. How old is Poppy? My Poppy is 12 and would love some blue hair but isn’t allowed at school! She has temporary hair mascara instead. I can’t wait for turkey !! xxx

    • She is almost 8 and I checked the school guidelines – nothing says no colored hair! We’ll see:)

  3. A hairdresser lives next door to me and she colors her kids hair all of the time and the school does not say anything. I think it’s great!

    • I love it too – I’m glad she is happy to experiment – it just bleeds a LOT when her hair is washed! No more bathing in my bathroom;)!

  4. Looks like a lot of fun and a lot of work. How did the school take to Poppy’s hair?

    Looking very chic in the burgundy and grey. I like!

    • You know no one has said a thing – I think it’s all perfectly acceptable here! My Husband was telling me how he flouted school rules in his day with a Ramones haircut – I guess it is in her genes! xx

    • You know I thought I may have gone off burgundy after wearing it a lot last Fall but I love it for something different!

    • I completely embrace Thanksgiving now – it really is the best Holiday! I think every country should do it!

    • Thank you – you know the cheapest jeans I own and probably the most comfortable!

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