Jet lag.

Jet lag is crippling – I end up in a complete fog for 2 days.  This will be exacerbated this year because our clocks change tonight.  Thrilled about Spring being almost here, but I know the kids will be bouncing out of bed at 5am tomorrow morning, and after a party for 25 6 year olds today I might not be too keen on that!  Hugh turned 6 on the 6th and I have never seen him so excited before.  He has written a list of all the things he wants to do for his birthday and the party along with a trip to his favorite BBQ joint will complete it.  Think of me this morning while I am bouncing on trampolines and whizzing down zip lines…

The outfits over the past couple of days have revolved around comfort – essential for jet lag recovery!

French Connection teee.jpg

Shoes – Marks and Spencer Limited Edition skate shoes // Jeans – Zara boyfriend jeans // T-shirt – French Connection Amelia t-shirt

ASOS 1.jpg ASOS 2.jpg ASOS 3.jpg ASOS 4.jpg

Boots – Marks and Spencer Autograph biker boots // Jeans – BlankNYC faux leather // Dress – ASOS (currently on sale!) // Jacket – Gap (similar here) // Bag – Alexander Wang Rocco (similar here)

Celebrating Hugh’s birthday made me reminisce about this time last year – look at me a year ago!  It makes me want my hair short again!


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  1. I am loving the asos dress with your black jeans…I will be copying it looks fab! Hope Hugh has a great party and it is not too exhausting, looking good in your casual outfits, good luck with tomorrow morning and the early start…I hate early starts!! Xxx

    • Feeling much better today thanks = I think a few days of detoxing has helped too – I can’t believe it’s a week since we all met already! xx

  2. I feel for you Joanna. Jetlag is awful and no one gives you any sympathy because ‘it’s not an illness’. On a brighter note, you look fab, I love that red dress so much and yeay the trees are coming back to life behind you. It’s all looking up xx

    • It is STUNNING here – Spring is my favorite time of year here – so much blossom and amazing clear air – I love it! xx

  3. Ha ha! I like your hair now, but I love it short – it looks stunning ….just saying! Mel x

    • I will be short again – but the longer it is before then the more dramatic the change which I love!!! Nothing like walking out of the salon with a completely new look! x

  4. I am loving your’ hair right now!! shiny, good length etc. All things considered I would say you are look pretty darn good. H xx

    • Thank you love – feeling much better today – helps when the sun is shining! x

    • He did – though the celebrations continue today!! I’ll be glad when it’s April and now we no longer talk about ‘Hugh’s birthday in March’! x

    • Aww bless – I feel FAR from stunning – but putting a bit of makeup on yesterday helped…just about back to normal now! xx

  5. Your hair is nice now but when it’s short makes you look edgy, stunning and taller. You are lucky to have such fab hair x

    • I know I’ll go short again eventually – I think the longer hair makes my face look bigger – though admittedly I’m a few lbs heavier than this time last year too!! I’m going to keep it long through the summer though as it is so easy to air dry – short hair needs styling! xx

  6. Oh brilliant tartan dress, is it too short to wear on its own or did you just fancy a funk up? Mine arrives tomorrow – YAY!

    You look brilliant and I agree that jet lag is a foul thing!


    • I think it could be worn on it’s own with tights – like Frances did – I was just a bit chilly on Friday! Over the jet lag now and the shorts are on today – Spring is here!

  7. You look great Joanna. Happy birthday to Hugh. I didn’t ” know” you a year ago so haven’t seen your hair that short. It suits you. I like it now though too. Hope the jet lag is easing off xxx

    • Feeling much better thanks!!! It helps that the weather is glorious here – spring has sprung! xx

  8. Jet lag sucks at the best of times but dealing with a 6yr olds party too?! You’re amazing! Happy Birthday to your boy! I love that checked tunic dress on you & your hair is getting past that annoying growing stage too so stick with it a bit longer! It does look amazing short but I know how much you want to try it long again! Ax

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