The Final Curtain?

It’s 5 years since I began blogging. I’ve loved every second of it, but I feel my interest in clothes, capturing outfits and shopping tips is waning. It’s started to feel a little shallow for me. Maybe because I am so enthused by my new endeavor with Rodan + Fields?

So for now I am calling it a day with the blog. You can still reach me at and and I’ll still be around on Instagram at PoppysStyle – please come and say hi there!

Last night I had the incredible privilege of spending an hour learning from these incredible leaders. I’ve now been with Rodan + Fields for 4 months and these folk really are my squad. We coach, mentor, share, laugh, curse, giggle, let off steam, drink wine, and more, for an hour each week. We come from all different backgrounds, all across the country, and now Canada and Australia.

Rodan + Fields Rising Stars

I am a different woman from the woman I was 4 months ago. New and improved – just ask my Husband! Rodan + Fields is not just a source of considerable income for me, but it is a source of fun, passion and community, that has usurped my passion for blogging.

Don’t let fear of the unknown or fear of failure hinder you and stop you from living the life you want with confidence. There is nothing more liberating than stepping into the unknown and being supported by cheerleaders who have been where you are now. I will cheer you on, coach you, support you, encourage you – alongside all these other amazing, elite people! Come on…you’ve nothing to lose, and so much to gain.

Let’s chat at or here on Facebook.


  1. Joanna, I will miss your blogs but love your enthusiasm for your new venture. When is R&F coming to the UK? The results look amazing.
    I will continue to follow you on instagram.

    Take care


    • Hi Diane – I can’t thank you enough for all your continued support! My mojo for blogging has been severely lacking recently and I had become to feel I was posting for the sake of it instead of having something to say! I have plans for 2017 to focus on me for a while instead of my closet! Mental and physical wellbeing are my goals! Keep in touch through email! x

  2. Sorry to hear you are closing your blog Joanna, it’s been fun to read, and to learn about new brands and new ways of putting things together. I’ve loved all your travel posts too. All the best with your new venture!

    • Thank you so much! I’ll be on Instagram all the time still! It was time to come to a close and my 5 year anniversary seemed as good a time as ever xx

  3. Hey Pal! I wish you nothing but much love and success in 2017 with your new venture R+F!! I am glad that I am following on Insta and will be back shortly to chat and all that with you. I finally took the Pixie plunge again and loving it!!

    All the best,


    • Hey there!! Thank you so much lovely! I will still be on IG all the time and I’d love to stay in touch via email! Thanks so much for all your support xx

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