Back on track with the running.

I’ve taken some time off running but now I have the itch again.  My lack of interest in running was due to a combination of injury, dark mornings and a new found love for spin classes.  Now, as much as the spin keeps me moving, I still don’t believe anything is as effective for maintaining tone, cardio strength and stamina, and eliciting the post work out euphoria, as a great run.

I was nervous to get going again, but I had a relatively fun run on Sunday morning and ended feeling pretty good – not too much running stamina lost then?  Maybe.  Today however I went out on the same route and nearly died.  The 75 degree heat at 8am didn’t help – not that you’ll ever hear a Kenyan complain about the heat as they finish a marathon in 2 hrs.

I even had new running shoes, new running shorts and a new sports bra.  Still they didn’t do what they said on the box.  I didn’t run faster and I didn’t keep cooler.  No one was going to miss me though in my neon yellow that’s for sure!

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I’ve been a loyal New Balance wearer for some time now and I have loved every pair of W890s that I have owned.  This time, however, something made me head back to Nike.  Maybe I fell for the hype around the new Nike Flyknit?  Well hype or not – the rave reviews all ring true so far.  It is a magnificent shoe – light, cushiony and supportive, without any rigidity or stiffness.  It is simply like putting on a supportive sock with a cushioned sole.  So even though I didn’t run faster today – I’m pretty sure I will be running faster in these soon.  My only critique of the shoe is that the heel comes up a little high on my achilles.  I noticed my New Balance are cut out at the heel like an ‘M’ shape – whereas the Nike is an inverted ‘V’.  Not sure if this is intended to support the achilles – but my fear was that it would rub.  With my Balega socks though, there was no rubbing, and the Flyknit provided the perfect comfortable ride.  Now if Atlanta could just adjust the morning temperature for me I’ll be on my way.






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