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First published on my Husband’s birthday a year ago – Happy Birthday Honey – I barely recognize myself – or my closet!

After another summer of sizzling in the sun (with SPF of course), this morning I headed to my dermatologist for my annual check up.  There I am sitting ‘nekid’ with a sheet around me when in comes my lovely doctor who immediately asks me ‘do you have a blog? I’m sure it’s you on this style blog I’ve been reading!’.  Aaargh – now if I was dressed I’d have no problem saying ‘yes of course it is!’, but at that moment all I could focus on was the huge amount of fluff my socks had left on my sweaty toes – I was not by any means feeling like the writer of a so called ‘style’ blog.  I giggled nervously and tried to be witty by saying ‘of course it’s me – you must have been googling for ultra stylish women over 40’ – ‘don’t be silly’ she replied – well that’s me told.  So hello all in the dermatologist office – thank you for reading and don’t take too much notice of these ‘hangovers’ I refer to occasionally:)

It’s flippin’ cold and windy here though I am not complaining after seeing the state of the North East this morning.  I feel dreadful for all those suffering with flooding and no power.  On a more superficial note I’ve also been thinking about all those runners who are in limbo after months of training – I’m suspecting that the NYC marathon will not take place this weekend as not only can people not get there, but the streets of NYC are apparently filled with cars that ‘floated’ away from their parking spots!

In order to face the cold today, and make stripping off at the doctors easier, I am wearing my Boden leggings and layering with a bordeaux Zara t-shirt and my AllSaints Wasson pullover dress.  All finished off with Frye Veronica Slouch boots, an H&M scarf and Zara quilted leather jacket.  The dress is lovely and lightweight – it wraps over at the back creating a V shaped hemline – it’s really unusual.

Here you can see the detail of the wrap of the dress at the back…:

Now to prepare for this evening’s fun for MM’s birthday!  We’re off out for dinner and I can’t wait:)

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Santa at the Zoo.

It’s been a whirlwind couple of days what with the Thanksgiving festivities.  Now the children are getting older I have to say it is getting more and more enjoyable.  It was fun watching Poppy hooked on the Thanksgiving Day parade while I was getting the turkey ready to go in the oven.  We were all very organized and sat down to eat early at 1.30 – at the request of MM so that he could justify eating leftovers later in the day.  In the evening we cracked open the box set of The West Wing – my those first episodes look dated now – but it was thoroughly enjoyable accompanied by a bottle of Barolo.

Yesterday we headed to some friends for their annual post Thanksgiving party that includes BBQ and a fun jam band.  The kids had a blast and let off some steam and I talked and talked all afternoon.

This morning we were up at the crack of dawn for a visit with Santa at the Zoo.  Now I know Santa is a busy guy at this time of year – but come on 8.30am??!  At least we had cookies and hot chocolate to warm us – it is freezing here today!  I’m now enjoying some alone time while everyone else is at the park riding their bikes.  It’s bliss – I’ve got the coffee pot on and Radio 2 playing and I may go and hold the sofa down for a minute or two:)

Poppy was very excited to select her perfect outfit for Santa this morning:

Hugh joining in the fun, somewhat under duress:

The all important lists which were an exercise in patience for Mom:

Hugh explaining to Santa that he is just going to stand next to him – under no circumstances is he sitting on his lap – smart boy:

Me wrapped up for the first winter day in Atlanta – my new Boden Iona coat which I love, over my Boden Must have jumper in blackberry, layered over a Hampton t-shirt (mine is a 2011 version), my Hudson skinnies, Frye Phillip studded harness, and snood/infinity scarf what ever you call them and wrist warmers are from H&M.  The bag is my ever loyal and trusty YSL Roady (couldn’t find a link to mine with the sting ray handle).

Believe it or not I didn’t buy anything on Black Friday – even though I had lots of fabulous offers arrive in my inbox – some of Net-a-Porter’s were very tempting – but I resisted.  Did you get anything?

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The Fourth Doctor.

The thing about blogging is that when you have so many stylish friends in the blogging community, almost every day, in someone’s new post, I see an item that I want too!  The other week it was Avril at  I have rediscovered my passion for scarves since knowing Avril – and not only does she have a great selection but she wears them well.  My Nana taught me how to knit when I was little – I wouldn’t know where to start now – but I distinctly remember knitting a ‘Dr Who’ scarf – I was the Tom Baker generation and a big fan of the 4th Doctor…Anyway before I digress into complete geekdom the point is Avril was wearing this fabulous 8GBP scarf from Matalan here the other week.  A quick email to my Mum and Bob’s your Uncle – a week or 2 later I have one too!  Thanks Mum:)

The colors are perfect – this year’s burgundy with navy, blush, yellow and grey – and it is SO long!  I wore it the other day to the park with my AllSaints sweater, from a couple of years ago, layered over my Boden velvet henley in rose that I just love – it’s really soft and fits great.  The jeans are my Hudson Collin skinnies and the boots are the Frye Jenna studded.  The specs are my lovely Oliver People Wacks in matte blue havana.  A great outfit for a cold day – only problem was that as we stood cheering Poppy on, successfully riding her bike with no training wheels (UK – stabilisers), the sun was beating down and the temperatures rose to 70 degrees – no one else, oddly enough, was in their Dr Who scarf:)

Have been studying other ways to pose in front of the camera – as you can see my current favorite is ‘Looking at your feet’.

I’ve just released the turkey from an amazing smelling bag of brine and herbs.  It’ll be going in the oven in an hour or so and then I can open a bottle of bubbly:)  HAPPY THANKSGIVING Y’ALL!

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Off to join the circus.

We had the most amazing day yesterday.  To start the Thanksgiving Holiday I got tickets for us to see Totem by Cirque du Soleil.  Each year they put up a Big Top down in Atlantic Station, and I’ve always wanted to go, but in previous years I’ve been aware that the children were just too young to sit though it.  This year though at 4 and 6 – I thought it was worth taking a chance.

I got the cheap seats – which as it turned out were not bad seats at all.  As it is in a Big Top it is really intimate and wherever you sit you have a great view as everything takes place in the ring below and in the air above.  It was a thrilling show.  Years ago my Mum and Dad used to take me to Blackpool Circus, and it took me back to the good old days of acrobats and clowns, like Charlie Cairoli.  In fact I was reminded of the year we went for my birthday and I was invited down to the ring to meet Charlie – fantastic until panic set in when I had to find my seat again – I had no idea where my Mum and Dad were sat when I looked up at what seemed like a million spectators!  A couple of years ago I took Poppy and Hugh to see Ringling Bros. circus – I have to say I HATED it.  The use of animals and the look of sheer misery on their faces turned me completely off it.  I swore I’d never go to another circus with animals again.

I left Totem wondering why we had left it so long, the four of us watched the whole show spell bound.  At some points in the show I was so in awe of their performances I was moved to tears – yeah I’ve said before I cry easily.  The whole performance including the music was incredible.  When they gave their encore at the end, all dancing together and grinning ear to ear, it took all my will power to stop me jumping up and running down there to join them.  Surely there’s a job for me with them doing something?

It turned out to be a stunning day here too – and MM giggled asking me whether I was off to the circus or the opera when he saw me wearing my new faux fur from Target🙂  I love it and wore it over my Boden slouchy merino jumper and Gap black jeggings (of which they now have some gorgeous colored jegging cords).  The boots are my favorite Fryes – the Jane Tall Cuff – which I never wear cuffed and the scarf is from Zara.

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Entitled to a response.

So my friend told me not to look but I did and I suddenly remembered why I never visit Mumsnet.  People are rude and mean from behind their laptops.  All of us who blog know we don’t appeal to everyone – we don’t intend to.  We don’t take ourselves too seriously – it really is just for fun – and we know we don’t always, by any means, get it right.  Poppy’s Style is written to give you a light hearted look into my fashion, and sometimes life, choices…nothing more than that – I am no authority.  To those of you who read and enjoy – thank you!  We really appreciate your comments and friendship.  Given I put myself out in the cyber world every day I guess a lesson for me is to toughen up a bit and appreciate some value in the negative comments.  I’ll try, or I’ll just ignore them.

Okay rant over and I shall not be paying any more attention to the Mumsnet forums thank you!

Yesterday we had a fabulous time with a gymnastics recital in morning and a Halloween party in the afternoon – I still can’t get excited enough about Halloween to dress up but I did wear a dress!  It’s the H&M tunic dress which I dressed down for being outside and teamed it with my Boden cashmere wrap from AW 2011, Target tights, Frye Phillip studded harness tall boot, and my Zara bordeaux scarf.  Closet assembly is still in progress as you can see!

Enjoy your Sunday:) xx

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Muddy Faces.

I got my photos from Karen today – the amazing photographer from Muddy Faces.  She made the shoot fun for all of us and you can see the joy in the the children’s faces.  I am thrilled with the outcome.  If you are in the Atlanta area and need some photos don’t hesitate to contact Karen – she’ll do an amazing job!

I’m not so happy with my self portrait today.  I got these jeans from Target and don’t like them at all on – maybe I just feel it’s a bit too much with the red hair and boots…remember what I said about not letting it be trashy – well I think this outfit takes it all the way there…oh well – I think I’m in need of a dress day again soon to feel a bit girly again.  Jeans are worn with Gap men’s t-shirt, AllSaints Boston cardigan and Frye Shirley strappy boots.

Unfortunately the Loulou dress I ordered from Boden is going straight back – it looked ridiculous on me – again maybe the red hair – but it was completely unflattering – my boobs looked enormous in it and the pleats just emphasized my stomach.  Not a good look.  The new AllSaints Amei dress has worked a treat though and will look fab with leggings or tights.  I promise to model it soon.

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Pumpkin white chocolate mocha.

Yummy – that is how I started my morning – a pumpkin white chocolate mocha from Caribou – all my calories for the week in one delicious drink.  Now I know Fall is well and truly here.  Please go and ‘Like’ Caribou on Facebook here – they will donate a $1 to CancerCare for every Like!

It may be Fall but it’s heading up to 80 degrees again today.  I’m wearing my current favorite top from Zara – it’s a lovely slubby cotton with sexy cut out shoulders – I love it – casual yet with a little bit extra.  I’m keeping it low key today with my Hudsons, Frye Carson button pull ons and an H&M scarf – I love the red in this.  My mirror needs cleaning!

Wasn’t too impressed with the debate last night – I went to bed half way through it – I was so irritated with the abysmal moderator.  Did you watch it?  What did you think?


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Meet the parents.

So tonight we have our parent/teacher party.  We didn’t go last year so I’m really not sure what I’m in for but basically one set of parents from the class has kindly offered to host a ‘meet and greet’ where all the parents get to mingle and meet the teacher in a relaxed, informal environment.  It’s also a potluck where we can take an appetizer, dessert or wine – guess who’s taking wine?  Yep me – partly because I want to make sure there is some there and partly because I am rubbish at being organized enough to prepare something to take.  As MM and I had to organize a babysitter for the evening we have decided to get our moneys worth and head out afterwards for some fun:)  I can’t wait – it feels a bit naughty on a school night!

Given my daughter and her friend have already been to the Principle’s office just 5 weeks into the year (the shame!) it should be interesting!  MM is quite proud of her achievements, and after getting 2 yellow lights in 2 days he has suggested encouraging her to just go for it this September and get it all out of her system.  As you can imagine I don’t quite approve of this approach – but I’m also quite proud of us for dealing with it in such a relaxed fashion – she is only 6 after all and she has been quite remorseful – at least in front of us!  In my eyes they were fairly minor offenses and I’m happy for the discipline to be handed out at school – we’ve obviously discussed it at home and I think she’s got the message.  My dentist is also a parent at the school and yesterday she made me feel so much better when she told me she had received 3 calls from her son’s teacher in just one day last week – relating parenting nightmares is always fun and it’s nice to be reassured that we can all be as incompetent as each other sometimes:)

So hopefully I’ll have another outfit shot tonight to share – not sure what to wear at all given it’s relaxed and informal but I go out so rarely it’s always nice to make a bit of an effort:)

Today I decided to wear a skirt – mainly because I wanted to wear my Frye Sabrinas and they look so much better with skirts than trousers – these clay ones are currently on sale at  This is an old J.Crew linen skirt worn with an Express tank and H&M linen jumper.  The necklace is an old J.Crew outlet one which I love – it’s like the blue one I wore here.

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Officially obsessed with boots.

Fall is my favorite season.  Mainly for the weather – it stays in the high 70s here through till November normally and we’ve had many a Halloween where the children have been sweltering in their costumes – and it is perfect once the humidity dissipates towards the end of September.  You can’t beat a gorgeous, crisp Fall day in the Georgia mountains.  However, another key reason for loving Fall is all the fabulous boots that I can start wearing.  I have always been and will always be a boot fan.

Many of you who have been reading my posts for a while will be familiar with my outrageous Frye obsession.  Though I am pretty miffed with them right now due to their recent partnership with Coach, I am still loving some of the new Fryes that have been released this Fall – many embracing the studded trend.  My favorite are these Jenna boots in gray that I have already treated myself to and wore the other week.

They also do a tall version but I think I prefer the shorter version – but maybe that’s because I already have the Veronica slouch which is similar but without studs.

I’m currently lusting over the Phillip harness studded but I can’t decide which to get – the short would look great with skinny jeans and my All Saints jumpers, but the tall are slim enough in the calf to wear with a knitted dress and tights – and I love the impact of the zip all the way up the calf.  They both have a great flat heel too, perfect for chasing after children.

I am also loving the Vince Camuto Autumn boots that are sitting waiting to be worn at home.  After buying them at DSW I discovered them $60 cheaper on the Vince Camuto website so I ended up returning the first pair to DSW and getting the black and taupe for *almost* the price of one pair:)  I justified it don’t worry!  The taupe by the way is very much more of a taupe color than the ivory that is depicted on their website.  I’ve never worn this brand before so will be interested to see how $100 boots hold up compared to my Fryes.

Finally these are on my hit list too – but how many pairs of boots does a girl really need?  They may be a little too similar to my Frye Shirley strappy boots to justify this one.  Again at $100 they are a great bargain.  I love the straps and buckles and both colors look fabulous on the Nordstrom website.

As it is past Labor Day now I think can get away with wearing light weight long sleeves and boots so today I am wearing my Express blush Zeldas, a Zara zip back top from the sale that was only $15, my H&M scarf, which only when I came to wear it for the first time today did I realize that it was actually a snood, all polished off with my Ash Thelma wedges which are coming into their own in the wet drizzle that Isaac is leaving us with.

A tad tired today after staying up to watch Michelle Obama’s speech – I have to say I thought she was incredible – passionate and sincere – she looked stunning too in a Tracey Reese dress and J.Crew pumps.

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I love the 80s

I hope all you US folks had a great long Labor weekend – we certainly did – very relaxing with a baseball game thrown in there for some good fun too.  Most of it was spent around the pool which in turn leads me to one big gripe I have living over here – why are so many Americans uncomfortable with nudity?

I really think next time around I need to come back French or Scandinavian or similar.  Leaving the pool on Sunday we were reprimanded by the lifeguard for changing our children by the pool instead of using the nasty changing rooms (someone must have had a party in there the night before).  Another swimmer had complained about us.  Now feel free to disagree, but anyone who is offended by a 4 and 6 year old changing discretely by the pool has some real issues.  I’m neither a prude nor a frequent visitor of nudist beaches, but when in France I often sunbathe topless and the last thing I want is for my children to have any hang ups about their naked bodies, or anyone else’s for that matter.  I want them to retain their innocence and cavort naked when they please – in the appropriate setting of course.  Unfortunately this is not the first time I have encountered this kind of concern about nudity here.  Once in the Y a woman complained to another lady changing her 3 year old son in the ladies changing room.  The complainer actually said it was ‘like pornography’ – I stepped in irate that anyone could suggest this about a naked 3 year old.  I was so angry I was almost in tears.  Please get over it – we all have the same bits, relax and stop imposing your hang ups on everyone else.

We were lucky enough on Sunday evening to head to Turner Field to watch the Braves.  MM and I used to go to the baseball quite often before the children arrived.  It is a fun spectacle – great for people watching and enjoying a hot dog and a cold beer or two.  Sunday was the first time we had taken the children and in Chipper Jones’ last season it was an important game.  We all had a fabulous time with great seats close to home plate.  We left at the 7th innings as the children were getting tired and the Braves were heading for defeat…unfortunately we missed a cracking final innings when the Braves won with a home run from Chipper!

For the game I wore my J.Crew chambray spotty shorts, AllSaints Tilly t-shirt and fab Ash Thelma wedges.  It always surprises me how comfortable these shoes are.

Once again I am loving the 80s and today I feel very Nik Kershaw with my baggy Top Shop pants and Zara jacket with rolled up sleeves.  Even the Sam Edelman Alvin loafers have a retro feel about them.  I’d fit right in back at Live Aid.

One last note – I’ve just had a vent on one of the posts on The Frye Company’s Facebook page.  They have just released some boots in collaboration with Coach.  Why oh why would they do this??  It is a dangerous partnership if you ask me with my marketing head on.  I cannot believe that their research tells them the same people that buy Frye buy Coach.  I am so disappointed – Coach has become a masstige brand and I fear the halo effect will reduce the credibility of the Frye brand…What do you think about brand partnerships?


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