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Boden Fall Preview!!

Oooh it’s a while since I’ve been SO excited about Boden’s preview!  They are really changing things over in West London.  The first thing I noticed on the preview were the colors – lots of fabulous pinks, oranges and greens, along with some beautiful neutral tones.  Classic Boden is still there for the loyal followers, but there is definitely a younger, contemporary vibe to appeal to those more ‘on trend’ shoppers.


Here are some of my top picks that are sitting in my shopping cart – don’t bother adding it up – it’s a lot!  There is however 20% off the preview right now (code PRV3) and it’s always nice to get items you REALLY want before anyone else has tried them and returned them, though you will have to wait till the end of July if you can!

You all know how much I’ve loved this season’s folded clutch – well next season’s version is a dream too, in some amazing colors.  It’s quite large as you can see from the above photo.  I have the following colors in my cart:)  Again it can also be worn cross body – I love the versatility for day to evening.



Next up are these amazing Chelsea boots – look at the details and trim!  The pewter would be amazing with some black wool trousers – if only I still worked in the City I’d wear them every day!



These fuchsia desert boots are fabulous – just imagine them with a grey cashmere jumper and boyfriend jeans!



The Chic ankle boot is a dead ringer for the Sam Edelman Petty boot – so it’s not in my cart as I have the leopard print version sitting in my closet – but you know Boden’s quality will be amazing.

13WAUT_AZ175_GRY v1

There is plenty of cashmere again this season.  I have J.Crew and Boden cashmere – and Boden’s is far superior – so much softer and better quality – in my eyes anyway.  This year I want a simple black crew neck.



This cashmere sweater is gorgeous – more expensive because of the pattern, but for a statement jumper it can’t be beaten.



Finally (for now) I adore this short sleeved sweater – again perfect with boyfriend jeans, which it looks like I’ll be wearing through to Christmas this year!


My only critique is PLEASE don’t become just another J.Crew – there are a couple of items that are completely J.Crew – stop it Boden and stick with your own creativity please.

This necklace is a smaller version of the ubiquitous J.Crew bubble necklace:



…and this sweater is either J.Crew or Joules…not keen I’m afraid.

13WAUT_WK872_SBL v1


What are your favorite picks for next season?  Just try and save some pennies as I expect there will be a lot more added throughout the season again as they have done this summer!


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My summer makeup.

So summer is here to stay by the look of it.  Not only does this mean switching out my closets, but also my makeup bag.  I don’t tend to wear a lot of makeup – just foundation, concealer, eyeliner, mascara, blush and lip gloss normally.  I sometimes use a bit of loose powder too but I am starting to get more paranoid about it as I once read you should stay clear of it as you get older as it can settle in fine lines and age you.  I don’t remember where I read this or even if it holds true but it stuck with me.  I also don’t like a shiny nose and chin though, so that can present a dilemma.  That is until I discovered my new favorite product – Boots No.7 Shine Free.

For my US readers Boots is a fabulous UK retail store which I miss greatly.  They are probably best described as a cross between Ulta and CVS.  They began as a pharmacy, but I miss them for all things cosmetics plus their lunchtime sandwiches!  They have great store brands and my favorite is the No.7 line of cosmetics.  I always considered No.7 a splurge when I was younger especially compared to their 17 brand, which is cheaper, targeted to a younger market and as far as I am aware not available in the US.  Well I’m older now, plus living in the States where everything seems cheaper, including Boots No. 7 makeup, which can now be bought at Target and Ulta – hoooray!!  As I was tracking down my favorite No.7 Protect and Perfect Intense Serum, a white tube caught my eye that promised to leave me shine free – it’s now become a staple in my summer makeup.  I apply it after moisturizing and it goes on smoothly, though you can definitely feel it’s non-greasy and it has a different consistency to anything else I’ve tried.  As soon as it’s applied you are instantly shine free, with no discoloration or chalkiness, so you don’t even need to apply foundation if you, like me, prefer to be low maintenance in the summer.  It’s perfect and highly recommended.

Shine Free

So as I wander around shine free I’ve had two vastly different temperatures to deal with.  Yesterday was in the 80’s and today was only mid 60’s so it was back to the jeans.  As I’m growing my hair I’ve taken to just sweeping it back with some pomade while it’s still wet.  MM likes it but then a friend at the bus stop said I was channeling Pat Benatar – not sure that is a compliment.

Yesterday’s outfit was a fab Target dress from 2 years ago bought for probably $15, a J.Crew lightweight cashmere cardigan, my Frye Carson pull ons in fawn, and some lovely Ralph Lauren turquoise earrings that I got dirt cheap at Nordstrom Rack.

Today I was out and about in my Hudson Collin jeans, AllSaints plume jumper and Tory Burch Eddie flats in musk.  I love this plume jumper it’s really lightweight, super easy to wear and conceals any imperfections around the midriff – what more does a girl need?

Oh and I love the earrings I wore today.  Kenneth Cole does great quality, ‘urban’ style jewelry that is easy to wear and not overly distracting.