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Instagram weekend round up.

Happy Easter all!  I am sitting here typing while the loin of pork roasts.  I always slip a few slithers of garlic in it so it smells amazing – hhhhmmmm!  I was contemplating roasting a leg of lamb – it seems more appropriate at Easter – but I always find the left over pork easier to use up in a Mexican dish later in the week.  I’d better get a few more spin sessions in before the bikinis come out for Spring break!:)

I thought rather than cracking open a bottle of red before dinner is ready, I’d update you with some weekend outfits instead.

My son was off from school on Friday for Easter so we headed out to Target for some fun shopping – well kind of – I basically needed to buy more Mini Eggs before they sell out till next year!


I’m not much of a hat wearer, but I fell in love with these Mossimo straw Fedoras.  Still not convinced I would ever wear them so they didn’t make it home with me, but I might try them again – they’d be great on the beach!IMG_3520 IMG_3522

Jacket – JohnnieB (old) // T-shirt – Forever21 // Jeans – H&M boyfriend jeans // Sneakers – Converse

Later on Friday I was watching the children play while having a little playtime myself – nothing better than a margarita in the sun:)IMG_3531

This bracelet brings me so much joy.  It’s an original Susie Ho design and it reminds me of the fantastic time we all had in London on our blogger meet back in February.IMG_3534

MM giggled at me on Saturday morning for being ‘so dressed up’ with no where to go.  Well I did take Poppy to her Zumba class so surely that counts?  I love this M&S cardigan – it makes a casual outfit feel a little more ‘put together’.IMG_3536 IMG_3538

Trousers – Zara // Boots – Isabel Marant Dickers // T-shirt – Forever21 // Cardigan – Marks and Spencer

I also nipped into the Mall later in the day, so obviously I had to take a peek in Zara.  I’d fallen in love with this jacket online and, fortuitously, they had my size in store.  Would have been silly not to have brought it home, no?


Last night MM and I went out for dinner and drinks to our favorite bar.  I normally choose my ‘going out’ attire by selecting the one item I really want to wear and building the outfit around it.  Last night I really wanted to wear these Zara trousers.  I’ve had them a while and took them all the way to the UK and back without them being worn.  It turned into a perfect opportunity to pair them with my white pumps.  I LOVE these shoes.  Whether you like the outfit or not, it was one of those times where once I was ready I felt great:)  I’m convinced the Saturday 8am spin class helps psychologically too!


Shoes – BCBG Generation (currently reduced) // Trousers – Zara // Tank – Express (old) // Jacket – Zara

So Happy Easter all – I’m now off to crack open that bottle of red:)


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Funny feet.

Yep, not the Funny Face of Audrey Hepburn, we’re definitely talking funny feet.  Next time I get my pedicure done I will share them with you:)  My curly toes, as I’ve mentioned before, mean that my choice of footwear is somewhat limited.  If the shoe is too low at the front, or if the sandal is too strappy, my little toe on my right foot is prone to escaping.  Even the white Aldo shoes I loved have to be returned as they are cut too low at the front to retain the toe.  I may, however, have found the perfect Spring/Summer shoe.  It’s a sad fact that my feet look their best when the toes are hidden completely, but these beauties make my feet look slim and elegant – with not a hint of the toe turmoil hidden inside!

The Vince Nina:



They are so comfortable I am sorely tempted by the nude too.


I think that is why I tend to buy multiple colors of the same style – once I find one that fits, I am so ecstatic, I panic buy because the thought of hunting for another ‘glass slipper’ seems too daunting.  I only wish they came in white too.  I must credit Tiffany Wendel again – she was the first person I saw them on.  I swear I am not turning into Single White Female.

As the Nina doesn’t come in white I am tempted to try these that appeared on the Zara site the other day.  Pointed, but sling back – the only thing I am hesitant about is the block heel.



What do you think?  They will definitely keep the toes at bay – but are they too sixties?

IMG_5130 IMG_5132 IMG_5137 IMG_5139

Trousers – J.Crew Factory Skimmer pant wool (old) // Shoes – Vince Nina // Scarf – Zara Oriental print (old) // Denim jacket – Gap (old) // T-shirt – Express (old)

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Rant time!!

Okay before I get on my soap box let’s start with the fun stuff.  As I got dressed today and thought about ordering another of these shirts I realized I had completely omitted to tell you all about Boden’s 20% off till tonight!!  How foolish of me! This is ‘The Shirt‘ in seaspray gingham.  I have gingham shirts from Boden and J.Crew and Boden’s are far superior.  Once again their attention to detail and quality outshines their competitors’.  There’s a wait on some of the colors but I cannot recommend enough.

Every time I take photos in my closet I am reminded that I still haven’t got a new mirror yet!

IMG_3499 IMG_3503

Yay the Bobbys are on for their first airing!!


Look at the lining of the cuffs and collar on the shirt – how cute!


Shoes – Isabel Marant Bobbys // Shirt – Boden The Shirt // Jeans – Gap boyfriend jeans (old) // Jacket – jersey jacket Zara (old)

Okay first things first – the Old Navy jeans were abysmal.  I am straight up and down or apple shaped – and they are definitely cut for a curvier woman.  They were too short, too hippy and too tight around the calves.  The search for distressed white jeans continues.

Now my rant.  Okay, I have been singing the praises of River Island and have a gorgeous jacket from them that I bought back in the UK.  So, when I saw the cloud jacket online, I decided that given they offered free shipping to the US on orders over $75, that I should go for it.  Another couple of jackets also fell in the order – well free shipping right?  Yes the conversion rate was higher than the current exchange rate, but for the sake of wearing something that will rarely be seen elsewhere over here, I thought it was worth the little bit extra.  So I went through the order process – all prices in dollars, no small print – perfect – wooo hooo.

No – wait – 2 days later I received an email from customs requesting $66 before they will deliver the package!!! I am FURIOUS! Numerous tweets, FB interactions and phone calls later and River Island refuse to do anything about it.  I feel it is complete bait and switch.  Yes, they sent me a link to the small print on their website where it mentions customs may have to be paid – but in my eyes the customs costs should be mentioned in the order process, so that ALL costs to the consumer are known up front.  No other company who ship to me from the UK make the recipient pay customs – I have never paid customs for Boden and ASOS parcels.  If River Island wants to be a global company with global sales then they need to resolve this.  I will not be ordering from them again.  I am so disappointed.  I bet I have paid VAT too on the items – so effectively I’ve been taxed twice.

Now to rub salt in the wound the jacket is available on ASOS and $15 cheaper.  Darn it.  I always learn the hard way.

What do you think?  How do other companies avoid this?


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Loud trousers.

I think I just needed to wear something with a little pizazz today – I’m giving the 2 fingered salute to the weather.  I was already pretty fed up putting the kids in the car as it was SO cold – then as I was getting ready for work started with snow flurries – can you believe it?  Hard to imagine that I am supposed to be sitting on a beach in 2 weeks time.  It better be bloody bikini weather by then that’s all I can say!

This weather also doesn’t help my spring closet.  I have it in my head that I NEED some white, distressed boyfriend jeans – but in reality I can’t even consider wearing white jeans until it is at least in the 60s Farenheit…For research purposes though, I’m off to try a pair of these Old Navy ones at lunchtime.  The reviews say they fit big and I can believe that as my Gap boyfriend jeans are labeled a US 2 – errrr no way am I a US 2.  I hope these Old Navy jeans work out especially at $35!  The photo is dreadful, but they look like the cut and amount of distressing may be just right – as long as they are not too short.  They need to sit just above the ankle bone when rolled a couple of times.  I’ll report back tomorrow.

Old Navy white jeans


And here are the loud trousers for today:)  Keep warm folks!


Trousers – H&M (old) // Shirt – J.Crew popover // Boots – Steve Madden (old) // Jacket – Zara old (similar here)



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A chance to layer again.

I’d rather not be given that chance but hey ho.  Those of you in the UK will be relieved to know the Eastern US is also freezing their t*ts off with you!  Wrap up kids spring will be here soon – look at it as a chance to wear those winter clothes one last time:)

IMG_5041 IMG_5019 IMG_5021


Jacket – JohnnieB (old) // Dress – Target (in clearance at $21!) // Scarf – Zara // Boots – Newbury Charcoal Suede Rag & Bone // Jeans – Dorothy Perkins coated jeggings


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White shoes.

Okay nearly every celebrity has been photographed wearing them and yet they are the most difficult item to find in stores and online here.  Are they still just too 80s?  Is it still too early in the season?  White shoes – I have been looking for them everywhere.

Solange Knowles started my obsession:



Then one of my favorite bloggers, Sheree from It’s Not That Deep, wears them frequently with absolute cool and aplomb, like here and here.  She claims they can be worn with anything and go with everything and she is on a mission to prove it.

So the search began.  There are few criteria they must adhere to – they must be white white – not cream or off white, and they must be pointed, single sole pumps/courts.  Easy hey? – Surely every cheapo shoe store must carry them for those whose fashion sense we question, if not for those fashionistas who are giving them a new lease of cool?  Not so.  Unless I want a pair of YSL – sorry Saint Laurent (why mess with a brand??) or Manolo BBs I cannot find any that fit the bill.

I thought I had.  I ordered the Odette from Asos.  River Island is having a resurgence (even Kat has seen the light) and I saw these when I was back in Bury.  I thought they would work a treat.  But oh no – my toes (inherited from my Dad) are too curly and sticky out to fit in this vamp shoe – so off they go back to Asos:(



Mango have another great alternative but in the time taken for Asos to deliver (yawn…) the 39 sold out…but still $99.99 seemed steep for a pair of ‘on trend’ white shoes that may be resolutely off trend next summer.



So on a rainy wet Saturday I dragged the family to Lenox Mall white shoe shopping.  Oh how they leaped with glee at the prospect – NOT.  I did return with a pair though which I was planning to wear tonight till our babysitter called sick.  Now I’m drowning my sorrows in a glass of white, anticipating a Chinese takeaway instead of getting my glad rags on.  Oh well there is always next week!

So these are what came home with me – the BCBG white patent pumps.  Patent – yes – I was doubtful too – but the fit of these persuaded me I should get them.  They cover my toe cleavage perfectly with no risk of the freaky little toes escaping over the front.  Plus the heel height and the vamp are not so crippling that I can only do ‘car to bar’.  I got mine from Macy’s but can’t find them online – so here they are at



Now I also have my eye on these – but who needs TWO pairs of white shoes? I LOVE the lucite heel – but the guy in the shop was trying to persuade me I needed a US 8 1/2 – I know I don’t – I need an 8 which they didn’t have.  ALDO stop commission based sales – do you really think ‘the 8 1/2 will be perfect with an insole’??? I want my correct size please, not to help Mr Salesman out with his weekend drinking money.  Anyway, I can assure you these are gorgeous in the flesh and I may still order them…



Now these don’t fit the initial criteria – in fact they are a brogue and they are flats – but when I saw them on the Massimo Dutti site I NEEDED them.  Now I have them here I know I don’t.  They are gorgeous, but not $200 gorgeous.  In fact they are a slightly distressed leather and in the light the shoes didn’t even look like a pair – one was slightly grayer than the other.  So back they went.



While we were out we had fun – it’s rare we all go shopping together but now the kids are older it is a little easier and the Mall acts as a confined running area for them – much to the chagrin of other shoppers.  MM even tried on some Nudie jeans in Bloomingdale’s – he didn’t buy – we have VERY different shopping habits fortunately.


Leather jacket – Zara // Scarf – Primark // T-shirt – Zara (old) // Trousers – Zara // Sneakers – Converse // Bag – Boden




Spot the mannequins: 


Doing it Gangnam style – this is their job – they do this dance ALL DAY:




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Leather and pleather.

Back to the grind stone today – and not just in the office  – as I also had a request from Poppy for a French pleat in her hair for school picture day.  Not what I needed at 6.30am this morning.  A handful of grips and a can of hairspray later we had something that she was happy with – I bet it was down by the time she got to school!

I’m in my leathers again today – I really need some new leather leggings.  These are fine but having no butt means that they are less than tight around the arse.  I really want some leather leggings – just above the ankle bone, tight with some stretch in them, and a front button and fly.  Any recommendations that won’t cost an arm and a leg?

IMG_5017 IMG_5005 IMG_4989


Trousers – AllSaints leather Delors pipe jeans // Shoes – Zara court // T-shirt – Zara // Linen top – H&M long sleeved // Jacket – River Island (not online)

Darn it – I’ll never save money – this always happens – looking for links, just now for my outfit, I discovered a new gem – look at this jacket and tell me this isn’t an Isabel Marant knock off – I LOVE it!!




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More ‘me’ again.

As much as I enjoy experimenting with clothes and shoes, my slightly different look yesterday just didn’t feel right and I didn’t feel ‘me’ all day until I got changed for the gym.  It’s quite amazing how an outfit can impact your daily disposition!

Today I am home with a poorly boy, but he’s on the mend and the sun is shining so not a bad Tuesday really.  Some online shopping and a bit of work to do but maybe a glass of wine later in the garden?

IMG_4988 IMG_4974 IMG_4985 IMG_4971


Shoes – Vince Camuto Fawna // Jeans – Target (old) // Jumper – H&M (old) // Long tank – H&M (old)

Oh and another code arrived in my mailbox – if you’re in the US and need some Spring basics like shorts – I love J.Crew Factory – use STYLESCORE for a whopping 30% off everything!  Just be warned their fit is a little more snug than J.Crew which I find quite generous these days.

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Firstly thank you for all your emails and comments regarding the haircut.  Short hair can be polarizing at the best of times – never mind when it it is as short or severe as mine currently is!  So it’s reassuring to hear so many positive views – thank you!  For those that asked here are my Ginnifer Goodwin inspiration photos that I took to my hairdresser.  I think she looks amazing with short hair!

Ginnifer Goodwin rby-pixie-ginnifer-goodwin-de


So when sporting a severe, short chop it is risky territory starting a blogpost with ‘Menswear’ as the title.  Personally I think it can be done if you keep the colors feminine and the make-up soft as I have here.  I have wanted a pair of Oxfords/Brogues for sometime, and after Kat highlighted the Clarks Hamble Oak in nude, I picked a pair up while I was back in the UK.  Much cheaper than the Boden version I’d been eyeing (though I do still love the off white version), and they are incredibly comfortable worn without socks – they do fit big in my opinion – I’m normally a UK 6 and these are a 5 1/2.

Here are some of my favorite looks with Oxfords (although all of them have long hair darn it!).  The key for me is to keep the ankles on show, which again helps to keep the look a bit more feminine.

Sienna Miller:



Jessica Alba:



Jessica Biel:

Jessica Biel

And of course the Queen of oxfords – Alexa Chung – I LOVE this look:

Alexa Chung Alexa Chung v2


And here is my interpretation today:IMG_4958 IMG_4915


Trousers – J.Crew Café Capri in Jade (bought in sale) // Shirt – J.Crew gingham boyfriend shirt // Shoes – Clarks Hamble Oak // Jacket – Boden jersey blazer (old)


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A new haircut and an ASOS code.

I hope you are all having as good a weekend as I am having!?  It started with a great night out with a girlfriend I haven’t seen in ages.  We talked and talked and drank and drank and needless to say I was very happy the sun shone on Saturday so I could spend it horizontal in the garden:)  I’m getting too old to be coming home at 2am!

Friday night outfit:


Jeans – H&M boyfriend jeans // shoes – Nine West Austin leopard print // Jacket – Zara (old) // tank – H&M (old) // belt – Gucci

As you can see I had a haircut on Thursday too – I LOVE it.  It’s REALLY short at the back and sides – it’s basically an undercut.  It helps me channel my wild side.  So much so in fact that I also opened up my second ear piercing again…



And here’s how I spent most of Friday and Saturday in the sun – bliss!  Weird considering there was snow up the coast in NYC!




Saturday’s recovery outfit:



Shoes – converse // Trousers – Top Shop (old) // t-shirt – Forever 21

Somehow I’ve managed to get myself on the mailing list for‘s magazine – The Edit.  I wish they would stop trying to give the game away to MM – he doesn’t need to know I make occasional purchases on NAP!  I spotted this AMAZING suit from Roberto Cavalli – now I just need to find a spare $20k. Anyone??



As I don’t always blog at the weekend you keep up to date and find my photos by following on Instagram@PoppysStyle – it’s my new social media obsession!

Finally, if you are in the US, it appears St. Patrick’s Day can be good for something in addition to drinking Guinness and wearing green.  ASOS have a code good for 48 hrs – use GETLUCKY for 20% off – enjoy!

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