A fresh look at some old clothes is sometimes all it takes to create a new vision for them.  Thanks to Sue at SusieSoSo I have two new style crushes.

One of them is Sue.  She always wears her clothes so effortlessly and can make anything look chic – she has inherent cool and seems to know exactly what suits her and how to make a pair of chinos or a $5 sweatshirt look fabulous.  Check her blog out, if you haven’t already – you’ll see what I mean – oh and her sense of humor is pretty neat too.  Anyway we have a few ‘style traits’ in common – our love of boots, sneakers and jeans to name three, so Sue sent me the link to another blog that she loves – Tiffany Wendel Personal Styling.

Take a look – I defy you not to love what you see.  I have drooled over Tiffany’s photos over the past 3 days dissecting her closet and coveting her West Coast style.  Her photos show an incredible collection of clothes – but it’s the way she combines them that makes me weak at the knees.  Her photos of what she packs were just the inspiration I needed for my packing.  The way she wears sneakers is just so (sorry I’m getting repetitive) cool!  Gold sequin trousers with grungy sneakers – I love it!  Now that red leather jacket is something else.

Before I start to sound stalkerish – here’s my point.  I had a pair of boots and a jacket that didn’t sell on eBay.  Taking some cues from Tiffany I suddenly realized that maybe, just maybe I could make them look current again.  A pair of old, really old, white – heaven forbid – Nine West booties and a Loft suede bomber jacket, also really old.  You know what?  At least 5 people have commented on the boots today – positively.  Who’d have guessed!?  What do you think?

IMG_4722 IMG_4723

Jeans – Hudson boot cut // Booties – Nine West (old) // T-shirt – Zara (old) // Jacket – Loft (old) // Sunglasses – Ray-ban aviators //

After a haircut this morning I nipped into Zara to see if the new collection had arrived…slowly it is but there was still some sale stock in.  On the off chance I had a quick look and there waiting for me was the most perfect looking black, velvet, sequined trousers for $20 – RESULT!  A cute long sleeved t-shirt made it into the bag too:)

IMG_3128 IMG_3133


What’s in your closet that deserves a second chance?


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10 thoughts on “Repurposing.

  1. Martha Merrill Wills

    Love the boots! Love the pants! Love the top!

    Speaking of Susie So So… so… She posted a piece about a flowered Zara jacket about a week ago that I never would have considered for myself, but that I have since gone back to look at about a gazillion times.

    That’s it… I’m buying it tonight.

    Love her… and you!


    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      The sequin trousers made it with me:) Have a couple of outfits in mind for Saturday – I can’t decide!

  2. Sue

    Joanna – thank you – that’s so lovely. I am the uncoolest person around honestly. But thank you – I will tell my kids that someone out there thinks I’m cool because I know they don’t. And the Tiffany Wendel blog is gorgeous isn’t it? I just want to be her. Please, please, please. But I can settle for a pair of Golden Goose sneakers instead.

    Love both your new Zara picks – I should have known a pair of sequinned pants was going to turn up at some point. If you’re looking for dull gold ones – Plumo have a rocking pair. Are you going to pair the tee with the sequinned pants?

    Might have to dig out some bootlegs too – this repurposing might be catching!

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