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Wedge booties.

I’ve been in love with Isabel Marant boots for some time.  The iconic Dicker boot has become a staple and I love it’s casual coolness.  I also love her dressier boots and I have my eye on the fringe bootie from her collection with H&M that will launch in November.  I just hope I can get online before the inevitable hm.com meltdown on the 14th.

Another boot I have fallen for is the Scarlet wedge boot but at $1500 they will never be justified.  However, my new high street love, Mango, has come to my rescue with their ‘tribute’ to the Scarlet.  At $189 they are too good to say no to I think.

wedge boots


We’ve had a fun packed weekend as the kids have been home for Fall break and Simon visited us from Stockholm.  My Fall break started on Thursday night with a great night out with some other Moms from school.  Lots of laughter and chat.



Jeans – Diesel Fayza Jogg Jeans // Boots – Grey nubuck Rag & Bone Newbury boots // Sweatshirt – AllSaints

Simon arrived on Saturday night and I grilled steaks…wearing a ‘statement necklace’ – see I’m trying my accessories!

Saturday night


Jeans – Diesel Fayza Jogg Jeans // Shoes – Vince Camuto (old) // Top – Zara (eons old) // Necklace – Macy’s (old)

Last night we headed out to a steak house – yes I got my protein in this weekend!  Plenty of great Italian red and a fabulous filet brought the weekend to a great end.

I cannot say how much I love this Zara dress – the fabric is just brilliant – slinky, stretchy, supportive, easy care – and I love the color.  Just a great, great dress and I plan to wear it with leggings in the winter.

Zara dress and peep toes


Dress – Zara // Jacket – Zara tuxedo jacket (old) // Shoes – Marks and Spencer (old) // Clutch – YSL Belle de Jour

So now it’s time to enjoy the amazing weather we have and head to the park for Columbus Day before our routine returns tomorrow!


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Some sale wants.

I don’t remember Boden ever putting their Spring items in the clearance section before June in previous years?  Maybe I’m mistaken, but this year they seem to be dropping odd items in throughout the season.  I just happened to be browsing yesterday and found myself lusting after 3 fabulous spring coats.  This is when I so wish I was back in the UK and actually had use for spring coats.  It’s 80 degrees here this week so it appears summer has arrived for 2013.  MM did suggest that they would be great coats for Fall and even Winter here – surely that means he agrees with me and I should purchase immediately?

I will preface this with the fact that 2 of these coats got some poor reviews.  However, seeing as I am not the ‘typical’ Boden buyer I tend to take the reviews with a grain of salt.  For me the truth always lies in trying the clothes at home, and styling them how I would wear them.  I think all 3 of these coats would look fabulous dressed up or down.  I can see myself wearing them with boyfriend jeans, a white t-shirt and flats, keeping them simple and casual.

The first is the swishy coatigan.  The fabric (as the reviews confirm) looks nothing like a coatigan – I think this is definitely more of a lightweight coat.  I want it in parchment which is currently reduced by $60.



The next is the Canonbury coat.  I’ve had my eye on this for a while.  I think it looks stunning in the iris.  Again it would look amazing with just jeans and a t-shirt to really sharpen up a casual outfit.  The iris is only reduced by $30 right now but the other two colorways are reduced further.  The reviews are pretty dire regarding fit, but I really want to try this and see – dare I say it – but it may just be too much of a departure for some stalwart Boden customers.



Finally I absolutely adore this red version of the Spring trench.  It is SO me and would make such a statement.  This one I might just have to order for Fall.  The red version is currently reduced by $60.



What do you think?  Have any of you tried them?  If so do the reviews do them justice?

Today it is back to normality.  The final days of the vacation were amazing.  The children and I did some dancing on the deck while Dad prepared the grill:)


I love this photo of Poppy at dusk looking out to the rigs.  I know the thought of oil rigs to many of you may be far from romantic – but I assure you when you see them all twinkling at night it is an amazing sight to behold.  Now I sound like I’m about to break out into a Toby Keith song.



My final vacation outfit was of course a bikini – but sparing you that photo – here is one of me in the Zara dress that I used as my beach cover up.  I love it – it is really comfortable and light weight.  As you can see the house we stayed in was very ‘retro’:)



Yesterday we were all tired and fortunately had a birthday party to attend which got us up and out of the house.  It was very odd getting ‘dressed’ again and wearing make-up – I even wore a necklace (inspired by Fiona’s post).  Not sure about this get up though – I think this is a bit of a failure – maybe trying too hard?



Jeans – Target // Top – Zara // Jacket – River Island // Boots – Isabel Marant Dicker // Necklace – JCrew bubble copy from local store

…And here I am today, bleary eyed but happy to be home.

IMG_5333 IMG_5303

Jacket – Gap (old similar here) // Sweater – Express (old) // Trousers – J.Crew Café Capri jade (old) // Flats – Vince Camuto Fawna (old)



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More ‘me’ again.

As much as I enjoy experimenting with clothes and shoes, my slightly different look yesterday just didn’t feel right and I didn’t feel ‘me’ all day until I got changed for the gym.  It’s quite amazing how an outfit can impact your daily disposition!

Today I am home with a poorly boy, but he’s on the mend and the sun is shining so not a bad Tuesday really.  Some online shopping and a bit of work to do but maybe a glass of wine later in the garden?

IMG_4988 IMG_4974 IMG_4985 IMG_4971


Shoes – Vince Camuto Fawna // Jeans – Target (old) // Jumper – H&M (old) // Long tank – H&M (old)

Oh and another code arrived in my mailbox – if you’re in the US and need some Spring basics like shorts – I love J.Crew Factory – use STYLESCORE for a whopping 30% off everything!  Just be warned their fit is a little more snug than J.Crew which I find quite generous these days.

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The Grammys.

Geez where’s my ark?  Half the time here we talk about surviving a drought, but after yesterday I think the reservoirs will be full again.  In fact we woke to flood warnings, trees down and power outages.  The rain is set to continue – good prep for England next week!

I watched some of the Grammys last night and enjoyed sharing a few thoughts over Twitter #Grammys.  Florence Welch and Adele looked amazing and represented England well.  Miranda Lambert looked like a train wreck and sounded worse.  Justin – I’m sorry I’m still trying to understand what all the fuss is about – yes you’re talented, but not my cup of tea.  Rihanna looked and sounded amazing though I still question her taste in men.  It makes me irate in fact.  Oh as did the gratuitous high five and back slapping for Jay-Z when his wife took the stage – is it just me or is it really derogatory to do that?  After my late night on Saturday I had to DVR the second half so will maybe be less critical when I watch that this evening.  Twitter is a great place to follow such events – like with the Golden Globes too – I wonder if the Sate of the Union tweets tomorrow night will be as funny?  Maybe not.

Adele in Valentino


Florence in custom Givenchy 


Miranda in a way too short sequin dress.

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Show

Rihanna and Chris Brown – 4 years ago he beat her up.


Today I opted for something a little less red carpet, and looking at it now I think I should have added a piece of color.  The tweed jacket is an old Boden favorite.  It’s worn over a J.Crew khaki long-sleeved tee, with an H&M long sleeve linen tee layered over it, with a khaki Zara scarf.  The jeans are Hudson Collin, the boots are Vince Camuto Autumn, and the glasses are Oliver People Wacks in tortoise shell/black.


I made the mistake this morning of ‘browsing’ the net-a-porter.com site and look what they just got a shipment of here in the US – perfect with shorts in the summer here in Atlanta – mmmmm…


So what were your thoughts on the Grammys?  Anyone raise your eyebrow?

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MLK weekend.

Just 2 weeks have passed since we all went back to school and work and now we have a long weekend.  I respect everything Martin Luther King Jr. accomplished, but I wish he had been born later in the year.  Fortunately we have had a weekend full of activities ranging from haircuts to birthday parties to NFL games to walking up mountains.

Friday was very indulgent and 3 hours of it was spent sitting in the hair salon.  You wouldn’t believe how much hair came off – when you have short hair it’s still amazing how much shorter it can go!

Saturday started with my ‘free weights’ orientation at the gym.  My very buff instructor obviously knew what he was doing.  The way he threw the weights around looked easy.  I’m glad he is a gentle giant – he genuinely suppressed his amusement when I tried to emulate his moves, and even when I struggled just to change the weights on the bars.  Everyone has to start somewhere I guess!  He did offer to ‘spot’ for me as it can be ‘dangerous if you get stuck under the weights’ – heaven forbid that level of embarassment ever occurs!

Later that afternoon, with arms still feeling like jelly, we went off to a party for the children.  Now earlier in the day I swear I had ballet flats on, but once the sun started to lose its heat my feet were so cold I committed the fashion sin of wearing ankle boots and socks with cropped trousers.  Forgive me – I was past caring at this point.  So here I am wearing my J.Crew sale bargains that I got in NYC – the herringbone café capris (currently there is 40% off final sale prices using the code Get40).  I wore them with lots of Boden including the Must have jumper, the chic leather jacket and the Lightweight scarf in Multi Meadow is from the Spring collection.  I love the combination of bright and nude pinks.  The boots are the Guess Cardio – currently in the sale on Zappos.com!  (Remember to check out the Boden site again this week as there are new items with 20% off from the Spring collection that will stack with the 15% off with my banner ads).



Yesterday the Atlanta Falcons had a major game to play – victory would result in a trip to the Superbowl for the first time in years.  Of course we didn’t win – but for a while it was fun believing we might.  I enjoyed a couple of beers watching the big screen and holding the sofa down – the game was closer than we thought it would be, which made it harder to lose:(

There’s been a lot of discussion on my friends’ blogs regarding boyfriend jeans recently and the quest for the perfect pair.  Kat at Doesmybumlook40 has written a couple of great posts with some good reviews, and Sue at SusieSoSo has also just posted on them – we’ve all added our 2 cents worth in comments.  I have 2 pairs of boyfriend jeans, both bought from Gap, bought in the sale about 3 years ago.  They still have the ‘sexy’ boyfriend jean – but I haven’t tried them on so can’t compare the cut to the ones I own.  I sized down in mine – a US 2 – there is no way in hell I am a US 2 – but it still makes me smile when I put these on:)  I just noticed too that Gap here in the US have a 30% off online code that ends today – GAPDEAL is the code.  I love my jeans – I roll them a couple of times at the ankle, and they are slouchy enough around the waist and butt without being, in my eyes, unflattering.  The Heartbreaker jumper is another J.Crew sale bargain, worn over a Boden Hampton t-shirt.  The ballet flats are the fabulous VInce Camuto fawna flats – again a sales bargain from over the Holiday period.  The croissant/pink color is still available in the sale in some sizes here at Nordstrom.



Now off to enjoy this extra day at home we have…I’m going to start it with a run then who knows what fun will ensue!


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Back to normal.

So with school going back on Monday I was a bit worried about short tempers and bad moods in our household this week – but all in all I’m pleased to report we’ve all eased back into a routine relatively easily.  So far no homework grumbles or getting out of bed complaints (I just huff and puff a bit – hate it!).  I’ve started trying to plan my clothes the night before again, as at 6am I am totally lacking inspiration.  The only problem is our weather is so wacky right now.  It looked freezing this morning so I was planning to wear my Boden Off Duty jumper in grey that finally arrived, but on my way back from the gym I realized it was in the 50s and the forecast is now for the 60s this afternoon, climbing up to the 70s next week!  It’s still January!?  So back in the closet went the polo neck and out came a t-shirt and jacket.

The t-shirt and jeans are both really old, but really comfortable Gap items that have worn and washed incredibly well.  It’s odd – some of my longest lasting items are from The Gap yet I never shop there these days – it just all looks a bit bland to me.  The jacket is the oriental print bomber jacket from Zara (no longer online).  I love this print and actually own the scarf (reduced to $20) and the trousers (reduced to $40) in it – never to be worn all together mind you!  I think it’s the pink, grey and black combo that I love.  The belt is Gucci – a present from MM a couple of Christmases ago – the fab news is it fits again!  That spare tire is deflating!  The boots are of course my Newburys that I keep harping on about…

IMG_4001 IMG_4016

I started the week in Zara too.  Both the cardigan (reduced to $50) and the trousers (reduced to $40) are Zara, t-shirt is the same Gap one as above (washed I promise) and the boots are the Isabel Marant Dickers.


Yesterday I got the Vince Camuto boots out – I’d better wear them often before these temperatures rise!  The jeans are Hudson Collin skinnies and the tunic is H&M – a bargain when I got it – I think they were on sale buy one get one free, and I got a black one too.  The scarf is a REALLY old Accessorize one that I used to wear for work in The City – see I’ve always loved leopard print!  The jacket is Boden‘s leather jacket from Spring 2011.


I’ve been struggling with a cold this week and there are lots of warnings on the news regarding the flu outbreak here – so better late than never I’m off to take the kids for flu shots later – dreading it…send me some good vibes!


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Boden Spring collection, and a great alternative to the Newbury.

A quick post to let you know that the new Spring range from Boden is out!  Use this link or click on the image here for 15% off plus free shipping.  Enjoy!

Also, I’ve had lots of questions regarding my Rag & Bone Newbury boots and I have found an amazing – dare I say – ‘copy’ from another of my favorite brands, Vince Camuto.  Take a look at the Hadley bootie here.  Currently they are reduced by 33% at Nordstrom making them just $106.49 – what a bargain!  Who would be able to tell the difference?  Not me that’s for sure!

Vince Camuto Hadley:




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Something old, something new.

Phew I made it to Friday – my last day home alone with the children.  Seriously, I admire all stay at home mums/moms/dads – their job is so much more difficult than going to the office.  As a treat for our last day together I took us all out for a late lunch at a local taco restaurant.  It was fun and the skinny margarita was a nice treat for me.

Organizing my new closet has reminded me of some lovely pieces I have that have been stored downstairs since the renovations started.  I found this lovely J.Crew jumper yesterday from 2010 – it has a lovely slit neck and is 100% cashmere.  I have to admit it looks far better without a t-shirt underneath but it was freezing yesterday and I felt the need for an extra layer.  It’ll look even better after I lose the last few pounds around my middle.  I’ve been in the gym every day this week and and can feel it starting to have an impact – I’ve even signed up for a free weight orientation next week – I’m going to start pumping iron!

Anyway – the J.Crew jumper is the something old – the something new are the Newbury charcoal suede boots.  No I have not broken my New Year’s resolution already – they have in fact been in my closet for over a month unworn.  After buying my leather Newburys and loving them to bits – I actually vacillated between the Isabel Marant Dickers and these suede Newburys.  I ordered them both and darn it ended up keeping both.  There is something really special about the Rag & Bone Newbury – which accounts for it’s immense popularity.  They are incredibly comfortable and worn with these black Gap jeans they made my legs feel like they go on forever.  Even though they are ‘charcoal’ they are much more of a ‘black’ suede and I love the contrast of the wooden heel.

IMG_3824 IMG_3860 IMG_3862

Before heading out I put on my Boden Chic leather biker jacket and my H&M sparkly scarf.  Lovely and toasty.


Mr. UPS turned up in the afternoon with my fabulous sales haul (again bought before the end of the year!).  It was like Christmas all over again!


My Vince Camuto fawna flats are just gorgeous!  If you are in the US I encourage you to order on the Vince Camuto website – I discovered an Extra25 code off sale items!  I had initially ordered them from Nordstrom – but one pair was canceled before shipping due to lack of inventory and then the pair that arrived were really disheveled looking – not happy but they are responsive on Twitter so the CS is making up for it.  These are the ones that arrived directly from Vince Camuto – with the code they were just $33 each!  Obviously I ordered the croissant color (pink/silver) too and they are on their way.

Caramel fawna:


Cloud fawna:


I’ll post on my other bits and bobs soon but needless to say the J.Crew velvet jeans are gorgeous as are the Hudson Leeloo tuxedo jeans that I found reduced on Zappos.com!

Happy weekend!! x

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A New Year and a new closet!

First let me tell you – if you did as I did and ordered in J.Crew‘s sale at the weekend, call them and ask them to apply the new 30% off sale prices STYLE2013 code to your order – they just did for me and have credited me $50 – brilliant customer service I have to say.

Another couple of sale purchases were made last night (trying to get it done before the New Year’s resolution etc…).  As MM was watching football I was surfing Nordstrom’s shoe sale.  It started with a want/need/itch – call it what you want – for some black and white ballet flats for the Spring to wear with my new J.Crew cafe capris.  Not willing to pay Chanel type prices but wanting a Chanel type shoe I thought Nordstrom would be the place to start.  Low and behold I found these beauties – the Vince Camuto Fawna.  Unfortunately, at 50% off I also thought I’d save more i.e. spend more, and I ordered the pink and caramel versions too!  They’re also available in the sale on the Vince Camuto site if you are in the US.


So the Christmas tree is down today and the house is looking relatively normal again.  I have to say the Christmas present I am loving more and more each day is our new closet.  I am so thrilled we got it finished before the Holidays.  Each time I walk in there I feel giddy.  Everything is put away neatly, all within reach, and the best bit is we built it all ourselves – such a sense of accomplishment!  So as promised here are some photos of our new IKEA Pax closet – the steps are necessary for me to reach to top – we are using every inch of the room – and don’t worry MM has some space at the other end of the closet!

IMG_3763 IMG_3765 IMG_3768

Not much going on today – I nipped out to Trader Joe’s for some more Cava and Prosecco for tonight.  MM and I aren’t huge fans of New Year’s Eve – we always used to call it amateur night.  We’re much happier sitting in with a Chinese takeaway, some fizzy wine and Carson and Ryan on the t.v. – I am so ready for 2013 to start.  2012 has been an amazing year – and I am expecting great things from 2013.  We’re planning a year of travel and trips – no money on the house this year!  I hope 2013 brings you all health, wealth and happiness – and THANK YOU for being here – for reading, being interested and leaving comments and sending emails – it means more than you can possibly imagine.

So here’s the last outfit of 2012 – some sparkles and fur.  MM wanted to know where I was going clubbing when I nipped out to the shops:)  It’s time for the Target fur (reduced to $35 online), worn over a Zara t-shirt layered with an old, but favorite Diesel sequin t-shirt.  The jeans are Hudson Collins and the boots are the Isabel Marant Dickers.  HAPPY NEW YEAR! xx

IMG_3762 IMG_3743


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Festive red – and a t.v. interview!!!!

I finally feel like the Holidays have started.  Poppy is off school for two and a half weeks – oh joy – and that’s not sarcastic either!  With the school day normally starting at 5.45am, ready to leave the house at 7am, it is bliss having an extra hour or so in bed.  It’s a girls day today as Hugh is still at pre-K and MM is working till lunch tomorrow.  Unfortunately it is also absolutely chucking it down with rain outside so activities have been curtailed and we are snuggling in front of Christmas movies all afternoon.  I’m wondering when it is appropriate to crack open a bottle of wine?

I’m feeling quite proud of myself at the today.  After gaining some weight through lack of running, I’ve managed to lose 10lbs in 4 weeks with some healthy eating and working out daily.  I’m taking bets how long it will take to regain them over the Christmas week – 2 – 3 days maybe?  Especially after a trip to Trader Joe’s where I have stocked up on cheap plonk, Christmas cookies and cheesecake…”all in moderation” must be my mantra for the next couple of weeks:)

INTERRUPTION ALERT!  As I was sitting here typing, and contemplating the wine, there was a knock at the door – dogs go ballistic etc…I open with trepidation wondering who on earth is stopping by on a wet Thursday afternoon…go on guess who – I bet you can’t…

…it was Aaron Diamant…you know him…?  No?  Not native to Atlanta?  Well he is a lovely investigative reporter from Channel 2 Action News!  Oh yes he had heard all about my blog and wanted to interview me for a huge national t.v. feature.  NOT.  Less than glamorous – he wanted to interview me about the sewage leak that occurred behind our house last spring.  THANK GOD I was dressed and had make-up on!  I will be on the evening news in a ‘set up’ piece apparently about the City being fined for taking so long to identify the problem.  Unfortunately I didn’t have chance to check for bogeys or food between my teeth so apologies if they are highlighted on HD.  Hopefully I hid all evidence of our sinful lifestyle from the camera – of all places they wanted to film with the kitchen behind me!! Thank goodness MM keeps it spotless!

Phew excitement over – must get that bottle of wine now…

So here’s what I will now refer to as my ‘t.v. outfit’.  I am wearing the Boden smocked tunic dress with Boden tights (sold out) and the VInce Camuto Autumn wedge boots.

IMG_3653 IMG_3640

I then added the Boden jersey scarf from the sale last summer.


Finally before Poppy and I headed to the library this morning I popped on my fabulous Boden red Iona coat – just $135.80 now in the sale.  I have the black too and adore them – great for just throwing on when you don’t want bulk or a heavy coat.

IMG_3679 IMG_3675

So look out tonight for a mad English bird talking about stinky sewage on Channel 2 Action News – Coverage that you can count on – I expect they’ll be hiring me soon to be their evening news anchor.


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