Christmas Pageants

I literally did. not. stop. yesterday.  My Fridays can become one of either two things – a leisurely day of pampering and indulgence, or frantically driving from one Atlanta location to another trying to check off a list of ‘things to do’.  It’s normally the latter and yesterday was no exception.  It started with a spin class.  Now I am no regular but I do love it when I go I love the satisfaction of having been – the hour on the bike is pure hell.  One of my neighbors teaches the class and she is lovely, but turns into  a b*tch on wheels in class – all for the benefit of the participants obviously.  Shopping was then followed by a quick lunch with MM – I had earned it and I still had a calorie deficit after that spin class!  A hairdresser’s appointment for Poppy was then followed by Hugh’s last Christmas pageant!

His last as he is currently at a church daycare and next year once in public school, with separation of church and state and all that, there will be no nativity.  The pre-K class (last year of daycare) always get to do the nativity play so I was very excited to see what role Hugh had.  But NO!  Hold on there…for the first year ever I arrived to find that the ‘after school’ group were doing the nativity!  WHAT??  Our chance of being a Shepherd, a Wise Man or even Joseph snatched from us!!  Now after the events of the day in CT. it seemed trivial to say the least, but I was mad as hell!  Most of the ‘after school’ group had attended pre-K so had already had the privilege of performing the nativity – so why oh why deprive the pre-K class from their chance of performing it?  I’m so sad:(  This now means Hugh won’t ever be in a nativity.  Now he is definitely not bothered – but his Mum is!  I might even join a Church so we can be in theirs next year.  Be assured I made my feelings known to the daycare Director.

At least we got to hear about Harold and his Angels:IMG_2844

For the pageant I did a quick change into my awesome Target dress – quickly becoming one of my best purchases of the year – I always get complements and no one can believe it is Target.  The jacket is from Zara and has lovely gold and cream flecks in it – perfect for the festive season – size up though – it’s tailored for waifs.  The leggings are H&M and the boots are my loyal Rag & Bone Newburys. (Apologies for photo quality – I told you I was in a rush!).


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2 thoughts on “Christmas Pageants

  1. Therese

    Love the jacket it looks really gorgeous on you. However, I feel I must comment as I do agree with you about being trivial and I found that element of your post insensitive in light of events that day.

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