What girl doesn’t need new shoes?

In an attempt to reduce my shopping and stick to my monthly budget I have sworn off clothes ordering till I lose 20lbs.  Weight gain has been another unfortunate side effect of perimenopause – at least that’s what I am blaming it on!  So I am back on Jenny Craig for a while – the only diet that I have tried that works every time for me – though obviously keeping the pounds off is my failing.  Fortunately they welcome me back with open arms (as long as I open my check book) and I always find it easy to stick to the diet because I see results immediately.  It’s New York Fashion Week in a couple of weeks and I have been invited to a party where there will be lots of gorgeous, 20-something year old bloggers, so I need to feel confident and hot (and hopefully look it too!).  There is no better incentive to try and lose weight!

So no clothes – that obviously doesn’t mean no shoes or make-up!  I am just a little obsessed with footwear right now.

As you all know I adore the Vince Claire pumps.  Vince is becoming a brand that I am more and more attracted too – their clothes are casual yet elegant – and they now have a stand alone store here in Atlanta.  Well Vince have done it again for me with the Claire in new Fall colors.  Personally I am lusting over the ink suede.  They will be mine – but maybe not till November time when I can wear them with my grey leather trousers.  They also come in black cherry suede, black suede and umber suede.  I take between a US 8 and 8.5 and the 8 fits perfectly – a little narrow at first but they stretch to fit after a couple of wears.

Vince claire ink


Next up are these beauties from Sam Edelman – another favorite brand of mine for footwear.  The Sam Edelman Anastasia comes in burgundy, black and grey – and yes I want all three!

Anastasia burgundy

(image from www.SamEdelman.com)

Anastasia black Anastasia grey


Finally there are some great deals on sneakers at J.Crew in their sale.  I am smitten by these New Balance and there is an extra 30% off the sale price right now (code SHOPSALE)!

420 620


So there you go – a clothes freeze doesn’t mean no shopping:)

IMG_8905 IMG_8908

Sneakers – New Balance (similar here) // Dress – ASOS // Jacket – J.Crew // Bag – Alexander Wang Rocco

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13 thoughts on “What girl doesn’t need new shoes?

  1. Jo

    I love the jersey dress/denim jacket/sneakers combo – both stylish and comfortable! I have a Levi’s ladies trucker jacket in a size XL (a size which they don’t sell any more and it only equates to a UK 16, sob!) So I’ll did it out and wear it to work tomorrow with my Boden weekend/easygoing dress.

    I was wearing my cropped Boden 2010 washed leather jacket today, it’s splendid!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Oooh I love my grey Boden chic leather jacket – it goes with everything!! Too warm here still though for leather! A denim jacket is perfect for dressing down any beautiful dress – they were designed just for that I’m sure! xx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Ha ha – yes my shoe collection will benefit! I am frustrated as I have so many great clothes I just can’t get into right now – I will once again though – I am determined! xx

  2. iwontwearsludgebrown

    Pah! Try doing a total no-purchase detox like us hardy lot over the pond. It’s pure torture. My god I’d go on the celery diet if it meant I could buy a new top – it’s that bad. Roll on 1st September! X

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      You’re putting me to shame Donna – so proud of you – I am rubbish and can’t even go a week without an order! xx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Thank you!!! I don’t worry I will – and I will continue to get it wrong a lot too! I do wish more people would give their opinions constructively here though – I have a comment form for that exact purpose – so we can generate discussion and have fun with it! xx

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Joanna,

    Did I miss your perimenopause musings? – can you direct me to them. I’ve developed a spare tyre in the last year, which I’m just delighted with (NOT!, only when it rains), and am having other lovely symptoms, so I’d be very interested to read of your experiences.

    Love the trainers, they look great on your with the dress etc. As I’ve said before I enjoy following your adventures in clothes and how much fun you have with them – you have more courage than me but I’m hoping some of your joie d’vivre (spelling?) might rub off one of these days.

      1. Anonymous

        ah many thanks for the signpost – I wasn’t on the computer much last week so I must have just overlooked this. I’m not sure perimenopause is much recognised in the UK… you know how our Drs don’t go in much for preventative medicine/lateral thinking. I’m really glad that you sought help and are getting it. I’m not sure anyone/everyone (lay person) can understand real depression as opposed to feeling a bit down unless you have personal experience – my mum had a few episodes but I never understand the depth of misery she went through until it hit me too.

        NB: re. last sentence – definitely not stupid – keep going for it!

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