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Some more lush shoes!

Marks and Spencer damn you. I rarely browse their site – it’s not very user friendly and their images are totally uninspiring. I can’t even remember why I was on the site – but look what I found – aren’t they beauties?!

The Gillie Lace Up Stiletto – but with a completely bearable heel height. They come in black and neutral. Be quick though as many sizes are already out of stock.

Gillie black Gillie neutral


Okay so now on to what I’ve been wearing – the weather has been pretty mixed here – lots of thunderstorms yesterday so we spent the day watching Hobbit movies – just a fab family day.

white jeans stan smith sneakersTop – Forever 21 (old) // Jeans – J.Crew (30% off with WEEKEND) // Sneakers – Stan Smiths

Today it’s back to the office but my time there is cut short as the kids are on half day camp. They were so excited this morning especially now they get to wake up when they are ready to instead of with an alarm clock at 6am! I love the summers!

Harems 2Shoes – Dolce Vita Haku // Trousers – Mango (old) // Top – AllSaints (old)

That’s all for today – oh except for my new little venture over at www.SoberWithStyle.com – thanks for your support!


Old friends, a birthday, a Eurovision song contest and wedding talk!

It’s been one of those amazing weekends.  I still feel on a high, though slightly weary after a weekend of excesses.  Karin and Simon left this morning to head back to Stockholm but it was a memorable weekend.

Yes I did help choose the rings:)  I think Karin found my advice invaluable…BUT I have promised not to share photos of it before the wedding in August.  Needless to say it is a classic and stunning.   The boys and girls then parted ways, as the ladies took on some hardcore shopping.  Two pairs of Jimmy Choos, a Jimmy Choo clutch, a Coach handbag and a pair of ballet flats later Karin was all shopped out.  And you’ll never guess what – I didn’t buy a thing!! I was having so much fun offering advice that I got my shopping endorphins vicariously through Karin.

I did however do some ‘browsing’ and I fell seriously head over heels (pun intended) for these Miu Miu jazz shoes!



Had I had 2 glasses of wine at lunch instead of one I’m quite sure this McQueen clutch would have come home with me.

IMG_3865 IMG_3862 IMG_3859


Then I took some photos of a potential birthday present – I like to help my Husband out with a couple of pointers:)

IMG_3867 IMG_3866

As for Karin’s haul here’s one pair of the gorgeous wedding shoes – these are for the ceremony.



Naturally we had to get a pair for dancing in too:)



This is the bag that Karin walked away with from Coach.  I adore the style – so slouchy and the interior design is perfect.  I am lusting after it in yellow.  Coach seem to have really upped their game recently and are moving away from the heavily branded C logo bags – thank goodness.



On Friday night after a tiring day of shopping we all headed out to our favorite restaurant where Simon proposed to Karin last year.  MUCH fun was had.  I was thrilled to wear my Ted Baker dress for the first time!

IMG_6410 IMG_6417


Dress – Ted Baker (no longer available online) // Shoes – Nine West // Clutch – YSL // Bracelets – Tiffany & Co // Ring – David Yurman


On Saturday it was Poppy’s birthday so after presents we went to her favorite BBQ joint for lunch.  Later that afternoon she had the time of her life dancing to the Eurovision Song contest!  We were SO excited that we managed to stream it live – quite giddy with excitement actually!

Yesterday we headed out for a little more shopping.  You’ll be relieved to know this time I did actually leave the Mall with something.  Two things in fact.  I am enamored with Gap at the moment and I left with 2 pairs of jeans.  The neon were in the sale in store but don’t appear to be online.



I LOVE these paint splattered skimmers.  Both pairs are very stretchy and I managed to get into a 27″ in both so definitely size down.



On Sunday night we headed out for steak and fabulous red wine.  Yummy – those 27″ might not fit today.

IMG_6434 IMG_6432 IMG_6431 IMG_6425


Shoes – Zara // Jacket – Zara (similar here) // Blouse – Zara (old) // Trousers – Zara // Clutch – YSL

Today it is a day for comfort and drinking lots of water.  The sun is shining here again after a weekend of rain – not that we noticed it – we were having so much fun.  Till next time our special friends.

IMG_6449 IMG_6447


Sandals – Zara // Skirt – Asos // T-shirt – Boden (similar here) // Neon scarf – Forever 21

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Fun in Forever 21

It was a wet, drizzly morning here so after spin class I didn’t quite know what to do with myself.  What I should have done is finish painting the spare room for when our guests arrive in 2 weeks – what I did do was head to the Mall.  Now it is always dangerous for me to head to the Mall when I am on a spending freeze (self imposed after the Golden Goose purchases).  It is rare I can escape the Mall without something getting lodged in my head screaming ‘buy me! buy me!’.  In order to try and mitigate a complete failure I thought Forever 21 would be a safe destination, firstly because everything is so young I would be in complete mutton territory, but secondly if there was to be something screaming at me it might just be a teeny tiny $20 scream that no one would notice.

Friday morning is the BEST time to be in Forever 21 – full racks and empty changing rooms.  It is essential to try everything as they don’t do refunds here – only exchanges – not sure if this is the same in the UK?  Of course, after muttering ‘spending freeze’, within the first 2 racks I found items that I thought I should try – for the sake of research of course – I’m helping you girls out!  Half way around the store a lovely man said ‘you look like you need this’ – and handed me a bag.  Now some of what I picked up was honestly just for a giggle – if I was going to try things I might as well have some fun.

First up was this denim dress – now I did quite like this when I picked it up – I thought it might be fun with my Dickers or with sandals.  Hideous on and the poppers gaped with my boobs.



But wait it gets worse – next up was this ‘dress’ – on putting it on it has to be a tunic – you could even see it was time for a bikini wax again!  And yes – just confirmed it is a tunic looking here on the Forever 21 site – I’m obviously losing my mind.  Regardless it still made me look incredibly top heavy…



Now I didn’t try the following with the intention of wearing them together, but I had to nip and get my bag of other items, and I wanted to spare the other customers the sight of me in my control underwear.  I do really like both items separately.  I probably need a large in the top – but it was a great sweatshirt material with embellished shoulders – great with jeans.  I also loved the skirt – a gorgeous pattern – but Forever 21 are cheap for a reason – the quality was not good.  The pattern wouldn’t sit straight – for some reason the waistband was crooked, it would have driven me nuts.


Now we’re getting to the ridiculous – a playsuit.  I started to sweat when I realized getting this off was more difficult than getting it on…panic set in when I knew there was no over the head option.



Now this skirt – you may think is complete mutton – but there was something about it that made me take a second look.  With the right top and shoes I think it could be quite nice – I just really struggle to like lace.  The leopard print top with it makes me look like I should be behind the bar at The Rovers.



Next are two tops I LOVED and damn it I can’t see either online – which is probably good as I may have ordered them.  I really liked these t-shirts and I would have bought them were it not for not wanting to spend money.  This one was lovely but I needed a medium – the large was just a tad too big, though would probably shrink in the wash – just $10 – brilliant. (Update online here).



This was my favorite – a gorgeous drapey knit.  Sorry about the rubbish photo – I got all excited because I liked it so much.  It drapes at the back too and the marks are on the mirror not the top.



So a lot of fun was had by me this morning.  I did go and buy more paint so maybe that can be considered painting progress?

Finally I must thank School Gate Style – she very kindly went out of her way to buy and send me this dress from Ted Baker.  It arrived yesterday and is simply gorgeous.  It helps to have good friends around the globe:)  It is sold here but is completely sold out online.  Some Bloomingdale’s do have concessions though.  There is also a gorgeous scarf available in the same print here.




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Instagram weekend round up.

Happy Easter all!  I am sitting here typing while the loin of pork roasts.  I always slip a few slithers of garlic in it so it smells amazing – hhhhmmmm!  I was contemplating roasting a leg of lamb – it seems more appropriate at Easter – but I always find the left over pork easier to use up in a Mexican dish later in the week.  I’d better get a few more spin sessions in before the bikinis come out for Spring break!:)

I thought rather than cracking open a bottle of red before dinner is ready, I’d update you with some weekend outfits instead.

My son was off from school on Friday for Easter so we headed out to Target for some fun shopping – well kind of – I basically needed to buy more Mini Eggs before they sell out till next year!


I’m not much of a hat wearer, but I fell in love with these Mossimo straw Fedoras.  Still not convinced I would ever wear them so they didn’t make it home with me, but I might try them again – they’d be great on the beach!IMG_3520 IMG_3522

Jacket – JohnnieB (old) // T-shirt – Forever21 // Jeans – H&M boyfriend jeans // Sneakers – Converse

Later on Friday I was watching the children play while having a little playtime myself – nothing better than a margarita in the sun:)IMG_3531

This bracelet brings me so much joy.  It’s an original Susie Ho design and it reminds me of the fantastic time we all had in London on our blogger meet back in February.IMG_3534

MM giggled at me on Saturday morning for being ‘so dressed up’ with no where to go.  Well I did take Poppy to her Zumba class so surely that counts?  I love this M&S cardigan – it makes a casual outfit feel a little more ‘put together’.IMG_3536 IMG_3538

Trousers – Zara // Boots – Isabel Marant Dickers // T-shirt – Forever21 // Cardigan – Marks and Spencer

I also nipped into the Mall later in the day, so obviously I had to take a peek in Zara.  I’d fallen in love with this jacket online and, fortuitously, they had my size in store.  Would have been silly not to have brought it home, no?


Last night MM and I went out for dinner and drinks to our favorite bar.  I normally choose my ‘going out’ attire by selecting the one item I really want to wear and building the outfit around it.  Last night I really wanted to wear these Zara trousers.  I’ve had them a while and took them all the way to the UK and back without them being worn.  It turned into a perfect opportunity to pair them with my white pumps.  I LOVE these shoes.  Whether you like the outfit or not, it was one of those times where once I was ready I felt great:)  I’m convinced the Saturday 8am spin class helps psychologically too!


Shoes – BCBG Generation (currently reduced) // Trousers – Zara // Tank – Express (old) // Jacket – Zara

So Happy Easter all – I’m now off to crack open that bottle of red:)


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A new haircut and an ASOS code.

I hope you are all having as good a weekend as I am having!?  It started with a great night out with a girlfriend I haven’t seen in ages.  We talked and talked and drank and drank and needless to say I was very happy the sun shone on Saturday so I could spend it horizontal in the garden:)  I’m getting too old to be coming home at 2am!

Friday night outfit:


Jeans – H&M boyfriend jeans // shoes – Nine West Austin leopard print // Jacket – Zara (old) // tank – H&M (old) // belt – Gucci

As you can see I had a haircut on Thursday too – I LOVE it.  It’s REALLY short at the back and sides – it’s basically an undercut.  It helps me channel my wild side.  So much so in fact that I also opened up my second ear piercing again…



And here’s how I spent most of Friday and Saturday in the sun – bliss!  Weird considering there was snow up the coast in NYC!




Saturday’s recovery outfit:



Shoes – converse // Trousers – Top Shop (old) // t-shirt – Forever 21

Somehow I’ve managed to get myself on the mailing list for Net-a-Porter.com‘s magazine – The Edit.  I wish they would stop trying to give the game away to MM – he doesn’t need to know I make occasional purchases on NAP!  I spotted this AMAZING suit from Roberto Cavalli – now I just need to find a spare $20k. Anyone??



As I don’t always blog at the weekend you keep up to date and find my photos by following on Instagram@PoppysStyle – it’s my new social media obsession!

Finally, if you are in the US, it appears St. Patrick’s Day can be good for something in addition to drinking Guinness and wearing green.  ASOS have a code good for 48 hrs – use GETLUCKY for 20% off – enjoy!

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I am getting so excited about my trip ‘home’ next week.  Yes I’ll miss MM and the kids – but that is what Skype is for no?  I’m still in a packing quandary but I see light at the end of the tunnel – now if it was sunlight not the threat of snow that would make things 10x easier.  But hey ho it is England and nothing is more certain than the uncertainty of British weather.

I was picking up a few things for friends and family yesterday.  One of the most requested items funnily enough is nail polish.  OPI is half the price here.  Mum wants A-to-Zurich and Sue wants Nein Nein Nein.  I’ve been 50% successful – will keep looking Mum!  Now, if I rate shopping for myself, I was 100% successful and I got myself a new favorite polish.  I like nudes but some of them make my yellowy skin tone just looked so washed out when I haven’t had any sun.  I found this one – My Very First Knockwurst – it’s a lovely grey nude and as ever it goes on beautifully.  Still need to sort out my cuticles though – this darn weather plays havoc with my hands!


It was a tad dreary this morning – and I wanted to wear a snuggly knit.  Also, I have decided that my AllSaints leather trousers need to be worn for everyday wear too – they were being saved for ‘best’ and therefore hardly worn.  They are actually really comfy and warm – I love them with sneakers and a jumper.  The Boden sparkle Skye jumper is perfect – and there are still quite a few of the regular versions in the clearance.  You might want to size down if between sizes though as the fit is loose.  I’m wearing it over a Forever21 color blocked top – mainly because it was close at hand this morning.  Of course the sneakers are the Ash Alex.  Sorry about the raindrops on film – not sure I had the right exposure considering how dark it was!

IMG_4676 IMG_4674



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A man’s best friend.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned before but MM and I are currently watching the entire collection of The West Wing.  I bought it for him a couple of years ago and it’s only now we’ve had the courage to start watching it all again.  I am flabbergasted how so many issues that Aaron Sorkin wrote about are still relevant today.  We watched an episode on gun control last night and I had to keep reminding myself that The West Wing is fictional – it was uncanny.

I’m about to head out for a tacos and margarita lunch with MM.  I can’t wait.  While I do wait though, we just had a power cut here – it must be all the rain making trees keel over in the soft ground. So the dogs and I passed the time with a little photo shoot.  Tennyson couldn’t resist getting in the action – he’s a bit of a diva, Rosie stayed out of it – she’s not too proud to admit her heydays are over – so she directed off camera.

I’m layered up today as it is cold but keeps threatening to warm up – I’m ready for it – come on sunshine stop hiding away!  I’m wearing one of my first ever AllSaints jumpers – so old I can’t remember the name – over a Forever 21 color block long sleeve t-shirt.  The jeans are H&M coated jeggings and the boots are the AllSaints Bonny Cuban.  Oh and the scarf is H&M from last year – I love the lips.  I think lips are almost better than hearts for Valentine’s Day – so I might drag it out on the 14th again – though I do still despise Valentine’s Day!


Wait for me!!


Come on pat my head!


Aaaaah thank you:)


We’re looking good!



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Another night with the girls.

My New Year’s resolution is going well!  Last night I had my second night out with girlfriends this year and we’re still only in January!  It was a really fun night with some great neighbors.  The four of us all live within walking distance of each other, but rarely see each other all together, what with the eleven children between us.  So our wonderful Husbands provided childcare while we had a few cheeky cocktails and caught up with each other.

Now I am no wall flower when it comes to a night out, as you know, and the first thing MM said to me when he saw my attire was “well I’m sure it’s still 1987 somewhere”…I really am an 80s girl and it still clearly shows.  I wore Zara trousers, Forever 21 top, Zara jacket (from last summer) and the old, old Steve Madden Carlsen booties which are really coming into their own again at the moment (I found several on eBay.com here).  They work great with peg legged trousers like these.



Now when I posted this photo on Facebook last night I got a very mixed reaction:)  That’s what I LOVE about clothes, and experimenting with them is fun!  I certainly made at least a couple of people smile last night, so the trousers were worth it just for that.


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A compelling read.

I love it when I pick up a new read and can’t tear myself away from it.  There is no better way to spend some down time than with a fabulous book.  American Psycho is just that – I truly can’t put it down.  Yes it is a controversial book, containing scenes of graphic violence and sex, but the narrative is breathtaking.  It was published in 1991 and is set in a narcissistic, greedy world of New York investment bankers (think Wall Street) and their ‘hardbody’ girlfriends.  Brett Easton Ellis’ talent lies in his ability to set the scene and and make it tangible through paragraphs filled with adjectives and detailed descriptions.  For a brand lover like myself it is heaven to be able to visualize every item a character is wearing, down to their Oliver Peoples.  It’s a book I’ll be sad to finish and I highly recommend it if you can stomach a few grisly scenes!

The Arctic blast has reached us here in Atlanta so time for some cashmere and fur (though fake!). I was hoping to change it up a bit and take the tripod outside this morning, but bbrrrrrr you’ll have to wait for that!  The jeans are my old faithful Gap black Always Skinny jeans – unfortunately my ability to describe the comfort of these jeans is not on par with the descriptive talents of Ellis – but believe me they are probably the most comfortable fitting jeans I own.  The jumper is a Boden cashmere roll neck from a couple of years ago but they still have plenty of options in their current clearance section.  The Dickers are out again and Net-a-porter.com has just received all their new stock so be quick!!  The belt is Gucci, which now fits perfectly hooray!


Before heading out I threw on the relatively new Forever21 jacket – I think these fit to size and this is a Medium.  It’s really pretty good quality for Forever21 and even has a suede trim with pink lining – very cute.  Unfortunately I can no longer see it online to link to.


And here’s the inspiration for the outfit, the splendid Ms. Moss:


Let me know if you pick up American Psycho and tell me the best books you have read recently – I have a couple of transatlantic flights approaching soon!


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Local weather report.

I hate to sound like an amateur meteorologist, but the weather is throwing a spanner in the works.  Remembering it is still early January – this weekend it was 76 degrees Fahrenheit here!  Unseasonable to say the least.  Today it’s in the high 50s and chucking it down.  A flexible approach to wardrobe planning is required!

It turned out to be quite a sporting weekend in our household.  After my great night out on Friday, Saturday was spent sitting in a warm, steamy swimming pool watching my daughter compete – I was a tad dehydrated it has to be said.  Sunday was then spent cheering on the Atlanta Falcons as they won their play-off game – it was a nail biter and now we just have to face the 49ers to make it to the Superbowl!  So it was a weekend that required little thought regarding attire and I will admit I spent it in slouchy sweatpants – lovely.

Today I’ve gone for the jacket and t-shirt again.  The blazer is the fabulous Zara tartan jacket – I love this and it fits perfectly.  I feel really sharp in it.  The t-shirt is a $14 Forever 21 bargain.  Yes their tees are all synthetic but they are actually really soft and drapey – perfect under a blazer.  Jeans are the Hudson Collin skinnies, belt is Gucci and the sneakers are the Ash Gwen – perfect for a rainy day.


How was your weekend?

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