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Back to work

And just like that spring break is over with. We had an incredible week with the best weather ever, topped off with the Masters this weekend and what turned out to be a fabulous last round resulting in an English winner!!

Re-entry really hasn’t been that bad today – the kids were happy to be back at school, and even happier to know that they only have just over 6 weeks left before school is out for summer!

It’s a bit chillier here in Atlanta this week so the cardigans are back out, but I’m thrilled to say, after another 3 miles on the treadmill this morning I am back in my Zara US 6 coated trousers! Yes they have a bit of stretch but I don’t care, I feel fit, healthy and strong! I’m alternating between watching Sons of Anarchy and Happy Valley on Netflix on the treadmill – I don’t even notice the miles when I get sucked into a series!

booties CollageTrousers – Zara (old) // Boots – Steve Madden (REALLY old) // Top – AllSaints // Cardigan – Zara (last season) // Bag – Givenchy Pandora

I had a couple of parcels waiting on me when I got home. One contained these fab Mango trousers. They are quite Indochina – cropped, khaki and yet have a pattern embossed in them. Size down – they fit big – these are a US 8 and I bet I could have got in a US 6 as they give a bit on wearing too.

Mango trousersTrousers – Mango // Top – Zara (old) // Leather flip-flops – Gap

I’ll reveal the other items as the week goes on, with one very exciting item!


Spring Break 2016 – Fort Morgan

I’m afraid the blogging isn’t going to be very prolific this week. I am currently sitting on a deck with a coffee looking out to the Gulf of Mexico. Once again we are spending Spring Break in Fort Morgan – a beautiful, quiet strip of beach just to the west of Gulf Shores. This year we have a frat house next door to us – Poppy is fascinated and has suddenly expressed a real desire to go to college!

Before I left I decided to get my hair chopped again. The reaction has been mainly ‘at last!’, ‘thank goodness for that’, ‘it’s taken years off you’, ‘Joanna is BACK!’…why on earth don’t people want to tell you these things while you struggle to grow your hair long!? The Husband is thrilled it is short again!

hair Collage

I must admit I think it’s a state of mind too. When I had my septum pierced I really thought I needed to soften my look as the piercing is quite aggressive looking to some. However, now I am so used to it myself I feel more confident about the short hair paired with it. Plus I am running a lot again and that does wonders for my outlook, and don’t give a f*ck attitude ūüôā

Before I had my hair cut I spent¬†a few days debating – going backwards and forwards – but I am thrilled with it now and looking at my photos before and after I love it. If I ever say I’m growing it again – shoot me!

gap top CollageTop РThe Gap (adore these and have all 3 colors Рget 40% off in the US with code SPRINGFUN) // Trousers РMango (old) // Bag РGivenchy Pandora // Shoes РVince

Zara topTop – Zara // Trousers – The Gap (again adore these and have all 3 colors! 40% off with code SPRINGFUN in the US) // Shoes – Soludos (most comfortable espadrilles ever – UK here, US here) // Bag – Givenchy Pandora

Otway boots collageBoots – Isabel Marant Otway (found them on eBay at the right price and right size at last!! All the way from Romania!) // Jeans – Zara (old) // Top – Mango // Jacket – J.Crew // Bag – Givenchy Pandora

For now it’s farewell from the sun and surf…

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 8.25.48 AMRunning top – Lululemon // Shorts – Lululemon // Sneakers – New Balance (I will never run in another brand again these are so perfect)

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 8.26.13 AM


How many pairs of sneakers does a girl need?

Hmm well replace ‘need’ with ‘want’ and it seems to be never ending! I’ve had a love affair with sneakers/trainers since I was young when¬†I cherished my Dunlop Green Flash. My Mum would whiten them for me, which inevitably resulted in crusty shoes, as you were in effect putting white paint on them that cracked once it dried! I soon moved onto Converse and they were my staple at University – I had a green pair and a lilac pair. Of course once the 90s arrived it was all about the Adidas Gazelles. Interestingly I still have Gazelles and Converse in my collection – but no Green Flash! Do they even still sell them?

So going back to the question I have so many sneakers now that I cannot ever say ‘I need those’ when it comes to a new pair. I have running shoes, sneakers for fashion and even sneakers-to-wear-with-work-out-gear-when-I’m-not-actually-working-out, as my husband duly noted this morning. Due to my rather large collection of sneakers, these days I tend to wait for the sales to add a new style, or a new color, to the mix. Many of the sneakers you will see in the sale are the same style as the new season, but just a different selection of colors. So unless you are buying high performance running shoes you won’t be missing out on any new technology!

Nike very kindly just sent me a code for an extra 20% off clearance – BACK2SPORT. Some of my favorite casual sneakers are the Nike Internationalist. These are currently on sale so you will get your extra 20% off making them just $48, reduced from the regular price of $85. I have a couple of pairs at home and I can vouch for their comfort.

Nike-Internationalist-Womens-Shoe-629684_302_E_PREM Nike-Internationalist-Womens-Shoe-629684_303_E_PREM


This navy pair are slightly more but have to be my favorite for the Fall, and you’ll get the extra 20% off too.



While on the Nike site I fell hard for thesebright red but I adore Air Max! These would be amazing with black skinnies and a black cashmere sweater.



If you are looking for some serious running shoes you can’t go wrong with the Lunar Flyknits. I always go up half a size at least for running to give me plenty of room in the toe box. These are in the sale, in a couple of colors, reduced from $150, with an extra 20% off too!



Now for the classic New Balance. Take a look at these images and tell me they aren’t cool!

pinterest 4 pinterest 3 pinterest 2 pinterest 1


My favorite New Balance 620s are on sale on the New Balance site reduced from $79.99 to $59.99. I found a discount code for you too! RETAILMENOT will get you 12% off plus free shipping. How could you say no to green and bubble gum pink?

630 green


Or navy and apple?

630 navy


Finally – (not on sale – don’t shoot me) – I spotted some amazing colors new on the J.Crew site. These always sell out super fast as they are custom colors unique to J.Crew. I’m definitely getting my hands on this¬†olive¬†and pink pair.

620 JCrew

The classic navy pair are gorgeous and a little more subtle.

630 JCrew navy


I wore a pair of my 620s yesterday, then I forgot to take a photo of them! I was dashing from one place to another and, take it from me, they added a little pace around the supermarket!

On Friday I made the trip to IKEA. One I try to do only x2 a year. This time of year is NOT the time to go as every GA Tech and GA State student is there trying to furnish their abode for the next year! As a side note I used to be quite a snob about cooking utensils and pots and pans – but IKEA do some fabulous pots and pans and baking ware!

WatermelonTrousers – Zara (old) // Shoes – TopShop Kingfisher // T-shirt – H&M

Today it’s back to work. I dropped Stella, our white boxer, at the vet today to have a mast cell tumor removed. Very common in boxers but still I hated leaving her there!

JCrew blazerShoes – Vince Nina (on sale here and here) // Jeans – J.Crew (sale) // Top – Mango (sale) // Jacket – J.Crew Regent blazer // Bag – Alexander Wang Rocco (similar here discounted)


My birthday weekend starts now!

I’m 44 on Monday. How did that happen? I don’t feel anything like I thought you were supposed to at 44. Aren’t I¬†supposed to be a grown up by now?

winging it

I’ve always loved to celebrate my birthday, so as my weekend starts today, so do my birthday celebrations! My husband joined me for lunch today and tonight we’ll be entertained by the GOP debate! I can’t wait – I hope Donald Trump will entertain as expected!

Today I started the day with a run – massive mistake. It was about 77 degrees so I thought it would be tolerable. I had failed to factor in the 100% humidity – talk about running through a sauna. I’m still as dehydrated as a Farley’s Rusk now! At least I got to wear my new running shoes and capris!


And here is the first outfit of my birthday weekend. Yes I have all 3 colors of the TopShop Kingfisher espadrilles – I love them!

MadewellShoes – TopShop // Jeans – J.Crew // Top – Madewell (final sale)

hearts beat for

p.s. a quick update on our efforts to help out those 2 little girls – Taylor Swift is in!


Back to school

So the kids headed back to school today. I now have a 4th grader and a 2nd grader! Poppy spent a few minutes last night telling me she didn’t want to grow up – poor thing – I could kind of empathize with her! I expect they will have an a amazing time today – it’s been so long since they saw their friends.

I had them both at home Monday and Tuesday – hence the lack of posts. I’ve been mainly wearing workout gear to accomplish house chores and drive them back and forth to friends and cheer practice. I have to admit I secretly LOVE hanging out in capris and sneakers – it really is super comfortable in this heat. The other added benefit is that it gives me ones less reason to avoid the gym. Heck if I’m already dressed for it I’d better workout no? I have to say I think I have found my mojo again and I’ve really enjoyed the gym this week. So much so I’ve treated myself to some new running shoes.

I’ve harped on before about my love for New Balancethis remains one of my most read posts! Well after a few months in Nikes I’ve headed back to New Balance. I read about the Vazee Pace in my Runners World and decided to try them. They are AMAZING. Not only do they look good but they feel fabulous. They have a great wide toe box so no toes get scrunched up. My arch feels well supported, and the cushioning from the REVlite sole is just as brilliant as the W890s (the Vazee Pace will replace the 890s).

I can not say enough about how much I love these – and with a price of $109.99 it will be hard to find a better option for a casual runner with dodgy knees like me!



I have also ordered the Nike Flyknit Lunar to try. I love the Flyknit and the lunar sole, and with these being in the sale I thought I might use the Nikes¬†for the gym and keep the New Balance for running outside. I’ll see how they fit – but they were hard to ignore with the current discount!



Nike have some great items on sale right now and I dropped these in my cart too. I love the pro capris for the gym and for running – super lightweight and comfortable. The only drawback is there is no pocket for my car key but I have remedied that with one of these.



So today I am back in the office which called for getting dressed!

AllsaintsShoes – TopShop // Dress – AllSaints // Jacket – J.Crew

On Friday I took the kids to meet my piercing guru, Richard, at My sparkly septum ring had finally arrived and I LOVE it. It’s a¬†Gem Oaktier in solid rose gold with genuine white sapphires.

Septum MadewellShoes РJ.Crew (on sale) // Jeans РJ.Crew // Top РMadewell (on sale)

On a final, sad note – an Atlanta mom of two small girls died on Sunday after a mystery illness took hold. Nothing can take away the pain for her girls, but the community here is trying to get tickets for the girls to see Taylor Swift when she tours here. T.V. stations and news stations have got hold of the story so if you feel inclined please help us and Tweet with hashtag #wishes4riley and #bigdreamslittlegirl – thank you so much.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 2.54.11 PM

NYFW – part 2 – the rewardStyle party

After an early night on Friday I was up and raring to go on Saturday morning. There were a couple of things that I had promised myself that I would do while NYC on my own – one was to head for a run in Central Park, which I did! Even in the crazy, nasty humidity that morning!



Sweat I did, but it felt good, I was cleansed and ready to imbibe again! That started with the second thing I’d promised myself – coffee and an egg and bacon roll from a deli on the way back to the hotel!


It was still only 10am so I decided I had time to mooch around the shops before I had to get ready for the rewardStyle blogger party that started at 3pm. Given how hot it was still I threw on a Mango t-shirt and denim shorts with my Avarcas pons – perfect for beating the heat in the City.


The party was held at the Empire Hotel next to Central Park – so I had decided to stay in Times Square. This was my only error of the weekend. I HATE Times Square. Tell me please why people will queue for hours to get into TGIF, Ruby Tuesdays or the Shake Shack when they can dine at the most amazing places in the USA, for the same price, just a few blocks away? It baffles me.


Still I had fun and it was easy to walk across 46th to 5th to get to all the stores. Though I have to say I spent longer in the American Girl Store than I really wanted to – mainly as their air conditioning was so welcome! I managed to snag the cheer outfit for Poppy which she was thrilled with.


From there I nipped into one of my favorite shoe stores – Stuart Weitzman. I just wanted to ‘look’ of course – but I ended up trying the Highland in charcoal and the Leman in black and white. I fell in love with both immediately, especially the Highland which I wore a lot last season in black (here, here, and here). This season they have raised the bar with their boots and shoes!

IMG_0818 IMG_0819 IMG_0820 IMG_0821

I’ve had an obsession with black and white lace ups since I saw Victoria wearing hers.


I stunned myself by walking out of the store empty handed – but only because they didn’t have my size! Trying on shoes when it is hot and sticky is pretty nasty too! ūüôā

So then it was back to the hotel and I was ready in less than an hour – I was quite impressed! I did have a little dither over which shoes to wear though!

IMG_0828 IMG_0829 IMG_0834

In the end I opted for the Sam Edelman Anastasias in grey – they coordinated really well with the AllSaints Rip it Up sweater dress and gave an edgier vibe than the originally intended Vince Claires.

PoppysStyle v1

IMG_0864 IMG_0855 IMG_0851

I met some fun people and even Coco Rocha was there! After a thrilling day I was in bed by 10pm – that wouldn’t have been the case 20 years ago in NYC!




‘Tis brass out there.

I LOVE winter.  At 7.30am this morning, even though I knew I wanted to go straight back to bed after getting the kids to school, I dressed in my warmest running gear and ran like a banshee in the freezing cold and glorious sunshine Рit was exhilarating.  The whole of the US (bar Florida of course) is shivering in Arctic conditions.  I love it РI get to wear hats, big coats and boots.

GG3 GG2 GG 1


Sneakers – Golden Goose (old – similar here) // Hat – Nordstrom // Jacket – J.Crew (old – similar here) // Jeans – Diesel Fayza // Sweater – Boden Off Duty Jumper




Boots – Rag & Bone Newbury Charcoal suede // Trousers – Zara pleather leggings // Tank – H&M (old) // Sweater – AllSaints (old – similar here) // Coat – Zara // Bag – Anya Hindmarch from

Shop this post

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Deep Boden discounts now!

Great news for those of you that held out – the Boden sale just got better. ¬†I had to double check my eyes weren’t deceiving me when I saw the colourblock points are now just $29.40! ¬†I’m considering the blue pair too now at that price.



My favorite drop shoulder v-neck that I wore here is now just $20.40 – I am smitten with the spearmint color – it would be great with a tan wouldn’t it?;)



Also the sparkle cotton top that I love in ivory, is now available in the blue at just $23.40!



I just ordered the guava pinspot scarf too – these are gorgeous scarves and the lime and guava pinspot are now just $14 – I can’t get a scarf at Target that cheap!



You better be quick – at these prices they won’t hang around for long!

Finally another vacation update Рyesterday we headed West as far as we could Рto the border with Southern Cyprus.  The Western side of the North is just beautiful Рmountains, pines and sea.  We traveled to Vuni Рthe site of an ancient Greek palace, it was quite a nerve wracking drive up there Рbut what a location for a palace.  They knew how to do things in style back then!

Not the most flattering of photos but it was darn windy and I think my hair has grown at least an inch since we’ve been here!



My Husband decided he wanted to get in on the blog photo:



My shorts are J.Crew Factory bermudas and the t-shirt is Gap.

Last night we grilled out – super adana kebabs and Turkish sausage! ¬†I changed into my Gap sunwashed t-shirt in pale pink and more¬†J.Crew Factory shorts. ¬†It’s a good job I managed a run in the heat this morning – though I terrified the local villagers at the coffee shop in my neon hot pants!

black and pink v1


Off for a Doner now:)


Just for fun.

Last night it occurred to me, as I was surfing some blogs and Instagram, that there are a lot of folks out there running, working out, doing crossfit etc. in preparation for the summer.  I find it incredibly motivating seeing what others are up to in their work out regime and I love chatting with people about what works best for them.  So I have a new challenge for you Рjust for fun:)

Every day I work out I will upload a post work-out photo on Instagram¬†(poppysstyle)¬†and tag it with #PSFitClub. ¬†Follow me here and leave a comment including the #PSFitClub. ¬†I’ll follow you back, and all you need to do is upload your post work-out photo tagged with #PSFitClub – easy hey? ¬†We can have our own virtual, global training group. ¬†Great motivation! ¬†I want to see rosy cheeks, sweaty brows and dirty sneakers/trainers. ¬†Tell us what your goals are, what you have done, how you feel, and what your reward will be. ¬†In 6 months time we can compare photos from now and then! ¬†Have fun with it. ¬†To start us off here I am after my hot, humid, sauna like run here this morning. ¬†After today – for those of you that have zero interest in working out – I’ll just be posting #PSFitClub photos on Instagramūüôā



And now the reason behind #PSFitClub – so I can continue to drink wine, eat chocolate and wear fabulous clothes! ¬†Here’s what I’ve worn so far this week.

seeing spots

Trousers РJ.Crew factory (old) // Shirt РJ.Crew popover // Shoes РNine West

lady in red

Dress – Asos // Boots – Rag & Bone canvas Newburys // Sunglasses – Chanel

Zara sandals IMG_6677


Sandals – Zara // Jeans – Zara (old) // Top – Zara // Bag – Alexander Wang Rocco


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Back on track with the running.

I’ve taken some time off running but now I have the itch again. ¬†My lack of interest in running was due to a combination of injury, dark mornings and a new found love for spin classes. ¬†Now, as much as the spin keeps me moving, I still don’t believe anything is as effective for maintaining tone, cardio strength and stamina, and eliciting the post work out euphoria, as a great run.

I was nervous to get going again, but I had a relatively fun run on Sunday morning and ended feeling pretty good – not too much running stamina lost then? ¬†Maybe. ¬†Today however I went out on the same route and nearly died. ¬†The 75 degree heat at 8am didn’t help – not that you’ll ever hear a Kenyan complain about the heat as they finish a marathon in 2 hrs.

I even had new running shoes, new running shorts and a new sports bra. ¬†Still they didn’t do what they said on the box. ¬†I didn’t run faster and I didn’t keep cooler. ¬†No one was going to miss me though in my neon yellow that’s for sure!

2194203-p-LARGE_SEARCH 2194834-p-LARGE_SEARCH

I’ve been a loyal New Balance wearer for some time now and I have loved every pair of W890s that I have owned. ¬†This time, however, something made me head back to Nike. ¬†Maybe I fell for the hype around the new Nike Flyknit? ¬†Well hype or not – the rave reviews all ring true so far. ¬†It is a magnificent shoe – light, cushiony and supportive, without any rigidity or stiffness. ¬†It is simply like putting on a supportive sock with a cushioned sole. ¬†So even though I didn’t run faster today – I’m pretty sure I will be running faster in these soon. ¬†My only critique of the shoe is that the heel comes up a little high on my achilles. ¬†I noticed my New Balance are cut out at the heel like an ‘M’ shape – whereas the Nike is an inverted ‘V’. ¬†Not sure if this is intended to support the achilles – but my fear was that it would rub. ¬†With my Balega socks though, there was no rubbing, and the Flyknit provided the perfect comfortable ride. ¬†Now if Atlanta could just adjust the morning temperature for me I’ll be on my way.






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