What I’ve been wearing.

May is the busiest month on our calendar every year.  What with anniversaries, birthdays, the end of the school year, school recitals, school field trips, visitors from abroad etc…it is non stop here.  I’m just coming up for air after an amazing weekend of catching up, eating and drinking with Simon – our friend from University, who now lives in Stockholm.

We  had a very late night on Thursday talking and drinking good wine, and then we were off out for dinner on Friday.  The kids and I hung out in front of the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday afternoon, streaming it live via SVT.se, the Swedish tv channel.  This made it even more fun and Eurocentric listening to the Swedish translation:)  I found it all as surreal as ever, but I loved the drama – and in the end the right diva won!  For all you American readers who have no idea what I am talking about the Eurovision Song Contest is the annual competition that rocketed ABBA to fame in 1974.  Here’s Conchita, this year’s winner from Austria, a drag queen with more diva in her than Celine Dion.

Before Simon arrived I had another hair cut and went even shorter – thanks to Chadd I am now sporting a magnificent undercut.  I LOVE it.



Magno top.jpgJeans – Zara TRF (old) // Shoes – Avarcas Pons // Top – Mango

On Friday morning we headed out shopping and I treated myself to a couple of NARS lip pencils – Yu and Cruella.


The color of both is so intense and bold and I feel really feminine wearing them with such short hair.

shopping.jpg ASOS dress.jpg

Dress – ASOS (currently on sale) // Sneakers – Adidas Samoas // Glasses – Oliver Peoples Wacks // Handbag – Marks and Spencer (on sale)

Then Friday night it was off to Abattoir again where Simon proposed to Karin a couple of years ago now!


M&S dress.jpg


Dress – Marks and Spencer (old – similar here) // Shoes – Nine West

Yesterday was Mother’s Day here in the US and my fabulous kids presented me with great handmade cards.  This one from Poppy made me grin especially – there is no greater compliment she could have paid me than describing me as ‘odd’ and ‘risky’…

IMG_5865Today I’m off to watch her recital so decided to wear a dress again.  I started off with the canvas Newburys.

River Island dress.jpgHowever, with the jacket I decided the grey nubuck pair coordinated better – not much in it to be fair…

M&S jacket.jpg

Dress – River Island // Boots – Rag and Bone Newbury boots // Jacket – Marks and Spencer

Finally – shhh it’s a secret – but we’re having a surprise disco for Poppy this weekend for her 8th birthday!!  Here’s an idea I stole from Pinterest – all her friends will be VIPS!




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13 thoughts on “What I’ve been wearing.

  1. Fiona Blake

    I need a lie down I am exhausted!
    I love the cut – so funky and I want you to wear glasses more – I LOVE THEM!
    I’m so jealous that the ASOS dress looks so good on you and it didn’t suit me 😦

    Happy 8th to Poppy!

  2. Michelle

    Your hair looks incredible….that pixie cut so suits you!! Looking fantastic in all your outfits but love the last one with the jacket over the dress….totally gorgeous with the R&B grey boots!! xx

  3. EveWornOut

    The ASOS dress with the Samoas and your new hair (which I love!) is one of my favourite outfits I’ve seen you in. You look so cool. The River Island dress is beautiful – so All Saints! Love it with the boots. Hope Poppy has a lovely birthday. X ps I adore the stone harems. Thanks for the tip off!

  4. fashmr paul

    I think your hair looks terrific!!
    Love the M&S dress – Super texture to it, and love the drop waist.
    Love the River Island Galaxy print dress too – cosmic !!

  5. Diane

    Love the hair, your hairdresser is amazing, he’s managed to make what should be a masculine haircut look feminine and fab!
    Hope Poppy has a great party


  6. Anonymous

    Hi Joanna, I love it that you have so much fun with your clothes (and hair, and make up and piercings…) – you’re an inspiration! Best wishes for hosting such a VIP event!

  7. Keri Gray

    Hah I have just ahhed and laughed in equal measure about ‘Odd and Risky’, that is too funny and I too would take that as a compliment. Love your pixie cut sooooo much and as ever your M&S and ASOS dresses. Cruella has got to be the best lippie name ever x

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