Boden Summer Sale.

Yes the Boden sale has started!  First I’m going to get it off my chest – I am sick to death of the bitching and moaning on the Boden Facebook page.  I don’t understand where the sense of entitlement comes from.  Boden is a company, out to make money and yes they want to listen to their customers and increase sales, but they certainly don’t have to start a sale on demand, nor, if they don’t have to, offer huge deep discounts.  Some people want something for nothing – so go on feel free to spend your money at Joules and White Stuff instead.  Only a couple of people, who appear to share my opinions, mentioned the numerous discounts that Boden offer throughout the season.  And as for complaining about lack of stock well that is just silly – that’s what a sale/clearance is all about – getting rid of it all – and hurrah for Boden if they managed to sell out of certain lines before the sale!

Phew – feel better now.  So after my post the other day about saving my money for the house etc.  I immediately failed and went and bought some fab items in the sale.  Even my little brother couldn’t resist a dig on my Poppy’s Style Facebook page🙂  Be quiet little bro’!

The first item I am so excited about, and Beth over at Style Guile featured it in her blog yesterday – the Chic leather jacket from the Limited Edition collection.  I’ve had my eye on it all season and nearly bought it discounted but decided to hold out.  I don’t think it is any cheaper here in the sale than with the discount code, but I knew it would disappear fast so snapped up my regular size.  I hope the US 6 works as LE tend to be a tad on the snug side but a couple of reviews said the arms were quite loose and I’ve found, with jackets at least, that the 8 drowns my shoulders – so fingers crossed this works out!  I love the color and it will look great over my AllSaints jumpers in the Fall.

Most of the items I bought I have actually been lusting over for a while – the oil cloth beach bag in bloom was actually on my Summer preview order but I cancelled it after getting the Beachcomber bag in the quail egg union jack instead.  The Beachcomber bag is great but it does get wet by the pool so I’m hoping the oil cloth bag will handle the splashing better.

I also had the Florence tunic on my summer preview order and again cancelled it as I just felt I had way too many tunics to choose from – I still do – but the sale price is too good to pass over and I love the classic navy and fennel colors.  I have the linen drawstring tunics from last year that I got in the sale in which I love worn as short dresses so I hope the Florence tunic lives up to expectations!

Now for the spontaneous, throw them in the cart, type purchases.  The first caught my eye after Avril at picked it out here – the jersey scarf, but in grey melange.  A color that can be worn throughout the year – and hopefully it’s lovely and soft – definitely a bargain at $24.00!

Finally I nabbed the skinny jeans in cylcamen and quail egg.  I really think these colors can be worn throughout the year too and styled with long baggy jumpers or with the biker jacket they will look great – I’m certainly not keen on how Boden have styled them in the photos – but with a bit of imagination I think they can look a little ‘cooler’.  I’ve never bought jeans from Boden before so thought I’d give them a whirl as the reviews were pretty good.  I went with my usual size 6 as there is 3 % elastane in them and I find that jeans give quite a bit with wear – I only wash jeans after 4 or 5 wears so fingers crossed they work out well!

What did you all order?

Again I am suffering with the lack of a full length mirror and this morning all my photographers had left plus I worked out so got ready at the Y – and why oh why no full length mirror at the Y??  Anyway I am wearing my Tory Burch Emmy sandals in turquoise – I love them with tanned feet!  I bought them earlier this year and this is the first time I’ve worn them – so happy with them and given my funny feet they work well as there are no straps for my toes to get stuck over or between!  With them I’m wearing my white Express cropped jeans, my new white H&M top purchased back in England, which I love and it hides a multitude of sins, and my Boden grey jersey jacket from last year.  The turquoise necklace is a cheap trick from Target.

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8 thoughts on “Boden Summer Sale.

  1. Kate Anwyll

    Jo how has your jersey jacket kept it’s shape? mine looks very lumpy!!!! Also I love you, and your blog AND your gorgeous Tory Burch sandals but your feet look like they have been tangoed ( honestly NOT super jealous that you have a tan and I am stuck in miserable wet, wearing woolen tights in july England!!!) Have alsoe got a Florence Tunic in the sale and was toying with a jersey scarf my final order(s) look like this: Jersey Tea Dress in Turffle, patent slingback wedges in Truffle, Chiffon placket in Charcoal ( to replace the one OH shrunk in the wash) Chiffon placket in soft red, Florence tunic in Truffle, and 2 skirts and a pair of PJs for DD

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      LOL – it’s a natural tango and I’ve been using my factor 50!! It’s bloody too hot here – hence lots of time needed by the pool:) My jacket has kept it’s shape really well actually – both this and the navy one – but I’ve never cleaned them so not sure how they will survive the dry cleaners? I love these jackets – and compared to my Zara jersey jackets the quality is far superior. Love your sale order – hadn’t even looked at the chiffon placket cardigan – they’re lovely and a great price in the sale! My children are not having any new clothes till the new season arrives – they’re living in shorts and tees right now – I hope the new season still includes the tartan baggies for my son – he lives in them! xx

  2. annette

    I agree too, what a load of petulent women……nothing worse! I would never spend my money elsewhere just because I had to wait for what i wanted…all good things come to those that wait!!

  3. dinagideon

    Yeah, I tend to be more reserved on the Boden page (you know my reasoning), but I almost broke my silence to hush those folks up. BLEGH. Last month I bought the swishy jersey skirt for less than the sale currently has it listed at, but I understand the reasoning behind not dropping its price just ’cause it’s on sale. If an item sells well, it won’t be deeply discounted. I think everyone gets that at some level, but are blown away by the fact that good ole Boden is selling well enough to not have super deeply discounted prices like we may have seen in prior years. Part of that is because Boden is reaching more people and more people are buying Boden, so stocks are not able to keep up, possibly. Also Boden is getting chicer and hipper and that means that more people are being turned onto the style of Boden, rather than just the old group of Boden babes who have adore Johnnie’s style for years. 😉 Great post. CANNOT WAIT to see the chic leather jacket on you. Yum.

    And thanks for the tip about Style Guile, must contact her and see if she would like to be in the Boden Weekly Review Roundup.

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