He’s coming!!

SO excited!!  Jack White just announced new tour dates and Atlanta is included!!! MUST remember to buy tickets when the are released this weekend – he’s playing at the Fabulous Fox so it will be an amazing night – I MUST get tickets!!  Giddy with excitement:)

Moving on – you all know how much I love to wear a scarf these days and Avril at SchoolGateStyle.com has been really helpful with some new ways to tie a scarf – well now Mint Velvet, who I discovered when I was back in the UK in June, have released this fabulous video with 10 ways to tie a scarf.  I love this video – it is the perfect speed – not too slow so that you get bored, and not too fast so that you have no idea what they are doing – watch it – it will inspire you on your scarf wearing days!  Personally I love the plait.


Even MM loves a good scarf and he has several that he has acquired over the years.  I think it began as a way to replace his bandana that he wore in his student days.  For me it is great – it’s a whole new array of gifts for me to choose from for him and Mr. Porter have a great selectionPaul Smith is my favorite designer for a good men’s scarf and this is a Paul Smith scarf he’s wearing here last winter – at the OK Cafe with Hugh and his long hair:)

Today I’m wearing my Boden Limited Edition silk feathers top from a couple of years ago – I love it – I rarely wear it and I don’t know why – it’s so easy to wear and can be washed so it’s really easy to care for. I have paired it with my Hudson jeans and Sam Edelman Louie boots in rose taupe – they coordinate with the top perfectly!


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11 thoughts on “He’s coming!!

  1. Diane Hyman

    Hi Jo, just wondering whether your Zara coat with leather sleeves has arrived ? As you know I bought the one without leather sleeves as the one you ordered had disappeared from the uk website , well as I really wanted that one as I was in the Zara store in the Trafford centre today I asked about the one with leather sleeves and was told that all those particular coats had been sent back to head office and wouldn’t be on sale again, the assistant didn’t know why and said it was either a quality control issue or the Zara one was too similar to the designer coat it was a copy of. Anyway thought I’d let you know as if you have got it nit only have you a fab coat which I am totally jealous of but a highly rare one as well!


    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Wow how interesting!! I’ve actually had 2 – I ordered the large but was convinced it was too big so now have the medium. I was surprised it wasn’t on the US site either anymore and assumed it had sold out as I had seen it featured on their Lookbook and in the Telegraph. So yes I have one! No idea about the quality – it seems perfect – I actually inspect all my Zara really well as they are very inconsistent! So glad I ordered early and got one – might be worth a fortune on eBay next year!

      1. Diane

        Wow! It would have been great to have known before you sent the larger one back, are you not tempted?

  2. Diane Hyman

    To be honest the assistant thought it was more than likely recalled due to it being too similar to a designer piece as she said she hadn’t seen any returned to their store which you would expect if there was a quality issue, so look after it this year and it could be worth more than what you paid for it next year, the one I purchased without the leather sleeves is gorgeous but I too had to return for a smaller size, I tend to find sizing varies quite a bit at Zara, but as I love their clothes it doesn’t bother me. My daughter was perusing the kids section today and kept picking out child’s versions of all my pieces, she’s going to look like a complete mini me come autumn !!!!!! Lol

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I wish our store stocked more and kids clothes but they only have Basic and TRF so I tend to order online – at least I can return to the store which is easier:) Already at $460 for the coat on eBay!! Crazy!!

  3. Diane

    Can’t say I blame you for not parting with the coat, unless you got the one with different sleeves ( not as nice I agree) and then spend the rest on your autumn wardrobe?????

  4. dinagideon

    Hi! I have that same top. I only wear it once every few months or so, but it is very special and definitely can elevate an outfit. 🙂

    We are going to see Rush in a week’s time. I get “getting excited” for a concert! Woo!


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