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Golden Goose Sneakers

I do love my Golden Goose sneakers. Yes they are expensive full price – crazy expensive. BUT if you hold out for sales there are some great bargains to be had and you can get your hands on a pair for the same price as two pairs of Stan Smiths. Worth every penny in my opinion. I was super lucky with my sale purchases this year and ended up with these from ShoeScribe (owned by Yoox).

Golden Goose


There are still several styles available in their sale – and I am obsessing over this turquoise iridescent pair. I’m hoping they sell out before I am sucked in.

Golden Goose


They are the coolest, most comfortable sneakers I own.



AllSaints dressSneakers – Golden Goose // Dress – AllSaints // Bag – McQ Alexander McQ (similar here)



Yay!! Patience and perseverance have paid off and I now have a bob – albeit and short one! Now it is shaped it will be much easier to continue to grow it to my jawline. Sunshine and Biotin really seem to help with growth. Thanks O’Neil at Van Michael Salon – a great cut as always!


1 2Jacket – J.Crew (Final sale plus get an extra 50% off with YAYSALE) // Jeans – J.Crew (Final sale plus get an extra 50% off with YAYSALE) // T-shirt – AllSaints // Sneakers – Isabel Marant (similar here discounted)

Back to reality

Where am I? What time is it? Who am I? After a 20 hour journey on Saturday and a 7 hour time difference I am feeling just a tad fuzzy. The kids are waking up at 4am still so hopefully sending them off to camp today will get them back on schedule by the end of the week. Then it’s back to school next week! Roll on 2nd and 4th grade!

I went for something easy and comfy today – it’s so lovely having a different choice of clothes to wear!

ASOS dressBag – Alexander McQueen McQ (similar here) // Shoes – TopShop // Dress – ASOS // Scarf – H&M (old)

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 9.17.55 AMSunglasses – Mango

Final sale with up to 75% EXTRA off!!!!

Had to quickly inform all my US readers about J.Crew’s final sale. Many items now have up to 75% EXTRA off sale prices!

These gorgeous espadrilles were $115 and now work out at just $15 using SUMMERSALE at checkout!

silver espadrilles J.Crew


These fabulous neon ones work out at $18.75, reduced from $98!

neon espadrilles J.Crew


My final pick is this scarf that I pointed out the other day – now just $12.40 reduced from $59.99!

J.Crew black and white scarf


Just use code SUMMERSALE at checkout! Enjoy!


The end is nigh…

Yes tomorrow we will be leaving Northern Cyprus to begin our mammoth journey back to Atlanta, via Istanbul and Paris. It’s been an amazing four weeks but even though I am sad it is over there are many things I am looking forward to when I get home –

1. Seeing my dogs!

2. Having ALL my closet to wear

3. Having ALL my beauty products and makeup to play around with

4. Blowdrying my hair without sweating balls

5. Not sweating balls

6. Whole Foods shopping

7. The gym – yes really!

8. Netflix…

9. Catching up on all my missed Real Housewives episodes

10. My own coffee machine!

11. Opening all my sales goodies (Shhhhhh….)

On Monday we headed back to Salamis to have one last play among the ruins followed by a day on the beach.

Salamis collage

These beach jumpsuits from ASOS are perfect for leaving the beach for the restaurant or running around ancient Greek cities!

Last night we went out for doners again – I might go veggie for a bit once I get home!

allsaints dressDress – AllSaints // Sandals – Handmade Cypriot sandals Etsy store here

See you once I’m back in the USA – all be it with horrific jet lag!

p.s. I am beginning a HUGE closet purge on eBay – I can ship globally too so there may be some bargains for those of you shopping in pounds or euros. Check my page out here! There’ll be lots more added once I’m home.




Authentic Greek (Cypriot) Sandals

Yesterday we headed back to Nicosia. This time we had our passports and crossed the border to the Greek side. Immediately it was obvious that we were somewhere different. I was suddenly confronted with lots of recognizable brands – MacDonalds, Starbucks, TopShop – there’s even a Marks and Spencer! On the Turkish side there are no European brands at all – though several stores emulate them, for example Tempo’s stores and supermarket bags are very similar to Tesco’s!

We wandered around the streets and had coffee and ice creams and I was really aware of not using the Turkish words for ‘thank you’ etc…

The highlight of the trip (sad I know) was stumbling on a sandal store. The sandals are made here in Nicosia and they are remarkably similar, if not identical to another sandal brand that I love wearing! The key difference is that these sandals in Nicosia were just 40 Euros! I ended up leaving with 2 pairs but I could have bought more – and may go back next week just to check. They are all leather with leather soles. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with them – never again will I spend over $200 on sandals. My sandals are identical to another brand’s sandal!

Astir bagFeet are badly in need of a pedi after almost 4 weeks of dust and heat! Just focus on the sandals!

gold sandalsI even got shoe bags to take them home in – a nice touch.


Astir Sandals have two Etsy stores – SandalsAstir and Sparta Sandals – and they will ship. Take a look – you will see many styles that you probably recognize. I found them true to size and I have a Eur 39 in mine. They only show photos in one particular color, but if you scroll through the photos you can see all the available colors that you can request and buy them in.

Not many people can say they are traveling to a different country for sandals hey? 😉

Here are some of the outfits I’ve worn over the past week – to state the obvious – it is damn hot here!

Alexa Chung dress (1)Dress – Alexa Chung for AG Denim (sold out but similar here) // Sandals – Astir Sandals

AllsaintsDress – AllSaints (on sale here with extra 20% off – sale ends tonight!) // Shoes – TopShop

Black shortsShoes – Ancient Greek Sandals // Shorts – J.Crew (on sale plus an extra 30% off with GOSHOPPING) // Top – Mango (similar here)

tassle shortsShoes – Avarca Pons // Shorts – J.Crew // Top – Everlane // Sunglasses – Warby Parker

My picks of the J.Crew sale!

Normally when I blog about J.Crew I feel a pang of guilt as it is rare that the UK and the rest of the world benefit from the sales and regular discount codes we get in the USA. Well today my guilt is alleviated by the fact that J.Crew have a sale on in the UK too with up to 50% off!

I would rarely dress myself head to toe in J.Crew but recently there are certain pieces I have become obsessed with. Their denim is fabulous – my favorite jeans are all J.Crew. Boyfriend, skinny (toothpick) and cropped are all in my closet and I love them all. In the sale you can nab some amazing denim – event the point sur pieces are on sale, and in the US there is an EXTRA 30% OFF EVERYTHING, including sale items, using code GOSHOPPING. Also there have been many extra styles added to the sale today.

My denim picks are:

POINT SUR EPIC SKINNY JEAN IN DORAN WASH – reduced from $288 to $99, now with an extra 40% off with GOSHOPPING

Point sur

POINT SUR VINTAGE CROPPED JAPANESE SELVEDGE JEAN IN MEDRANO WASH – I have these and LOVE them – currently reduced from $288 to $99 with and extra 40% off with GOSHOPPING.

point sur cropped

These dove grey jeans aren’t in the sale but I love them SO much I have ordered a second pair – they are currently 30% off with GOSHOPPING.

dove grey

A classic that I have fallen in love with this season is the Regent blazer in linen. I just adore the popped collar and the silhouette of the jacket. It is really slimming. It does fit small and I wear a US 10 as the arms are pretty narrow.

Again the weathered coral pink isn’t in the sale but this is the first time I have seen it in stock online for some time – get 30% off with GOSHOPPING.

regent blazer coral pink

The autumn bluegrass, alpine moss and barley are all in the sale reduced to $129.99 from $178.00 plus get an extra 30% off with GOSHOPPING – truly a bargain not to be missed – these will be staples in your closet.

autumn bluegrass

Now for shorts – I have had many compliments on the pairs I bought for vacation – now both styles are on sale.

I just love these metallic foil bermuda shorts – the ivory bronze are now $29.99 and the gunmetal navy are $39.99 – get an extra 40% off with GOSHOPPING – too good to miss! They remind me of my gorgeous DvF silver shorts that I wore to death 2 years ago…must dig them out when I get home!

metallic bermuda short

The mosaic pull on shorts that I wore on our first night out here in N. Cyprus are now reduced to $39.99 with an extra 40% off with GOSHOPPING. I adore these – super cute with an elasticated waist and a modest length.

mosaic pull on

I’ve treated myself to a couple of lightweight popovers – just perfect with denim shorts or jeans.

This bengal stripe top is now $34.99, reduced from $78.00, plus get an extra 40% off with GOSHOPPING (also available in blue).

pink popover

This metallic stripe popover is reduced to just $19.99 from $89.50 – you think that is good? Go ahead an deduct another 40% with GOSHOPPING! I’m going to dress it down with jeans and hi-tops.


Lastly – accessories. I love their scarves – and I have found some great summer weight scarves to add to my collection. I love the pom poms!

This distressed scarf has no pom poms admittedly but I love this pink and the charcoal grey version is fabulous!

distressed scarf

This pom pom scarf is possibly my favorite – I just love the colors. It’s in the sale and now get an extra 60% off with GOSHOPPING!

jade and pinck scarf

Finally if you prefer a good neutral this is perfect – the dip dyed scarf. Now reduced to $49.99 plus an extra 40% off with GOSHOPPING.

black and white scarf

You’re welcome 😉

Kantara Castle and The Karpaz

If you follow me on Instagram forgive me as many of these photos have already been shared! We’ve had another busy few days and a couple with no wi-fi so I’m catching up!

The other day we headed to Kantara Castle. The second of the three castles that sit along the ridge of mountains in Northern Cyprus. My husband and I have fond memories of sitting at the top on our honeymoon in 1998.

DSC_0020 DSC_0065Shorts – J.Crew (currently 30% off with GOSHOPPING) // Top – ASOS // Shoes – Birkenstocks


On Saturday morning we headed into Nicosia/Lefkosa – my first visit to the capital. It is a fascinating place with a walled old town. It is the only city in the world with an international border running through it. These days crossing that border is much easier and we saw many tourists crossing from the Greek side to the Turkish side. We didn’t have our passports with us that day but plan to return to see the Greek side. From what I hear they are suffering with the rest of Greece which explains the number of tourists popping over to the Turkish side for lunch and their counterfeit goods!

DSC_0120 DSC_0164 DSC_0161 DSC_0132Dress – Mango (now on sale) // Shoes – Avarcas Pons // Bag – Target (I have found this to be THE perfect vacation bag – so light and yet roomy)


You’re not supposed to photograph the border patrol – so here is a sneaky one of my husband with the border in the background. Years ago this street became notorious and was referred to as ‘Murder Mile’ where more than a dozen British soldiers and civilians had been shot dead by the terrorists.

DSC_0198 DSC_0164

I fell in love with Lefkosa and I loved the architecture, the people and the ambience. We sat in the courtyard above and drank kahve with the locals. I could do that every weekend.

On Monday we headed to my favorite place in the world – to date anyway – and drove down the Karpaz, which is the pan handle of Cyprus. As soon as you reach the Karpaz you feel as if you are transported to a different time. It is very rural and beautiful, and there are many reminders of the troubles that Cyprus has endured. Beautiful Greek churches remain unused – though it did appear to me that some are being restored. Dipkarpaz is a town towards the end of the Karpaz, and it is still home to Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, with signs in both languages clearly displayed. We had lunch on the way to the beach at a place called Nikos – highly recommended if you are ever here! I fell in love with it – and the story of the owners provided hope for the future. One partner is a Turkish Cypriot and the other a Greek Cypriot – ironically they are both from the opposite ends of the island – with the Turkish Cypriot being from Paphos. Now they run Nikos together serving the BEST fish and calamari we have ever eaten.

DSC_0239 DSC_0248 DSC_0246

The Karpaz is home to herds of goats and wild donkeys – so much fun to see them roam the fields and cross the road in front of you! The donkeys are very tame and love to be fed carrots from the car window.

DSC_0267 DSC_0272 DSC_0282 DSC_0292 DSC_0336

I managed to persuade everyone to stay the night in a hut on the beach – I think it’s the closest I’ll ever get them to camping! I LOVED it!


IMG_3634 IMG_3644 IMG_3656Shorts – Madewell (in sale here) // Top – Mango (old) // Sunglasses – Warby Parker // Bikini (under top) – J.Crew

IMG_3672 IMG_3677 IMG_3687 IMG_3726Shorts – J.Crew (on sale here plus an extra 30% off with GOSHOPPING) // Tank – Everlane

After a fun drive back, we went out for dinner last night – it felt fabulous to wash away the sand and wash my hair for the first time in a couple of days!

Fun with the kids IMG_3858Dress – Splendid (similar here and here) // Shoes – Ancient Greek Sandals (discounted here)

Mezze, mezze and more mezze…

After a lazy day by the pool, which we all needed for a bit of R&R, we headed out to dinner. The restaurant is situated in the village where we are staying, and it is on the side of a hill overlooking the Med. Just a beautiful location with great views and amazing food. The mezze never stopped arriving!

Dinner mezze Dinner Hugh Poppy ZaraDress – Zara (on sale – similar here) // Shoes – Avarcas Pons

Poppy Riviera dressDress – Riviera dress AllSaints (all sale items now and extra 20% off here!) // Shoes – TopShop

Extra 20% off sale prices at AllSaints

I’ve been waiting and waiting – knowing that this will happen and here it is! Get an extra 20% off sale prices using code Extra20 at checkout.

My picks are some investment outerwear – I adore these and the saving is well worth it ready for Fall!

The Knox parka in ink with leather sleeves:


The Wren biker coat in khaki (also comes in black):


The Aiko Monument jacket in grey – classic AllSaints: