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Falling in love all over again…

with…wait for it…Loft!  Wait!  Wait!!  Don’t run away scared!  Let’s start at the beginning.  Back in my corporate days I loved Loft.  Cheaper than Ann Taylor, but great quality and did I mention CHEAP!  They ALWAYS have some kind of offer going on – so once we are done here remember to sign up for their newsletters.

I popped in yesterday – why I have no idea as I had the kids with me…but I saw this in the window and it drew me in like a magnet.  The skirt is a beautiful cream with a hint of pink in the tulle – but what I really love is the grey stretchy, jersey lining that makes it not only super comfy but also incredibly easy to dress down with a t-shirt for a super cool party look.

tulle skirt


Here’s what I’ve ordered to wear with it.  Two fabulous t-shirts – in my opinion as nice as J.Crew but CHEAPER!  What’s not to love?

beads Bow tshirt


And of course I couldn’t check out without at least trying these – the sweatshirt for layering and the shoes for that finishing touch.  They’d also both look perfect with jeans.



gold shoes


It’s funny how popping in those stores that you’d long ago dismissed can be quite the revelation!  Take a peek – I dare you not to find something you love in Loft!

Oh and the best bit?  Right now using code ENJOY you can get 40% off all your cart:)

(p.s. this is NOT a sponsored post – I genuinely adored what I saw!)

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A night out with

After a failed attempt to get out for lunch on Friday, we thankfully made it out on Saturday night.  We had a marvelous night at a local restaurant with and her Husband.  We have known each other for a while but our friendship has blossomed recently, and they mean the world to me.  There are some people in life (few and far between unfortunately) who you know just love you for being you – warts and all; don’t judge – or if they do you debate it face-to-face; can laugh at themselves – and if they laugh at you you laugh right along too; and have true joie de vivre – but are happy to also admit it ain’t all perfect.  We live in a bubble here in Atlanta where the houses are perfect, moms and their perky pony tails work out daily, and the children are smocked and monogrammed – so spending time with ‘normal’ people is cherished.  We laughed all evening and I tried more vegetarian dishes than I ever thought possible:)  Here’s to next time.

Next blouse 2 Zara and Next blouse 1

Shoes – Nine West (old) // Jeans – Zara coated navy jeans // Blouse – Next (old) // Jacket – Zara tuxedo jacket (old) // Clutch – YSL Belle de jour

 Pointy Pumps

Tuxedo Jackets

 Leopard Print Blouses

Coated Jeans

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Kids, who’d have ’em?

In previous years, when the children have been in daycare in the days running up to Thanksgiving, the Husband and I have taken advantage of the the child free time and headed out for some indulgent lunches.  Now both of them are out of school for the whole Thanksgiving week so we go out for a few family meals instead – just as much fun – but a different type of fun;)  Yesterday my Husband surprised me by planning a lovely posh lunch for him and I on the kids’ last day at school.  I was SO excited!  We were just about to head out of the door when the phone rang – I could see it was school.  Dilemma – run for it and pretend you didn’t see or hear it – or pick it up in case it was a life or death emergency.  As any parent would (though I did pause for a second) we picked up and Hugh was sick:(  Dang!  Lunch out postponed to collect a poor wee boy from school with an apparent ear infection.  Of course once at home he proceeded to run wildly around the house with no apparent illness, ache or pain, though he is on antibiotics now:(

So today marks the first day of our Thanksgiving Holiday and we’re off to choose bikes for them both.  Santa has sent Mum and Dad a letter telling us that we have to help Poppy and Hugh choose, as he is worried about space in his sleigh this year…:)  I can’t wait to see the looks on their faces when we tell them where we are going!

In the meantime here is what Mom has been wearing this week.  Starting with yesterday – I was trying to channel Emmanuelle Alt by wearing a collar, and I originally had on a black tuxedo jacket for the lunch-that-didn’t-happen instead of this fabulous cardigan.  I will just harp on for a moment about these Mango jeans – I’ve had lots of compliments which surprised me as they are not for everyone, and they are super comfortable – lots of stretch in the denim and pleather.  In fact these blue denim ones fit a tad looser than the black denim ones I have.  These are a US 6 and I would say fit true to size.

Mango chaps


Boots – Isabel Marant Dickers // Jeans – Mango combi jeans // Shirt – J.Crew chambray popover (similar here on sale) // Cardigan – AllSaints

Thursday was spent snuggled in cashmere.

leopard hat


Hat – J.Crew // Scarf – Uniqlo cashmere // Sweater – Uniqlo men’s cashmere crewneck // Jeans – Gap Always skinny // Boots – AllSaints Bonny Cuban

And here was a major fail on Wednesday – not really sure what look I was trying to create – but I really did end up looking like a baby in a babygrow – I think the pink fluffy cardigan took it a step too far:)  Individually I love all the items but together they certainly did not create the fashion forward look I had envisioned in my head.  Ah well – we can laugh and try again:)



Jumpsuit – Zara (old – similar here) // Cardigan – Zara (similar here) // Boots – grey nubuck Newbury boots

It’s a grey, damp day here today so it maybe a day for the cashmere onesie again🙂

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Countdown to Thanksgiving

It’s really starting to feel festive here – not necessarily Christmassy – but the preparations for Thanksgiving are well underway.  Thanksgiving is probably my favorite Holiday.  It has all of the magic, food and family time associated with Christmas, but with none of the pressure of gift giving.  The children are off school all week so I’ll be off work too which is lovely.  We’re planning lots of lunches out, and trips to the park and movies.  On Thursday we have great friends coming over to eat and give thanks with us.  They are Bulgarian so have no family here either, and I’m really looking forward to drinking and eating way too much with some other ‘new Americans’.

In the meantime I’ve been far from thankful, a little resentful in fact that I didn’t get my hands on the H&M Isabel Marant fringe boots!!!  I’ve decided my life is not complete without them (see how I can go from deep to shallow SO quickly).  Tonight while nursing a cold in my onesie I am bidding on eBay in order to win myself a pair, at what I consider a reasonable price.  Wish me luck my friends!

Isabel Marant fringe boots

Today consisted of 2 outfits, okay 3 if you count my cashmere onesie that I am sitting here writing in (and the shame – I did go to the bus stop in it after promising it was only for indoors!).  I started the day in jade J.Crew café capris (bought in the sale back in January) but my ankles quickly turned blue.  I do love this coat though from Markses.

M&S checked coat

Coat – Marks and Spencer // Trousers – J.Crew Café capris (25% off with code WINTER) // Sweater – Boden Westbourne sweater // Shoes – VInce Nina

Here’s what I ended up in later with puffier eyes as I quickly deteriorated.

Zara floral top

Jeans – Black Gap skinnies // Tank (layered) – H&M // Top – Zara grunge top // Boots – Isabel Marant Dicker

Okay off to demolish a bucket load of clementines and chocolate orange – it’s all Vitamin C no?;)

Shop this post:

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A cashmere onesie.

No I am not going to wear it outside the house, but inside the house I may never, ever wear anything else again.  This Marks and Spencer cashmere all-in-one is sold out online – I stalked and stalked till a medium came into stock and it is now mine!  Many of my UK friends are terrified that I am turning completely chavtastic – but I promise you over here a onesie, or all-in-one as I prefer to call it – does not have the same connotations.

And here it is in all it’s glory:)  The comfiest, snuggliest item of clothing I’ve ever owned – perfect for cold, dark winter evenings.

M&S cashmere all in one

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Dress down Friday.

Well it was quite an eventful day yesterday.  I have to say I wasn’t nervous, more excited than anything.  I pierced my own nose years ago at University.  Crazy, and after yesterday I’ve no idea how I did it myself – I must have been determined and drunk, and the bag of frozen peas must have helped.

I made my decision on Monday that I was finally going to do some piercings, and I made my appointment with Piercing Experience in Atlanta.  I know piercings aren’t to everyone’s taste, just like tattoos, and oddly much as I love piercings, I’ve never wanted a tattoo mainly as I don’t know what I’d have tattooed – there’s nothing of significance that I want to preserve in ink.  At first I wasn’t going to have my nose re-pierced, then I thought ‘what the hell, while I’m there why not?’.  I also had wee diamond tragus and helix piercings.



The photo that inspired me to begin with – I think this looks so pretty:

Cartilage piercong



Christina was amazing – she explained everything, and was incredibly professional.  It was not intimidating at all, some pain of course – but far less than I’d prepared myself for.  Piercing Experience don’t use clamps or guns so it’s all completely sterile and as gentle as piercing through a tough piece of cartilage can be!  I was also really impressed with their choice of jewelry – from fine jewelry like I chose, to tribal and glass jewelry – it’s also all surgical implant grade.  I’m thrilled – I can’t wait to scare the PTA:)

IMG_4845 IMG_4846 IMG_4847 IMG_4848

Now I just have deal with my Husband’s silly little jokes about avoiding magnets and the like – he’ll tire of it soon I hope!

It’s freezing here in Atlanta this week so I wrapped up well yesterday.

white and grey

Boots – Grey Nubuck Newbury boots // Jeans – H&M (old) // Jumper – Boden dropped shoulder v-neck (old) // Knitted jacket – Zara // Striped scarf – Boden (old)

Today is very much a dress down Friday after a few glasses of wine last night to calm the nerves:)  Also – very manky – but I wanted to keep my piercings dry for another day to help with healing so I didn’t wash my hair – that definitely made it a hat day!  The jumper has to be the BEST cashmere sweater ever.  It is a men’s Uniqlo crewneck size Medium.  Perfectly soft and slouchy.  I want one of these in every color – this is the dark grey.

Uniqlo cashmere

JCrew cap

Sneakers – Golden Goose // Jeans – Diesel Fayza Jogg Jeans // Sweater – Uniqlo Men’s cashmere // Hat – J.Crew

Shop this post:

So share – what did you nab in the Isabel Marant fervour yesterday?!  I did have a twinge of regret that I missed out on the fringe boots but hey ho…I got new bling instead:)
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While you were all battling with H&M here’s what I was doing:)

cartilage piercings


Thanks to the AMAZING crew at Piercing Experience here in Atlanta – awesome staff, clean, professional, and a great selection of high standard, implant grade jewelry.

Accessorizing taken to a whole other level:)


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New pyjamas/pajamas.

One of the problems with blogging is it can be disastrous for your saving plans.  When you read a post by a blogging friend and see something you like you know you have to act quickly – you snooze you lose.  Being 5hrs behind of the UK can sometimes be a pro and other times a con – I can shop while the UK sleeps and while new stock is loaded on websites, but conversely something can be sold out by the time I wake up.  So yes I hold my hands up – I am guilty – I ordered Rosie’s cashmere trousers as soon as I read about them in Kat’s blog last night.  It’s great that my UK friends can keep me abreast of new lines in M&S, River Island and TopShop for example – but imagine how much I’d save if they didn’t!?  Oh well they’re winging their way to me as we speak.

Rosie cashmere trousers

Unfortunately being on the M&S site spells disaster for me.  ‘While I’m there’ I tend to nip to various other categories – just to see if there is anything new – you know – just in case…Darn it of course I migrate to one of the most expensive items on the site.  Don’t laugh but I bloody need these – perfect for curling up in front of the telly on a dark winter evening.  I’m flabbergasted at how quickly they are selling out – at £199 a pop too!  I am cruising the site every hour or so just in case the grey medium comes back – obsessed much – yes indeed.


Now there must be something in the air as I am also cruising the Zara site every couple of hours to see if this beauty has arrived.  Assured by Kat that it is not a onesie – it has a belt – I am convinced it can be glamorously styled for winter nights out.  Stand by – I know there are doubters out there – so let’s see what transpires…


Now my obsession with comfy knitwear led me to start thinking about sleepwear.  The Rosie trousers are really more loungewear than sleepwear, and in my mind it seems a bit ridiculous to lounge in cashmere only to change into a 5 year old nightie from M&S, slightly greyed from washing, shrunken and totally unflattering and definitely un-err-are-you-up-for-it-tonight-honey as I usually wear them with big knicks – TMI I know…but I try to keep decent around the house for my son’s sanity.

So this afternoon the hunt for sleepwear began.  Nordstrom as ever came up trumps.

These Steve Madden pjs are super fun and I love the pink trim.

SteveMadden nordstrom

I love a good night dress (is there a way of saying that without sounding 90?) and this is my favorite – again I love the pink and grey.

PJ Salvage

And here’s what I ended up ordering:

Almost a onesie, but not quite – this is from Splendid – I think it perfectly straddles (poor choice of word I realize) comfy yet sexy-ish (though I’m already slightly concerned about logistics with an all in one…).

Splendid Nordstrom

And these pjs from Eberjey look lovely – I hope they are.  What’s my fascination with grey marl though?

eberjay top

Eberjay trousers

So there we are – new loungewear and new sleepwear.  I can now throw out those greying cotton nightdresses and my velour sweats…my Husband will be thrilled – we’ll see how he adapts to the onesie (sorry Mum!).

Talking of M&S again I wore their new checked biker coat yesterday.  Their shipping service to the US is great and it’s free – this arrived really quickly – about 5 business days I think.  It’s gorgeous – very English looking according to my friends and really soft and warm.

I’m totally in love with my pink Boden boots – perfect for cheering up a grey day.  I am normally a US 8 and these are a Eur 39 – if anything they fit slightly on the small size so size up if in doubt. Don’t forget their 22% discount finishes Thursday night.

Pink Boden Boots M&S coat

Boots – Boden // Coat – Marks and Spencer // Jeans – Hudson Collin // Tank – H&M // Sweater – Boden Westbourne jumper // Scarf – Marks and Spencer (old)

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The JohnnieB fur gilet.

You may remember my quest for the perfect fur gilet.  Well I happened to be browsing the Boden site the other week what should I notice but the JohnnieB fur vest back in stock in the 16+ size.  I swooped, ordered and instantly fell in love.  It is really soft and a great neutral color that goes with a lot of the black, tans and greys in my closet.  It does fit large and I may even have gotten away with a size down.

Boden currently have a diminishing discount to celebrate their 22nd birthday, so if you’re lucky you can nab yourself one with 22% off (till the 14th November) using this link.  Enjoy:)

Jboden gilet


Boots – Isabel Marant Dickers // Jeans – Dorothy Perkins coated jeggings (currently on sale) // Top – Zara colorblock tee // Scarf – Boden (old) // Fur vest – JohnnieB

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Belated birthday night out.

On Friday my lovely Husband got to celebrate his birthday at last.  On the 30th I was so full of a cold that we decided to postpone till I had more ‘get up and go’.  That happened on Friday.  We went to Abattoir – absolutely our favorite restaurant to dine at here in Atlanta.  There is a new chef and I was thrilled to see the steak tartare back on the menu, along with oysters.  If you’d asked me five years ago if I’d be craving raw beef and oysters I would have heaved – how tastes change!  If you get chance to go you must try the duck empanadas – they are to die for!

I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to wear my Zara harem jumpsuit – unfortunately as I swaggered into the living room feeling happy with my attire, my Husband had to quickly change his plans to wear his harems – we’re not ones to go out coordinated like Posh and Becks:)

As it was his birthday I decided not to wear a tank underneath and show a little cleavage.  I don’t think he noticed…though he did notice my fabulous new AllSaints Monument jacket.  I ADORE this coat – it’s so versatile and warm.





Shoes – Nine West (old) // Clutch – Boden Canonbury clutch // Jumpsuit – Zara // Jacket – AllSaints Monument jacket

He even got his birthday cake – thank you Abattoir for another stella night.


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