Outfit catch up.

First of all my Golden Goose arrived!! Yay!!! SO fast!! But boo!! Bugger they are too big!! I ordered 39s – both my other pairs are 39s – but these leopard print ones are ENORMOUS! So off they go back, with the 38s on their way to me. Why must a brand be so inconsistent with sizing?  The good thing is they are lovely – quite muted and not too loud at all – if you can say that for leopard print:)

It’s definitely Fall here now – the jeans and boots are out in full force, along with scarves – it’s very exciting!  This weekend we have Fall break from school too so it should be fun packed with play dates for Poppy and Hugh, and Mom and Dad:)

Today I am wearing – shock, gasp, horror – lots of ‘old’ stuff.  My Boden drop shoulder jumper (from the clearance), Gap camo jeans, Zara scarf and grey Newbury boots.  Look at that turf behind me!  We have a whole new yard to enjoy – no more rotting swing set causing a hazard to anyone!


Monday saw me in my new H&M ‘coatigan’, Fayza jeans, Vince Ninas and an old Zara black tee.  The sunglasses are Chanel from last year (similar here).


Tuesday I wore my fabulous leopard print hat, old AllSaints tee, old J.Crew jacket (similar here), camo jeans from Gap and my canvas Newbury boots.  Yes, yes, yes – quite a few ‘older’ loved items coming back out for Fall!


Yesterday I eventually changed into my Boden St. Ives jumper, Fayza jeans, Havaianas and J.Crew wool cap – I was very lazy and worked from home while some burley men worked in the yard laying the turf:)  Sorry for the fuzzy photo – I think I was still shaking after a tabata session in spin class – I thought I might actually hurl it was such hard work!


Unfortunately we underestimated the amount of turf we needed so they’ll be back next week to finish the job…

new lawn

My weekend starts tonight with a girls’ night out – margaritas and tacos – I can’t wait!

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6 thoughts on “Outfit catch up.

  1. Sue

    You’re just showing off all your lovely baseball caps aren’t you? Nicely styled though – mine will be donned again this coming Saturday – another match – oh joy. And the colours on the Boden jumper are just perfect – shame they sold out so soon – I was tempted but I wasn’t included in the preview mails. I’m not in favour.

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