I often get very lazy with accessories.  Partly because I forget to add the final flourish, partly because I sometimes feel overdressed with too many, and partly because I’m not sure how to wear them.

I’ve decided that I am going to attempt to incorporate more variety with my accessories over the coming months – that may help me figure out which are for me and which aren’t.  When I glance at the list below I’m definitely a creature of habit and some habits are good to break!

1. I’ve always been a lover of scarves and have learned much about how to wear them and what to wear them with from my fellow bloggers.  I have a whole drawer full at home.  I roll them up and place them by color in the drawer, so I can see what I need with a quick glance.  I think I have scarves pretty much nailed.

2. I’ve started to incorporate more hats this year.  A couple of fedoras in the summer and now my fabulous new wool and leopard print J.Crew caps are making an appearance.  I’d love to try a wool fedora, or even a big boho floppy hat but I’m not sure that is really me.  I’m learning, slowly about confident hat wearing.

3. With short hair I was always overwhelmed by large earrings – as much as I love them!  Now my hair is growing I am finding it much easier to wear hoops (my all time favorite) again, but I do feel far more comfortable with my little diamond studs.  Let’s face it if you have diamonds you might as well wear them!  Also having had my earring holes stitched and re-pierced a couple of years ago – after stretching them so much I could see through them – I am loathe to wear heavy pendant earrings ever again!

4. I really struggle with necklaces.  I always admire other women who wear great statement necklaces every day.  For some reason a necklace is the last piece of jewelry I ever consider.  Partly because I like the look of my bare neck, partly because I don’t like to draw attention away from the earrings, and partly because, in all honesty, I find necklaces heavy and cumbersome.  I have a couple of Tiffany chains that my Husband bought me that sadly never get worn – I resolve to wear these beauties more, though a statement necklace on a daily basis maybe a step too far for me!

5. I love arm candy.  Regardless of my issues with necklaces I can wear bracelets up to my elbows and not be bothered by them.  Bangles, chains, cuffs – you name it I love it.  I have worn my little Tiffany open heart chain every day for almost five years now.  It is part of me.  Watches fall into this category too.  I believe you can never have too many watches and there are some beauties out there to choose from.  I have several from cheap and cheerful sports watches, to a very special one that gets worn most often that my Husband bought me for my 40th.  The bigger the better for me when it comes to watches – I can’t do little feminine things – I want a big face with a chunky strap.  Arm candy – I love it.

6.  As for rings I used to wear a gold one on every finger – uuurgh – it was the early 90s and I should say I was also wearing a black catsuit so my taste was questionable to say the least.  Now I  prefer a far more subtle approach when it comes to rings.  I’ve even put my engagement ring away for now and have been wearing only my Love ring on my left ring finger and my Trinity ring on my right ring finger.  Gold is back in favor with me.

7.  Finally belts.  I am rubbish with belts – I have a whole hanger full of wide belts, jean belts, and skinny belts, yet I tend to wear the same 2 Gap men’s belts all the time.  One brown and one black  – they are the softest leather and the perfect width for jeans with simple silver buckles.  Sometimes I’ll grab the Gucci jean belt, that again my Husband bought me, but the belt on my ultimate wish list is from Hermés.

So there we have it – I’m a girl of simple, very expensive tastes:)

What accessories can you not live without, or do you wish you wore more of?

Finally a couple of outfits from last week.  I wore the plum Avenue57 dress for our kindergarten parents’ party on Tuesday evening with a Zara scarf (new but not online) – I adore these dresses – so easy to wear!

Avenue57 plum dress


And then it was all about comfort with the Diesel Jogg Jeans, Zara t-shirt from the sale, Marks & Spencer Limited jacket and Isabel Marant Bobby sneakers.

Diesel Jogg jeans and M&S limited jacket



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23 thoughts on “Accessorizing

  1. avenue57

    Wow you look amazing. That scarf is GORGEOUS (and the dress of course!)
    I have REALLY starting to get into necklaces (I’ve always been obsessed with scarves and have around 30! I could do with more I think!!).

    I love that cream top so much too


  2. The Flaky Fashionista

    I’m the opposite to you … can’t abide things jangling on my arms, but can happily wear a ton of bling around my neck! Love that scarf … is that the Zara camouflage scarf? The colours are gorgeous

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Yes it is – I couldn’t see it online here anymore so maybe it has sold out already! THe colors are great – purple and grey and it is a lovely big scarf – it’ll get worn a lot this winter! x

  3. Martha Merrill Wills

    I felt the same way about accessories, but I met a girl who sells Stella and Dot and was surprised at how much I fell back in love with necklaces and bracelets, etc. I re-pierced my ears a couple of months ago, too, but the holes are higher from where I’d pulled my lobes from dangling earrings in the eighties. I’ve since bought some light hoops and sparkling danglers, but I’m a bit afraid to wear them.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I see gorgeous earrings all the time – Forever21 have great cheap ones – but regardless I always select the same everyday – or I just leave my studs in as I invariably sleep in them too:)

  4. Sue

    Love both outfits on you. And I’m like you – I accessorise less and less as I get older and sometimes I look back on my outfits and think I could have tried harder. I used to do when I was working but I feel like stuff just gets in my way when I’m cleaning the house. And yes I’m okay with stuff on the arms but feel a bit funny with big bling round the neck. Having said that, I have been investigating bling just recently. Must be something I ate making me go all funny.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I wish I could enjoy necklaces more but like you I feel a bit daft sitting around the house with them on – I end up taking them off as soon as I get back from the office…I’ll be interested to see if you wear any – you should wear more of your own pieces – they are gorgeous! xx

  5. Treasuresnpleasures

    Love that dress Joanna, it’s proving very versatile indeed! I go on and off accessories depending on my mood, but always wear a watch and a few bracelets. Still in love with those diesel jeans!!! X

  6. Eve WornOut

    This made me laugh because I find accessorising a challenge too. I think it might be that a lot of our clothes are quite loud by themselves and additional bling can tip them over the edge. Having said that I did enjoy wearing a big necklace every evening while on holiday this summer. Love the Zara scarf – it really suits you! X

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Sometimes I just feel so ‘overdone’ with a necklace and yet I see others carry them off so well. I always take them off too as soon as I get in the house – I can’t cook and clean wearing them! Scarves I can live in:)

  7. Louise

    I’m totally in love with those sandals your wearing! Lovely post. I can’t live without handbags, I get bored using the same ones a lot of the time. But I’m like you with belts, so many but I rarely if ever use them. I gave half to my mum last week. 🙂

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Thanks Louise! The sandals are fab – a great Zara purchase and they go with almost everything! I love a great belt but I think I’m just too lazy to deviate from what I know works! xx

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