While you were all battling with H&M here’s what I was doing:)

cartilage piercings


Thanks to the AMAZING crew at Piercing Experience here in Atlanta – awesome staff, clean, professional, and a great selection of high standard, implant grade jewelry.

Accessorizing taken to a whole other level:)


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7 thoughts on “While you were all battling with H&M here’s what I was doing:)

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Johanna – personally not keen on multiple piercings – and especially anywhere other than ears but good for you – you go for it if it is what you like!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I know a bit like tattoos they aren’t to everyone’s taste and oddly I don’t like tattoos – go figure! I did my nose myself years ago and my Mum was not impressed! I had to let it heal for the corporate world but now after 4 years working with my Husband I did it again! My current boss is much more understanding:) They are just very teeny tiny diamonds and having done hair and make up as usual today I really love how subtle they are – elegant piercings – an oxymoron eh?!

  2. angietune


    Don’t worry about freaking out the PTA, you look soO fab with multiple piercings, especially your nose stud. The helix and tragus really set off your hair and face nicely. Good choice. Not to worry about looking your age since you are a foxy twenty-something now with those cute little diamonds. Put on a pair of pointy toe pumps, pencil skirt and you’ll knock them out of their seats!

    I’ve been thinking about having a helix and tragus done as well. My hubby thinks I’m going through a mid-life crisis wanting to look like Miley Cyrus. How did they pierce your ears without clamps? Is the after care more difficult with multiples. I’ve also been thinkingn of a navel ring. Any thoughts?



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