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Yes Atlanta has come to a standstill – a frozen standstill.  We’re expected to get 1-3″ of snow which is quite something for us.  So as I sit here waiting for the kids to make their way home from school I thought I’d get a quick blog post written as I’ve a feeling I’ll be required to play countless games of Uno and Chess over the next few days.  I’m sure we’ll be housebound tomorrow but thankfully I have wine, cheese, paté and bread so I’ll be alright thanks (taking a well earned break from the Paleo diet!).

I need to be careful out in the snow as I am still shuffling around like a 90 year old on a bad day.  I ran the 15k on Sunday – it was an awesome run and I felt strong all the way round, even managing a quick sprint across the finish line cutting valuable seconds off my time 🙂  I didn’t feel quite as strong after my celebratory Mexican and margarita – an ice pack on the knees was required along with a long nap…Now I’m trying to summon the enthusiasm for the Georgia half in March…we’ll see!

This is an outift I forgot to post before I had my bangs cut – I just found it on my camera so here you go – my favorite red jacket from last year.

red leather v2

Sneakers – Golden Goose // Jeans – Zara (old) // T-shirt – Gap (old) // Scarf – Uniqlo // Jacket – Zara (old)

Then from the last couple of days – it has been cold for sure here in the deep South…

all black 2 All black 3 fur Sam Edelman boots

Coated skinnies – Zara (old) // Jumper – Off duty jumper Boden (in clearance) // Boots – Sam Edelman Martina // Coat – Marks and Spencer Per Una (currently 20% off clothing, home and beauty)


Boots – Boden // Socks – Boden (old) // Jeans – Fayza Diesel // Jumper – Boden Off Duty jumper (in clearance) // Scarf – Boden (old)

AllSaints gilet


Boots – Stuart Weitzman 5050s // Jeans – Hudson Collin // Jumper – Zara (old) // Gilet – Verna Gilet AllSaints

I may be in my cashmere onesie for the next few days so I’ll see you once we’ve dug ourselves out!





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Marks & Spencer court shoes in my shop – brand new!

I took a gamble and it didn’t pay off so I now have 4 pairs of M&S shoes that are brand new and a little snug on me.

I’ve ordered the size up, and instead of the hassle and postage of returning these to the UK, I’m happy to sell them in the US with a slightly better exchange rate! These shoes have been seen on and – they are beautiful!

All are UK 5.5/US 8

Free Shipping in the USA.

Rook and helix piercing on my right ear.

I am balanced now, though you may not think I am sane.

Rook and helix


I LOVE them – thanks again to Christina and Will at!


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Succumbing to the pink jacket trend.

Pink, pink, pink – it’s been everywhere in AW13, starting with the Marks and Spencer pink duster coat that set the world alight across the Atlantic (okay so not technically the ‘world’).  I resisted temptation as lets face it I have more coats than ever deemed necessary living in the Southern States.  As time has marched on, and the Spring season starts to hit the stores, it seems that pink is here to stay for a while…and I have started twitching for pink.

This ASOS jacket is stunning and a great soft shade of pink – almost lilac.  It’s also currently reduced and will be great for seeing you through the Spring.

ASOS pink jacket

If you prefer more of a coral pink this from TopShop is a great choice.  There are only a few sizes left online but check out your local Nordstrom if you are in the US.

Top shop bomber

If you’re currently freezing here in the Polar Plunge, or just dealing with the regular January frigid temperatures in the UK, you may not be quite ready for a jacket yet.  These coats are great options and align nicely with the pastel trend for Spring.

I love this TopShop fluffy coat and this might be my choice…IF I needed another coat 🙂

Topshop fluffy coat

I can’t talk about pink coats without mentioning this cashmere blend coat by Marks and Spencer.  It looks just amazing – the cut, the color and the length.  At £99 it’s a great coat.  Should I order it just to try?

Pink cashmere coat

Whether it’s a coat or a jacket that suits your lifestyle and climate, pink is a surprisingly versatile color and can really brighten up a winter outfit.  My choice happened to be the Zara jacket – mainly as it caught my eye in the sale online – and it may still be available in stores.  Given the cold today I layered it over my denim jacket and really loved how it worked with blue denim – of course it will be perfect with grey and black too, in fact it has a black lining which works well with the usual winter color palettes.

pink jacket 1

Jacket – Zara TRF // Sweater – J.Crew (old) // Scarf – Uniqlo cashmere // Denim Jacket – Gap  (similar here just $25) // Jeans – Diesel Fayza // Boots – Sam Edelman Petty

So have you succumbed to pink yet?  If a jacket or coat isn’t for you check out Fiona’s jumper recommendations here.


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She bangs.

Whatever happened to Ricky Martin hey? Yes I got bangs cut in on Friday – or a fringe as we prefer to call it in the UK.  I have to say I love it – it’s amazing what a difference it makes.  I feel younger with bangs – but maybe it’s just because they conceal the frown lines?

Before I went to the hairdressers I ran 8 miles.  8 10 minute miles – to say I was chuffed, and sore afterwards is an understatement.  But it gives me some hope that I will manage the 15k Hot Chocolate run that I have signed up for next Sunday.  I need my goals to motivate me – I just need to remember to take it slow and steady.  I’ll be the tortoise.

I managed to quickly change into my new ASOS dress before heading out to see Lauren at Plum Salon.  That ASOS VIP membership is worth every penny – I used to have to wait up to 2 weeks for a delivery and now it’s just 2 days!

Asos dress 4 ASOS dress3 Asos dress 2 asos dress1

Dress – ASOS extreme checked swing dress (I am wearing a US 6) // Jacket – Gap (old – similar here just $25 this weekend!) // Tights – M&S // Boots – Zara wedge boots (old)

And here are my bangs!  Straightened my hair a little for a night out with my Husband.  He thinks it’s very Anita Pallenberg – I think it is more Brian Jones or Keith Richards 🙂


Brian has even stolen my AllSaints gilet here…


For date night I wore another AllSaints sale dress.  I love this Rubie dress – it is so easy to wear and I think, really flattering as you can ruche it slightly over the tummy area.  This is a UK 10/ US 6 so it probably fits on the larger side and it has plenty of stretch in it.  Reduced to $83 from $208 in the sale here.  Slightly out of focus shot – rushing out the door again!

AllSaints rubie dress 1

Dress – AllSaints Rubie dress // Boots – Stuart Weitzman Highland boots

It’s a long weekend here with MLK day on Monday.  Just what I don’t need so soon after Christmas!  Anyhow we are trying to do lots of things with the kids outside of the house to keep them busy.  Yesterday we went off to the park and much to their amusement I wore my Zara denim boiler suit from the sale.  It’s the perfect attire for climbing frames and see-saws!

Zara boiler suit zara 2


Sneakers – Golden Goose // Jumpsuit – Zara (sold out similar here) // Jacket – Loft (AGES old) // Scarf – Uniqlo cashmere scarf

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25 things for 2 years of blogging.

Two years ago today I wrote my first blog post.  I’ve evolved from a Boden wearing Mom to a Mom with piercings and a passion for fashion (who still loves Boden too!).  I have so much fun blogging and I want you all to know more about me, though you may not be interested 😉

Here are my 25 things:

1. I miss the UK everyday, but if I returned, after 15 years in Atlanta, I would miss here just as much.

2. I have a BSc. and PhD in Biochemistry and and MBA – I’m a nerd.

3. I have a constant battle with gaining weight and have tried every diet going – oddly the only thing that works is what I’m doing now – eating less and exercising.

4. I went to an all girls school and hated most of it.  All my best friends were guys.

5. I used to hate tattoos but after getting my piercings last year – I now REALLY want one. Mid-life crisis?

6. I am happier now than I have ever been mainly because I have stopped worrying what people think.  My friends are all people who love me for who I am, warts and all, and I cherish them.

7. I wear my heart on my sleeve – I have no secrets – I’m a typical Leo.

8. I met my Husband at University when I was just 19, we moved in together after 3 months, and thankfully we grew up together and made it through all the ups and downs.  He is my best friend.

9. I wish I had been a Doctor.

10. I hated working in the corporate world – I don’t like to have a boss, I don’t like rules, office attire and behaving ‘appropriately’.  I think it’s all smoke and mirrors.

11. I curse like a sailor.  I love a good swear word.

12. I am a liberal or put another way I believe in human rights like gay marriage, equality and personal choice.

13. I consider my blogging friends some of my best friends. We talk online everyday.  I would never have made it to 2 years without their friendship.  They truly accept me for who I am and provide constructive criticism, support and guidance.  They make me laugh out loud in front of my computer screen.  I love them all more than they know.

14. I miss steak and kidney pudding, fish and chips, curry, Grazia magazine, Tesco Metro, Marks and Spencer, BBC t.v., syrup sponge pudding and Hello magazine.

15. I like spending time on my own.  As loud and outgoing as I am, I can also be very introverted.

16. I wish smoking wasn’t deadly – I’d love to still have a cigarette with a glass of wine.

17. My Nana would have been 104 today.  She lived with us all her life, the kitchen was her domain – so much so that I never learned to cook or how to use the washing machine until I left home! She was born in Sheffield and widowed when my Mum was just 3. I wish I had asked her more while she was alive.

18. I have a sister (39) and a brother (30) – we are all totally different but love, respect and understand each other.  I love spending time with them when I visit the UK.

19. My Mum and Dad have always allowed me to make my own decisions – good and bad – and have supported me always.  As much as I confuse them, I know how much they love me and I love them dearly.

20. I have lived in Bury, St. Andrews, London, Lisbon and Atlanta.  I want to add more places to that list.

21. I want to learn to ski and scuba dive.

22. I grew up in tiny village called Hawkshaw.  At one point there were 6 of us living in a 2 up 2 down terraced house.

23. My first job was as an IT consultant – I can program and LOVE logic.

24. I now work part time for my Husband. I love my job and feel incredibly fortunate that I can work and that I have time for my children.

25. I appreciate and love my readers so much.  I am truly thankful to you for reading and love your feedback – thanks for your support.  I plan to keep doing this for as long as you all keep reading.



ASOS dresses further reduced.

I’ve previously shared with you my joy at discovering all the treasures that ASOS has on offer.  Only yesterday was I trying to resist the temptation of visiting again.  This week I have already ordered the oversized checked swing dress after seeing the gorgeous Frances at wearing it.  She is my new style crush.  She’s as adventurous as I like to be, but she looks fabulous in everything!

schoorunstyle Extreme swing dress in check

Thank goodness I ordered it when I did as it appears to be out of stock right now – take note – when obsessing do not procrastinate! (UPDATE: it’s back in stock here!).

Then Fiona was blogging about the joys of yesterday with her top picks, and I managed to resist cruising the site. sucks you in and then spits you out only once you have placed an order – at least in my experience.

Then darn them – today in my inbox was an email with 20% extra off dresses!  I just had to sneak a peek (for you Helen) didn’t I?

This is currently sitting in my cart.  It is the perfect spring/summer party dress and would be perfect for taking on vacation.  There is a maternity version too of this little sequin number.

Sequin dress

This silk front dress reminds me so much of my Ted Baker shifts but a quarter of their prices – again the perfect little Spring number.

High Neck silk front dress

I adore this navy dress with the embellished neckline.  The color is gorgeous – I’d wear this to a wedding in an instant – it’s only $42.59 right now!

Embellished neck dress

I am loving the vivid yellow in this dress – it can easily be worn with tights or bare legs.  The colorblocking will provide a fabulous silhouette too.

Baroque leather sleeve dress

This dress is an absolute steal at $25.  So classic, simple and elegant.

crepe v-neck dress

The same can be said for this Mango dress too – a great little vacation number – rude not to at $22!!

mango shift dress

Now to be fair the following dresses aren’t in the sale – they are new arrivals – but given how quickly stock can disappear on ASOS (as with the checked dress!) it is well worth continually checking the new arrivals in case something appears that you absolutely cannot live without.  For me it is these dresses.

This animal print dress also comes in green, but I love the pink here.

Animal print dress

The oriental print here is so pretty, I just love it.  Again the print is very reminiscent of Ted Baker.

oriental print dress

Finally this dress is just such a classic.  Great colors, with a contemporary feel.  Perfect for a garden party (ah hem I go to so many – not) or a wedding.

colorblock shift

It’s worth noting too that currently in the US you can become a VIP member for just $19!  It usually costs $39 a year and provides early access to sales, VIP only sales and free express shipping all year.  I’m a VIP as of this week:)

Can you resist a bargain?  Have you ever been trapped in the world of ASOS not to be seen again for hours?

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Gray and tan.

I created two comfy daytime outfits with one pair of jeans and two of my favorite neutral colors.  Which is your favorite?

Asos 3 Asos 2 Asos 1

Zara coat

Boots – Acne Pistols // Jeans – Gap (old – similar here in sale) // Dress – ASOS (size small – it is oversized!) // Coat – Zara (from sale – sold out online)

5050 1 5050 3Boots – Stuart Weitzman 5050s // Jeans – Gap as before // Sweater – AllSaints (old similar here) // Scarf – H&M (old)


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Weekend outfits & the Golden Globes!

I’m sitting here watching the Golden Globes red carpet – gee I wish I could wear a full length gown someday!  The last time I wore one was probably at my graduation ball in 1992!  I’ll pick some more of my favorites to share tomorrow but right now I am loving all the nude blush tones that I am seeing.

I love Michelle Dockery’s Oscar De La Renta dress:

Michelle Dochery


Lupita Nyong’O blew me away in this statuesque red dress with cape – no overwhelming jewelry – just tiny earrings and a couple of rings.  So stunning.

Lupita Nyong'o

I have to say Lena Dunham totally rocked it – and as uncomfortable as she claims to be on the red carpet – she is a pure gem.  I cannot wait to see the first episode of the new series of Girls tonight!

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

(image from

So as I watch the A listers arrive with Poppy – who happens to be the BEST ‘love it or hate it’ critic (she isn’t backwards in coming forwards!) – I thought I’d do a quick update on my weekend attire.

Friday was spent running errands but I was still inspired to wear a dress – even if it was a sweater dress.  In fact I love my 5050s so much that I have been planning whole outfits from the feet up.

Allsaints 2 Boots – Stuart Weitzman 5050 black suede // Dress – AllSaints (old – similar here) // Jacket – AllSaints Monument jacket // Tights – Marks and Spencer

Saturday I was fortunate to hang out with Hugh all day while Poppy went swimming with her Dad.  Hugh and I did some shopping at Whole Foods, cooked Korean beef short ribs, and then played LOTS of rounds of cards – the boy is obsessed and I am over it.  This was one of those days though where I got dressed and LOVED how I felt – every time I wear these Mango jeans I can’t help but feel like a rock chick.  Chrissie Hynde eat your heart out.

Chaps 3 Chaps 2 Chaps 1

Boots – Rag & Bone Newbury classic black // Jeans – Mango // T-shirt – Zara (old) // Cardigan – AllSaints (old) // Scarf – H&M (old)

Today we headed out for lunch.  After the Polar Vortex last week we are now basking in 60 degree sunshine – it won’t last.  Following on with the rock vibe from yesterday, I really wanted to try something different today, so the flares came out.  I loved wearing them – they really are great for leg lengthening!  It was fun to have bell bottoms swishing around my ankles for a change.

flares 1 flares 2

jacket and flares jacket 2

Boots – Zara wedge boots (old) // Jeans – Hudson flares // Tank – H&M (old) // T-shirt – Bowie from ASOS (similar here) // Jacket – AllSaints (sale)

Hope you all had a fun weekend too!  Any sale bargains bagged?


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Warm and snuggly.

Some people (Sue I’m looking at you) like to keep new clothes, stash them away, then surprise us all with things they bought, quite literally, ages ago.  I on the other hand want to wear my new things immediately.  They need to earn their keep as soon as they come out of the box.

Jan 10th 1 Jan 10th


Boots – Rag & Bone Newbury charcoal suede // Trousers – Zara pleather leggings // Jumper – Boden Off Duty sweater (on sale now) // Gilet – Verna gilet AllSaints (sale – all sizes now available!)

Okay my Husband asked me why I was wearing the bathroom mat – my sides were splitting – funny guy – but I LOVE my Verna gilet.  The texture adds a great dimension to an otherwise basic outfit, plus it is so soft, warm and snuggly.

Yesterday I was lazy, only because I had the luxury of working from home.  Minimal makeup and air dried hair resulted in this.

Jan 10th 2


Boots – Rag & Bone grey nubuck Newbury boots (canvas version for Spring here) // Trousers – JCrew velvet toothpick jeans // Sweater – Boden Westbourne jumper (some colors just $29.40 in the sale!)

I haven’t a clue what to wear today and I’ve just driven the kids to school in pyjamas much to their horror.  To be fair they do look more like sweatpants – but I wonder is that really any better?  I may have scarred them for life.


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