Yes Atlanta has come to a standstill – a frozen standstill.  We’re expected to get 1-3″ of snow which is quite something for us.  So as I sit here waiting for the kids to make their way home from school I thought I’d get a quick blog post written as I’ve a feeling I’ll be required to play countless games of Uno and Chess over the next few days.  I’m sure we’ll be housebound tomorrow but thankfully I have wine, cheese, paté and bread so I’ll be alright thanks (taking a well earned break from the Paleo diet!).

I need to be careful out in the snow as I am still shuffling around like a 90 year old on a bad day.  I ran the 15k on Sunday – it was an awesome run and I felt strong all the way round, even managing a quick sprint across the finish line cutting valuable seconds off my time 🙂  I didn’t feel quite as strong after my celebratory Mexican and margarita – an ice pack on the knees was required along with a long nap…Now I’m trying to summon the enthusiasm for the Georgia half in March…we’ll see!

This is an outift I forgot to post before I had my bangs cut – I just found it on my camera so here you go – my favorite red jacket from last year.

red leather v2

Sneakers – Golden Goose // Jeans – Zara (old) // T-shirt – Gap (old) // Scarf – Uniqlo // Jacket – Zara (old)

Then from the last couple of days – it has been cold for sure here in the deep South…

all black 2 All black 3 fur Sam Edelman boots

Coated skinnies – Zara (old) // Jumper – Off duty jumper Boden (in clearance) // Boots – Sam Edelman Martina // Coat – Marks and Spencer Per Una (currently 20% off clothing, home and beauty)


Boots – Boden // Socks – Boden (old) // Jeans – Fayza Diesel // Jumper – Boden Off Duty jumper (in clearance) // Scarf – Boden (old)

AllSaints gilet


Boots – Stuart Weitzman 5050s // Jeans – Hudson Collin // Jumper – Zara (old) // Gilet – Verna Gilet AllSaints

I may be in my cashmere onesie for the next few days so I’ll see you once we’ve dug ourselves out!





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11 thoughts on “It’s SNOWING!

  1. avenue57

    Check you out – you look amazing!!!
    I do love snow .. I do wish if it were to come then it dumps crap loads so we can’t go out. I hate that in between snow where you are forced to be a hero and yet it’s so dangerous.

    I hope you all enjoy your snow days 🙂

  2. Schoolrunstyle Mum

    Completely loving the fringe your hair looks so glossy and fabulous and also adore the all black..I feel an all black phase coming on with me too..I think it will be my Feb look! Well done on your race, amazing achievement, genuinely, well done, you go girl!! xxxx

  3. doesmybumlook40 (@doesmybumlook40)

    Another one loving your fringe. SO so so fab. We haven’t had any yet, thank god although obviously talking too soon. How come you don’t look like nanook of the north? You look amazing – I look like a total tool when it snows. Snow gear I do not do well.

    Absolutely loving those Sam Edelman boots. Gorgeous.

  4. Michelle

    Whoop whoop for the snow!! You are dressing perfectly for it! You look fantastic in the all black outfit……your hair looks amazing, so shiny and your make up is looking fab again too! xx

  5. glamrosie

    I really like red on you Joanna and those Golden Goose are growing on me, I wasn’t 100% when I first saw them but I’m warming now x

  6. ja4marti

    Loving the sparkle high tops. Funny listening to everyone talk about the snow. We have loads of it up here, city is still running 😉 But we are much more used to it.

    Still loving the warm weather style.

  7. Treasuresnpleasures

    Ahhhhhhh your really making me wnat the fringe I’ve been toying with getting. Everyone has tied to put me off but yours looks so good. Those Sam E boots are particularly gorgeous too, loving the back detail. Looking fab all round Joanna!! and hope the snow wasnt too bad!

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