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Easy dressing

In between cheer practices, runs, shelf assembly and dog walks, I dashed into Target on Sunday – mainly to stock up on Fall fashions for the kids, but also to take a quick peek at the Altuzarra collection for Target. If you are waiting for your package to arrive from NAP you may want to skip this part. In fact even though it is beautifully presented on NAP, I still don’t get why they are selling these collaborations, though it obviously increases the hype and desirability. In the flesh I was really disappointed.

I’ve read lots of bloggers who have loved it and even claim it is the best collaboration to date. Maybe it is my familiarity with Target that clouds my judgement. I love Target, don’t get me wrong. As I have mentioned for kids clothes they are fabulous – great value and great designs – but their women’s wear always seems cheap – which of course it is. Overall I found the fabrics on the Altuzarra items to be cheap feeling, and the finishing was poor – but having said that where else can you get designer duds for less than $50 a piece? My problem is I see them as Target, not designer. I just don’t get it. Why would you want to wear something that is instantly recognizable as Altuzarra FOR TARGET? One of the reasons I didn’t buy anything in the Pete Pilloto collection was that I recognize it through a crowd instantly. Anyway here are the photos so you can make your own decision.

I loved the color of these trousers but the velvet felt stiff and thin, and the finishing on the waistband was poor.


I loved the dresses till I inspected them close up – the sequins seemed cheap and the finishing poor.


This sweatshirt is nice – but really crumpled on the the hanger and there were threads hanging off everyone of them! Plus that print is too recognizable for me.

IMG_0920 I liked the peasant blouse and the shirt on the hanger. However, the peasant top did nothing for me at all…I tried to like it but just so not me.

IMG_0918 IMG_0923 IMG_0924

I liked the shirt a lot, and I actually carried it to the till, but I changed my mind, deciding I was buying for the hype and not because I loved it. I have no regrets about leaving it behind.

IMG_0921 IMG_0925

Maybe if the presentation in Target was nicer I’d be more enamored, but Target still feels like Target to me. I’m passing on this one.

The week to date has been crazy too with Drs appointments and school conferences, so I find a dress, jacket and sneakers is the easiest way to dress to stay presentable and comfortable.


Drop waist dress – ASOS // Sneakers – J.Crew (on sale plus an extra 30% off with SHOPFORFALL) // Jacket – J.Crew (extra 25% off with SHOPFORFALL)

IMG_9205 IMG_9209 IMG_9229

Skate shoes – Marks & Spencer (old) // Dress – ASOS // Jacket – Zara (old)

Did you buy from the Altuzarra collection? Am I being too harsh?



Bad ass dog.

On Wednesday morning, after returning from dropping the kids at school, I was confronted with a guy in our yard trying to break into the house.  I immediately went into fright or flight mode and just started yelling “F*ck off! F*ck off!  What the f*ck do you think you’re doing??!!!”.  I was very eloquent.  I’m not sure if he was more scared of me or Tennyson, my fabulous, loyal, protective, boxer who immediately went into attack mode.  I was slightly impressed by the dude’s agility and speed at getting back over our fence.  I suddenly realized he may be armed so I headed back inside to call 911 while Tennyson told him in no uncertain terms that he would not be welcomed back.

Tennyson now has his new sign in the front yard which really should say “Beware of the big, bad ass, dog”.


The hero of the hour who has been spoiled rotten since.



It took me the day to recover from the adrenalin – I was shaken to say the least – but I felt I dealt with it appropriately and I’m moving on now.  I think they could hear me yelling in Florida!

Tuesday I headed to H&M to exchange some clothes for Poppy.  I took the opportunity to take a look at this gorgeous fringed top I had seen online.  I needed to understand why it is priced at $349!!  It is a lovely blue, but crikey I wouldn’t pay $20 for it.  The tassles feel really cheap and were already tangling and getting knotted on every top in the store.  Not to mention the top must have weighed 100lbs.  You’d need to be a line backer to wear it for more than 10 minutes.

IMG_5657 IMG_5658


Here’s my outfit for the day – I felt really comfortable, it’s great to wear skirts again – crap photo – I blinked:)


IMG_5660Shoes – Adidas Gazelles // Skirt – Asos wrap jersey skirt // T-shirt – Asos forever t-shirt in nude // Sweatshirt – Target (can only see plus size online)

Here are some other outfits from this week – a bit of a mix due to going from 70 degrees to 50 degrees throughout the week.

IMG_8057Dress – Mango (kindly bought by my sister – similar here) // Shoes – M&S Limited 

IMG_8077 IMG_8074 IMG_5666 IMG_5665Jumper – TopShop (stealing Frances’ style again) // Shirt – Zara (old) // Trousers – H&M // Sneakers – Adidas Samoas // Nail polish – Essie Play date

And then after a bang trim, ready for a fun night out at dinner with my Husband on Friday night where I drank too much Port with my cheese…I went full on ’80s – big hair and lots of silky flowy fabric.

IMG_8106 Date night 2.jpg Date night 1.jpg

Boots – Zara // Trousers – Mango harems (old) // Top – Zara (old) // Jacket – River Island (old – similar here)

Today I plan on doing not much else but sitting here – Hugh helped me assemble it – we’re the logical ones of the family:)



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The cold has arrived.

Yes that wintery blast from the North has arrived in Atlanta and I have spent the last two mornings fighting with a stubborn five year old about wearing a coat.  I question what I am actually achieving in addition to making us both mad at 7am, and proving to him that I can be as stubborn as he is!  It drives me nuts, and I know he can be OCD – but he chose his coat from H&M and therefore he should be happy to wear it!  His sister, on the other hand, has a plethora of winter coats that she has been eagerly anticipating wearing.  Like mother like daughter.  She wore this little gem today from Target (currently on sale at $32) – I want one.

Target fur

Yesterday I ended up wearing a puffer coat and scarf for the first time this year.  The Mango coat is great – warm but not too heavy, and easy for layering, though it does fit snug.

AllSaints sweatshirt Mango coat open

My mirror is cleaner than it looks here – promise!

Boots – Rag & Bone Newbury boot in petrol // Trousers – Zara (old, similar here) // Sweatshirt – AllSaints // Jacket – Mango // Scarf – Zara (old)

Last night my new Gap jacket arrived – I love it – very collegiate, especially with the hi-tops.  It’s pretty cosy too without being bulky.

bomber jacket

Jeans – Diesel Fayza jogg jeans // Sneakers – Golden Goose // T-shirt – Boden long sleeved essential tee // Bomber jacket – Gap

Make sure you check out the Boden sale again today – many items are now reduced by 50%!


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Silver shoes.

So after saying the other day that cropped trousers are better with heels, I have completely contradicted myself – I think they look fabulous with flats too!  I actually saw the J.Crew café capris styled with Supergas in a recent J.Crew catalog that landed in my mailbox.  Given how impeccable their styling is, I figured if J.Crew can do it so can I.  I quite like the result – I feel stylishly casual:)  I’m of two minds about still wearing wool capris on the last day of April – happy I’m getting some wear out of them, but confused by the lack of heat here in Atlanta.  There are still a few sizes available in this modern red color at just $34.99.

V2 JCrew_Zara_Target_Superga


Trousers – J.Crew wool café capris // Jacket – Zara (old) // T-shirt – Target // Sneakers – silver lamé Supergas

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More ‘me’ again.

As much as I enjoy experimenting with clothes and shoes, my slightly different look yesterday just didn’t feel right and I didn’t feel ‘me’ all day until I got changed for the gym.  It’s quite amazing how an outfit can impact your daily disposition!

Today I am home with a poorly boy, but he’s on the mend and the sun is shining so not a bad Tuesday really.  Some online shopping and a bit of work to do but maybe a glass of wine later in the garden?

IMG_4988 IMG_4974 IMG_4985 IMG_4971


Shoes – Vince Camuto Fawna // Jeans – Target (old) // Jumper – H&M (old) // Long tank – H&M (old)

Oh and another code arrived in my mailbox – if you’re in the US and need some Spring basics like shorts – I love J.Crew Factory – use STYLESCORE for a whopping 30% off everything!  Just be warned their fit is a little more snug than J.Crew which I find quite generous these days.

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Christmas Pageants

I literally did. not. stop. yesterday.  My Fridays can become one of either two things – a leisurely day of pampering and indulgence, or frantically driving from one Atlanta location to another trying to check off a list of ‘things to do’.  It’s normally the latter and yesterday was no exception.  It started with a spin class.  Now I am no regular but I do love it when I go I love the satisfaction of having been – the hour on the bike is pure hell.  One of my neighbors teaches the class and she is lovely, but turns into  a b*tch on wheels in class – all for the benefit of the participants obviously.  Shopping was then followed by a quick lunch with MM – I had earned it and I still had a calorie deficit after that spin class!  A hairdresser’s appointment for Poppy was then followed by Hugh’s last Christmas pageant!

His last as he is currently at a church daycare and next year once in public school, with separation of church and state and all that, there will be no nativity.  The pre-K class (last year of daycare) always get to do the nativity play so I was very excited to see what role Hugh had.  But NO!  Hold on there…for the first year ever I arrived to find that the ‘after school’ group were doing the nativity!  WHAT??  Our chance of being a Shepherd, a Wise Man or even Joseph snatched from us!!  Now after the events of the day in CT. it seemed trivial to say the least, but I was mad as hell!  Most of the ‘after school’ group had attended pre-K so had already had the privilege of performing the nativity – so why oh why deprive the pre-K class from their chance of performing it?  I’m so sad:(  This now means Hugh won’t ever be in a nativity.  Now he is definitely not bothered – but his Mum is!  I might even join a Church so we can be in theirs next year.  Be assured I made my feelings known to the daycare Director.

At least we got to hear about Harold and his Angels:IMG_2844

For the pageant I did a quick change into my awesome Target dress – quickly becoming one of my best purchases of the year – I always get complements and no one can believe it is Target.  The jacket is from Zara and has lovely gold and cream flecks in it – perfect for the festive season – size up though – it’s tailored for waifs.  The leggings are H&M and the boots are my loyal Rag & Bone Newburys. (Apologies for photo quality – I told you I was in a rush!).


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2 dresses in 2 days.

I’m trying to find my running mojo again.  After a couple of months off, due to injury, getting back into the swing of things is tough.  My motivation seems to have buggered off.  After picking the Christmas tree out this morning I headed home with the intention of doing not much at all.  On my way back though I saw several runners and walkers out and about enjoying the cool air.  Suddenly I was attacked by a pang of guilt and no matter what I did I couldn’t shake it – I had to go out for a run.  So I did.  It was hard work but I did it and enjoyed it a bit.  Now I need to climb that hill back to where I enjoy it a lot – fingers crossed the stamina returns quickly.  Billy Joel helped me find my rhythm this morning – I really need to play him more.

Without a doubt connected to the lack of running, my choice of clothing has been driven more and more by comfort recently.  Another reason to get the running shoes back on otherwise half my closet won’t fit anymore.  I don’t wear dresses/tunics nearly as often in the winter as I do in the summer – not sure why as with a pair of tights and boots a knitted dress can actually be warmer than wearing trousers.  Yesterday I wore the Boden smocked tunic dress with M&S cable knit tights (mailed by Mum last winter!) and my Frye Phillip studded harness boots.  Now admittedly the tunic may not be the most flattering item of clothing I own, but I still like it a lot.  It is incredibly soft and really easy to wear.  Unfortunately most of the smaller sizes are currently sold out here – but definitely worth stalking – I’d suggest going down a size too if you are between sizes as it is generous.  On another note Boden have 35% off party pieces until midnight on Sunday – worth a look if you have some fun festive parties approaching!

Now yesterday I made quite a commitment to Poppy – I promised her we would make our own salt dough ornaments.  Yes my first foray into crafting – clearly I am losing my mind.  Once again I am all talk and no action – we’ve baked 6 so far…not enough to decorate more than 2 branches on my 8ft tree.  I’m trying to relax and not get too involved – but aaargh how difficult can it be to roll some dough out evenly…?  Step away from the children and leave them to it!

Anyway in my eagerness to be well prepared and collect salt, flour, acrylic paints etc. etc. I headed off to Target.  Fatal.  It took me 45 minutes to get past the clothing section.  Somehow this incredible beauty jumped into my cart – in both colorways too.  Now forgive me if I am wrong but it is incredibly similar in style (if not a complete copy) to the AllSaints solstice dress that retailed at a fair bit more than this Converse number at $30!  Rather happy with it it has to be said:)

I teamed it with H&M leggings, Newbury boots and then an old H&M scarf and my Zara quilted leather jacket.  I feel polished but comfortable…perfect!

I also walked out with my festive t-shirt for Christmas day!

Will have some exhibits regarding the tree and homemade ornaments soon hopefully! x

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It’s Holiday Time!

Yay my Thanksgiving break starts today!  I will no doubt be doing bits of work from home over the next week but it’s lovely knowing the children will be home and we are schedule free for a week!

Today I have to plan my shopping for Thanksgiving dinner.  There’s only four of us admittedly but we all have different ‘favorites’ that we want with our Turkey, whether it be roasted beetroots and shallots (MM), roasted parsnip (me) or carrots (the kids!).  We always make too much but somehow it all gets used in the following days as turkey butties or turkey curry!  As fairly new Americans we are enjoying creating our own family Thanksgiving traditions and that includes cheesecake for dessert:)  Fortunately we always head out for a long walk on the Friday to work it off.

I was in Target the other day buying craft supplies for Hugh’s Thanksgiving Turkey project (yes – I know – I do not craft – but I am now armed with glitter, pom poms and felt).  I happened to wander through the clothing section as you do.  For a split second I removed the blinders (blinkers – for the UK readers) and spied this beauty.  OK I didn’t just spy it I bought it.

It’s a gorgeous blush pink, fake fur jacket – and looks lovely on.  It certainly looks more than the $49.99 I paid for it – but don’t stand near any naked flames in it.  I have some blush pink jeans and with taupe boots it will work a treat.  Even with regular blue denim skinnies and a white t-shirt it will add that little something different.  They also have it in cream but I love the blush color and it will go with lots in my closet – justification done.

Today I’m wearing comfy clothes for a day of pottering around town and running errands.  I love the H&M knitted dress – the stripes are great colors and it is really quite warm.  I’ve worn it with my Boden brown leggings and Zara burgundy scarf.  Today’s boots are last year’s Steve Madden Carlsen taupe boots.

What are your novel Thanksgiving traditions?

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Muddy Faces.

I got my photos from Karen today – the amazing photographer from Muddy Faces.  She made the shoot fun for all of us and you can see the joy in the the children’s faces.  I am thrilled with the outcome.  If you are in the Atlanta area and need some photos don’t hesitate to contact Karen – she’ll do an amazing job!

I’m not so happy with my self portrait today.  I got these jeans from Target and don’t like them at all on – maybe I just feel it’s a bit too much with the red hair and boots…remember what I said about not letting it be trashy – well I think this outfit takes it all the way there…oh well – I think I’m in need of a dress day again soon to feel a bit girly again.  Jeans are worn with Gap men’s t-shirt, AllSaints Boston cardigan and Frye Shirley strappy boots.

Unfortunately the Loulou dress I ordered from Boden is going straight back – it looked ridiculous on me – again maybe the red hair – but it was completely unflattering – my boobs looked enormous in it and the pleats just emphasized my stomach.  Not a good look.  The new AllSaints Amei dress has worked a treat though and will look fab with leggings or tights.  I promise to model it soon.

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Wet, wet, wet.

Yep the rain has arrived – it has rained since yesterday afternoon here and it shows no sign of clearing up soon.  Sitting here on the 9th floor it feels like I’m in the middle of the rain cloud.  At least I can at last get wrapped up and truly enjoy my knitwear:)

These jeans were cheap – just $22 from Target and they are currently reduced to just $18 – they are a great fit – though it is a bit weird buying junior sizes – I never know what size I am as juniors always fit tiny.  These jeans however have so much stretch in them I ended up in a 5!  I love them – the background of the snow leopard print is a soft blush pink with grey spots.  They look very similar to the H&M ones I was lusting after and never found over here.  The pink top is a Zara sale purchase and I’m wearing my favorite AllSaints Cerulean cardigan.  Accessorized with Sam Edelman Louie boots in taupe rose and my necklace from Macy’s that I wore on our anniversary night out – the grey color is really versatile and works well with many items in my closet.

What did you all think of Dexter last night?  To be honest I’m a bit sad that Debra now knows – surely he can’t carry on – unless Debra ends up on his table?

Homeland is DVRd for tonight:)

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