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The J.Crew sweater sale

It’s that time of year and the sale emails are flooding my inbox. One email in particular caught my eye (well 3 if I’m honest but I will post on the other 2 later once the goods have arrived!). J.Crew currently have a sweater sale online and in store – 30% off full price sweaters and an additional 40% off sale items using code HOLIDAYTIME. I have indulged as a girl can never have too many jumpers – okay maybe she can in the Georgia climate but sometimes I like to pretend I am still living in Bury ūüôā

Firstly this is the one I am wearing today in the poppy ash colorway – the colorblock tunic.

colorblock tunic

This is already on sale so you can reduce it by an extra 40%!

The zipped cable sweater is lovely – a really great winter knit. I have this in navy and grey as I couldn’t decide! Again it is in the sale so can be reduced by another 40%!

wool zip sweater

This is a similar shape only colorblock and I wore this in my last post – the colorblock zip sweater. Again take an extra 40% off the sale price.

zip colorblock sweater

The following are both Hugo Guinness for J.Crew and are lovely for the festive period. The first is an extra 40% off sale price.

dazzling 1 BlissFinally I couldn’t leave out Poppy from all the fun. She is just in love with this – pink and bejewelled and reduced by a further 40%!

jewelled crewcuts

Yesterday we braved the mall – grabbed a quick glance at Santa and decided against the 2hr wait. The kids were just fine with that and I promised to email their lists to him.

fur 1 fur 2Sneakers РGolden Goose (similar here) // Trousers РJ.Crew (take 30% off with HOLIDAYTIME) // Sweater РAllSaints (old Рsale on in UK and US) // Fur РZara (on sale)

Today it is time for another lazy day at home before the Husband and I head out tonight for some festive fun!

jcrew sweater giletBoots – Newbury boots (similar here on sale) // Jeans – Zara // Sweater – J.Crew colorblock tunic // Gilet – AllSaints (sale last year)

So after setting up a PS 4 last night all I have left to do is wrap a few presents and head to the hairdressers tomorrow. I’m feeling quite accomplished – what can possibly go wrong?



Pool attire!

So it is Memorial Weekend here which not only means the pools open for the summer, but also there are LOTS of sales in which to buy new attire for the pool!  As an example, on Tuesday I got a beach cover up from J.Crew Рalready reduced to $69 and then at the till a further 30% off was applied!!

It’s available online too – size down it fits big. ¬†It is stunning – the neon colors are amazing. ¬†I have a small in the blue version. ¬†Online use PACKME for extra 30% off.

pink beach cover up blue

Also available online with in the PACKME 30% extra off are the following – I keep dropping them in my cart!

This gorgeous striped tunic is perfect with denim shorts:

striped tunic


I adore the spearmint color of this beach tunic.

beach tunic


Now for swimsuits РI have to say that full price J.Crew are expensive Рso wait for a deal like they have now and you will end up with the best quality, most comfortable swimwear ever Рin my opinion at least!  Even swimwear not in the sale is 25% off with PACKME.

Here are my favorites.  I LOVE neon for the summer Рand for the first time in years I have bought swimsuits.

The ruched neon suit will hide a multitude of sins:

neon ruched


The bandeau suit comes with removable straps – perfect for the beach when you need to run around after the children yet you also want to catch some rays.

bandeau neon


J.Crew is amazing for their choice of mix and match bikini sets Рall shapes, support and sizes of tops, plus bottoms from the teeniest tiniest to the more modest.  I have chosen the sculpted top that has wider ties than a string and a more supportive cup, along with the regular bikini bottom.  I initially tried the shrunken low rider Рwowzers low, low, low indeed Рreturned immediately before I scared the children:)

regular bikin sculpted top


ASOS also have an extra 20% of this weekend using WEBEGRILLIN – this can be stacked with items that are already reduced by 25%. ¬†There are some fabulous items – too many to count here so take a peek. ¬†One item I will recommend is my new crochet dress – it is simply stunning and I am saving it for my trip to NYC next week! ¬†Size up if you are apple like me – it fits slim but it’s super cute! ¬†I’m going to wear it with my Dickers or sandals.

asos dress


I have plenty of outfit shots to share from this week and I’ll get them in a post soon! ¬†Right now I’m off back to IKEA for more kids furniture – a Memorial Weekend filled with flat pack assembly for me!


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Summer picks from Boden.

It’s been a while since I bought from Boden – I think I had too much of a good thing for a while. ¬†The last items I bought were a couple of shirts (last seen here), which I have to say are amazing quality and the detailing is far superior to any other brand at the equivalent price point. ¬†I have the seaspray and lemon curd gingham – gorgeous summer colors.

The Shirt Boden

Well it’s now that time of year, now summer has well and truly arrived, that I start lusting over the amazing Boden tunics. ¬†I am a sucker for a great Boden tunic. ¬†The ease of wearing them in the heat can’t be beaten. ¬†The jersey ones are my favorite – they can be worn poolside, out for dinner or for travel. ¬†They wash and pack super easily. ¬†So as I have only 3 weeks before packing for England and N. Cyprus I thought I’d have a little peek.

Boden have switched up their product launches this year.  Instead of only the main Spring range, with Summer items added at a later date, they seem to be drip feeding more items throughout the season.  It makes sense Рit keeps the consumer going back more often.  At the start of Spring there were only 3 tunics to choose from.  Now there are many more Рand they are gorgeous!

The Breton this year is lovely – personally I prefer the traditional blue and white, but I have a soft spot for the charcoal and soft red too.

Breton Boden Navycharcoal and red breton

The Biarritz is just fabulous – I will wear this for cocktails. ¬†I LOVE the guava print – it’s got such a glamorous vintage feel to it.



The knitted kaftan is this year’s version of the Florence tunic that I have a couple of (here and here). ¬†I love the pattern this year – again it gives it a great vintage feel.

Knited Kaftan


Finally I’ve just ordered all 3 colors in this one – I just couldn’t choose – the plait detail tunic. ¬†It will be perfect for traveling and I can wear it day and night – I love the fact it is sleeveless too.

plait detail


I prefer a tunic to a maxi as I like to show my legs. ¬†Do you like tunics? ¬†Which are your picks for the summer? ¬†If you decide to try don’t forget that Boden have a great discount right now – get 20% off with free shipping and returns using this link¬†before Thursday!

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2 dresses in 2 days.

I’m trying to find my running mojo again.¬† After a couple of months off, due to injury, getting back into the swing of things is tough.¬† My motivation seems to have buggered off.¬† After picking the Christmas tree out this morning I headed home with the intention of doing not much at all.¬† On my way back though I saw several runners and walkers out and about enjoying the cool air.¬† Suddenly I was attacked by a pang of guilt and no matter what I did I couldn’t shake it – I had to go out for a run.¬† So I did.¬† It was hard work but I did it and enjoyed it a bit.¬† Now I need to climb that hill back to where I enjoy it a lot – fingers crossed the stamina returns quickly.¬† Billy Joel helped me find my rhythm this morning – I really need to play him more.

Without a doubt connected to the lack of running, my choice of clothing has been driven more and more by comfort recently.¬† Another reason to get the running shoes back on otherwise half my closet won’t fit anymore.¬† I don’t wear dresses/tunics nearly as often in the winter as I do in the summer – not sure why as with a pair of tights and boots a knitted dress can actually be warmer than wearing trousers.¬† Yesterday I wore the Boden smocked tunic dress with M&S cable knit tights (mailed by Mum last winter!) and my Frye Phillip studded harness boots.¬† Now admittedly the tunic may not be the most flattering item of clothing I own, but I still like it a lot.¬† It is incredibly soft and really easy to wear.¬† Unfortunately most of the smaller sizes are currently sold out here – but definitely worth stalking – I’d suggest going down a size too if you are between sizes as it is generous.¬† On another note Boden have 35% off party pieces until midnight on Sunday – worth a look if you have some fun festive parties approaching!

Now yesterday I made quite a commitment to Poppy – I promised her we would make our own salt dough ornaments.¬† Yes my first foray into crafting – clearly I am losing my mind.¬† Once again I am all talk and no action – we’ve baked 6 so far…not enough to decorate more than 2 branches on my 8ft tree.¬† I’m trying to relax and not get too involved – but aaargh how difficult can it be to roll some dough out evenly…?¬† Step away from the children and leave them to it!

Anyway in my eagerness to be well prepared and collect salt, flour, acrylic paints etc. etc. I headed off to Target.  Fatal.  It took me 45 minutes to get past the clothing section.  Somehow this incredible beauty jumped into my cart Рin both colorways too.  Now forgive me if I am wrong but it is incredibly similar in style (if not a complete copy) to the AllSaints solstice dress that retailed at a fair bit more than this Converse number at $30!  Rather happy with it it has to be said:)

I teamed it with H&M leggings, Newbury boots and then an old H&M scarf and my Zara quilted leather jacket.¬† I feel polished but comfortable…perfect!

I also walked out with my festive t-shirt for Christmas day!

Will have some exhibits regarding the tree and homemade ornaments soon hopefully! x

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Why I love Boden.

I’ve been wearing Boden since summer of 2009 and was, like many, introduced to their women’s line when I started buying Mini Boden for the children.¬† Their fabulous patterns and easy to wear cuts were what first appealed to me, and all my initial purchases were tunics, perfect as summer dresses here in the summer heat.¬† I have to say I was completely oblivious to any of the negative connotations that tend to be associated with the brand in the UK.¬† Some adjectives I’ve heard used are a long the lines of ‘frumpy’ and ‘mumsy’ – we all know the stereotype.¬† In my opinion though – and I am as guilty of this as anyone else – any item of clothing can be worn badly, or in an unflattering manner.¬† The art to dressing and keeping clothes stylish is in choosing the right shapes for your body and then styling them so they represent you.

I’m not convinced I’ve articulated myself well, but let me use myself as an example.¬† I am definitely not what I would consider ‘frumpy’ or ‘mumsy’ (feel free to shatter my illusions) but I wear A LOT of Boden.¬† Sometimes I wear all Boden, sometimes just an essential t-shirt layered under another brand’s sweater.¬† I pick items that I know can be styled and worn in what I consider to be a more ‘on trend’ fashion (in danger of disappearing up my backside here but bear with me).¬† Other times however, I want to look a little more conformist and will intentionally dress a little more staid, a prime example is for a PTA meeting when I want to ‘blend in’ (though I am feeling less and less like conforming for these events, and being more and more the ‘eccentric English bird’ that I am).¬† Boden works for all scenarios.

When I select an outfit I tend to pick one key piece that I want to wear then build the outfit around that item.  Today I wanted to wear my lovely Boden stripy jumper.  I had no idea that the entire ensemble would end up being Boden Рin fact come to think of it brand plays little or no part in whether an item is picked from the closet that day.  The grey jumper led me immediately to look for some colorful trousers Рof which I have many Рbut I picked out the Boden cyclamen skinny jeans (SS 2012) today, because randomly I had already applied a purpley pink lipstick!  The grey chic biker jacket (SS 2012 Рsold out online) seemed like a no brainer with these two items.  The only non-Boden items are the H&M vest dress layered under the jumper for warmth, the Guess Cardio boots and the scarf which I was a Christmas present from my sister-in-law a few years ago.  Together I think this is a really fun outfit and a great way to take summer jeans into winter.  I feel anything but frumpy.

So again Boden I thank you for providing great quality, stylish, classic items that can be worn by women of any age and in her own style.¬† Your prices aren’t too bad either with a discount code;)¬† I’ll always have a soft spot for you – I just hope to see more tunics appear for SS 2013!

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A visit to H&M.

H&M has had a huge store here in Atlanta for a few years now down at Atlantic Station and I recently discovered there is also one at Cumberland Mall.¬† I never used to shop there much when I lived in the UK, but having been introduced to their children’s clothing I found myself appreciating their cheap, disposable fashion more and more.¬† When MM and I used to venture out more often (we’re much happier watching t.v. and cuddling on the sofa these days) I could always count on H&M for a fabulous, cheap dress that would work for a one off occasion.

Having reviewed some of my recent posts I realized that my uniform of skinny jeans and patterned pants was getting a bit old, and with the onset of colder weather I find myself pining to wear snuggly tights and a dress.¬† Now Boden tunics have always been my go to, but I fear I have OD’d.¬† I’ve recently had a great clear out of all my tunics, and though I did order the collared tunic recently, it worked on me like a lead balloon – NOT flattering in the slightest on my busty, waistless, hipless frame.¬† So I am still in search of great weekend/day dresses that aren’t too long, are jersey or knitted so they work on my frame, and can preferably be worn with leggings or tights.¬† Hence I took a rare wander through H&M at the weekend.¬† I felt like I was cheating with a Swede behind my Spanish lover’s back…but it was fun:)

Here’s what I found – it’s neither jersey or knitted, nor do I think it will work with leggings but it is a stunner!¬† Above the knee, full of fabulous colors and it will work with black or burgundy tights, plus at $35 it is a steal!

There’s also a cute tunic version of the dress for those days when a fitted dress is not going to be comfortable enough!

These t-shirt dresses are fab Рthough I would venture to say too short with tights Рbetter with leggings worn as a long t-shirt.  The website only shows this color but in store they had grey, burgundy and green stripe too.  At $14.95 they are worth one in every color.

Finally this knitted dress was perfect – I love the asymmetrical hem, again though a little too short at the front for my years to wear it as a dress – but I particularly love the black and the brown melange – both would look great with black leggings – again a great price at $25!

Very impressed I have to say H&M…I will be back for a gander soon once I let Zara know about us.


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Summer cold.

So all the temperature extremes are taking their toll Рfrom 95 degree temperatures to freezing cold air conditioning РI have a head cold:(  Or as MM suggested it could be the extreme fumes from the new hardwoods in the bedroom being treated yesterday Рwe must have all been high as kites yesterday Рeven with the bedroom doors closed the fumes made their way around the house thanks to the air ducts.  The plumber is here today putting in the new faucets Рthe finish line is in sight!!

I’m taking Poppy to the hairdressers today for a ‘grown up’ hair cut.¬† She had a go at cutting her own fringe the other day much to my horror and she flattly denied it – even with the evidence presented – locks of hair sitting next to scissors.¬† She needs to get far better at hiding her misdemeanors!¬† Preparation for back to school is in full swing and some counties even went back today…I’m not ready for summer to end.

With that thought I did some reckoning and we’ve probably got at least 12 weeks left of above 80 degree temperatures here – so with that in mind I just checked out these fabulous tropical print pants from Zara.¬† I’ve seen them on several blogs this season but it’s only now, having adapted well enough to the concept of printed pants, that I felt brave enough to buy them.¬† They were just $19.99 on the ‘last sizes’ section and I grabbed the last pair of 6s – lucky me!

Today I threw on one of my favorite Boden tunics Рthese Fab jersey tunics are so comfortable and summery.  They are currently in the clearance and the pebble color is only $31.20 РEgyptomaniac is wearing it here and she looks adorable in EVERYTHING!  This is the moss color and it goes great with navy and pink.  I always pair it with my Tory Burch navy patent Eddie ballet flats.

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There’ll be time enough for countin’ when the dealin’s done.

Oh yeah baby – tickets are bought for what should be a tremendous night out on Saturday – Glen Campbell and Kenny Rogers together at Chastain Amphitheater!¬† To say I am excited is an understatement.¬† MM and I have seen a few acts over the years at Chastain most notable were The Pet Shop Boys and Willie Nelson – both were fantastic nights.¬† Chastain is a a great open air venue and everyone takes picnics and wine – some very well organized folks even take along cushions, folding tables and and wine coolers – my wine never lasts long enough to need one.¬† All morning I have been reacquainting myself with ‘Galveston’, ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’ and ‘The Gambler’ – I am giddy with excitement!¬† Oh and Loretta Lynn is playing there on the 24th August – if I can guarantee she’ll play from her Van Lear Rose album I’ll be buying tickets again – imagine if Jack White made a guest appearance!!

I worked out again this morning at the Y so I’m feeling quite happy with myself!¬† I even seem to have got the gym bag packing down to a fine art – I used to really dislike getting ready at the gym before heading to work as I always found I’d forgotten something.¬† Well I seem to have cracked the code but I’m still walking out of the house with a work bag, gym bag and pool bag every day – it requires a lot of careful planning:)

I was inspired to wear an ‘old’ Boden tunic today after seeing Beth wear hers the other day.¬† This tunic is one of the first women’s wear items that I bought from Boden, and marks the time I became interested in clothes again after losing all my weight.¬† I love it and have it in the pinky color too.¬† I wore this taupe one when I was sworn in as a US citizen so it always brings back great memories when I wear it.¬† I’ve paired it with another couple of Boden classics – my pink and orange espadrilles which were a sale bargain and I love them for adding a pop of color to a ‘beige’ outfit, along with my taupe long line cardigan – another sale bargain from summer 2011.

Becoming an American back in 2010:

Today’s ensemble:

Bad photo taken in the Ladies:)

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Boden Summer preview is here!

Hoooray!!  The Boden Summer Preview is out!  SO exciting and just what I need on a day where I have been nursing a horrible head cold:(  So to cheer myself up I have just ordered two Florence tunics, a Glam jersey tunic and a beach hoody for myself, plus some tees for my daughter (PRUS/PRV1 for 20% discount).

I recently returned the Relaxed knitted tunic in navy.¬† As much as I loved it it was just too short and see through to wear as a dress, and here in the heat of a Southern summer I would never wear it with capris or such.¬† Now I’m so happy I did return it as I have just ordered the Florence tunic in navy and fennel.¬† I loved last year’s Chic tunic that was very similar in style and I nabbed both the pansy and silver in the sale last year.¬† I wear both as dresses – they are the perfect length and weight.¬† This year I was really looking for a navy tunic, which I why I was so torn over the Relaxed knitted tunic.¬† I’m expecting the Florence to be perfect, so I ordered the fennel too – it should look amazing with a summer tan!

The Glam jersey tunic looks like a similar theme to last year’s Ibiza tunic and 2010’s fabulous jersey tunic – i.e. drapey jersey with beaded embellishment.¬† I have to say I hated last year’s Ibiza tunic when I first ordered it and returned it, but I found myself warming to it over the months and ordered it again in the sale at the bargain price of $35.¬† I haven’t worn it yet but I love the mercury colorway hanging in my closet.¬† I ordered the Glam jersey tunic in Purple Kaleidoscope – I like the multi colorway too but it looks very similar to the Ibiza tunic colors – so maybe a sale purchase later in the year?

The most exciting order has to be the towelling hoody.¬† I am thrilled there is now one for women.¬† I actually nearly bought a Mini Boden one in their largest size to try after falling in love with my daughter’s French blue one – well now I have one of mine own on it’s way for the pool!¬† (If you hear me say I bought something for the pool again please call me out – I don’t wear anything but a bikini by the pool, so I must stop justifying purchases like this!)

The head cold didn’t stop me having a lovely day with my daughter today.¬† We enjoyed a bit of retail therapy and then went for lunch at Whole Foods – one of her favorite places to eat.¬† She continually amazes me with her choice of food – she devoured mac ‘n’ cheese, broccoli and fried cat fish – she’s definitely a Southern girl.¬† She has been asking for sticker earrings for some time so with some reluctance I bought her a couple of packets.¬† Many of her friends have them so I don’t want her feeling left out, and I guess they are really only for playing dress up – but I really don’t want her dressing ‘too old’ too quick.¬† I’m hoping it may delay the requests for ear piercing but I fear it may only hasten them.¬† I’ve told her she needs to be at least 11yrs old, we’ll see how well I stick to that over the next few years!

Given all the shoes in my closet I can’t believe I wore my flannel Revas again!¬† I must pick out some other shoes tomorrow!¬† I paired them with my Gap boyfriend jeans, Boden LE sparkle pocket cardigan and then I tried a bit of color blocking with my Boden long sleeved tee (both last season) and JCrew pink linen scarf – come on spring I’m ready!

Boden LE sparkle pocket cardigan