The tooth fairy came the other night.  Poppy has already lost the two front lower ones but now the first top one has gone!  She was actually very brave and gave it a tough yank herself to get it out – she was determined to get that $5!  I remember the days it was just 10p per tooth – showing my age again I guess.

It seems a long time since I wore a dress/tunic which is unusual for me so today I popped on last year’s Boden chic linen tunic.  Given it’s a very flat grey/silver color – the same color as the sky here today – I decided to elevate it with a bit of neon – not sure if I’ve overdone it with the lime J.Crew scarf, pink J.Crew cardigan and pink Tory Burch Revas?  So funny too – I walked into the office and my colleague, who I have converted to Boden, is wearing exactly the same tunic with black leggings and a black jacket – it’s the new Halcyon Media uniform:) Sorry for the fuzzy photo – was too much in a rush this morning and too tired again after another late night listening to Bill.

Give me strength this afternoon – I have a 2hr session at the Y with swim team followed by gymnastics for Poppy – which means instead of sitting on my backside watching, my guilty conscience will force me into the gym – 2hrs in the steam room may be preferable:)

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2 thoughts on “Flourescing.

  1. Diane Hyman

    Cute pic of Poppy. My daughter Sadie has lost 2 teeth this week, so it’s been expensive here. Loving the Fluoro scarf, really brightens up an outfit .



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