Summer cold.

So all the temperature extremes are taking their toll – from 95 degree temperatures to freezing cold air conditioning – I have a head cold:(  Or as MM suggested it could be the extreme fumes from the new hardwoods in the bedroom being treated yesterday – we must have all been high as kites yesterday – even with the bedroom doors closed the fumes made their way around the house thanks to the air ducts.  The plumber is here today putting in the new faucets – the finish line is in sight!!

I’m taking Poppy to the hairdressers today for a ‘grown up’ hair cut.  She had a go at cutting her own fringe the other day much to my horror and she flattly denied it – even with the evidence presented – locks of hair sitting next to scissors.  She needs to get far better at hiding her misdemeanors!  Preparation for back to school is in full swing and some counties even went back today…I’m not ready for summer to end.

With that thought I did some reckoning and we’ve probably got at least 12 weeks left of above 80 degree temperatures here – so with that in mind I just checked out these fabulous tropical print pants from Zara.  I’ve seen them on several blogs this season but it’s only now, having adapted well enough to the concept of printed pants, that I felt brave enough to buy them.  They were just $19.99 on the ‘last sizes’ section and I grabbed the last pair of 6s – lucky me!

Today I threw on one of my favorite Boden tunics – these Fab jersey tunics are so comfortable and summery.  They are currently in the clearance and the pebble color is only $31.20 – Egyptomaniac is wearing it here and she looks adorable in EVERYTHING!  This is the moss color and it goes great with navy and pink.  I always pair it with my Tory Burch navy patent Eddie ballet flats.

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7 thoughts on “Summer cold.

  1. claire

    I debated so many times about whether to get that tunic or not – but in prune. In the end I found one in the sale but in the time it took me to go get my wallet to seal the deal it went out of stock. I abandoned the rest of the basket because I was in such a huff! Humph – next time I will not dither so much.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I have the prune too and love it – it might be worth watching eBay for one to appear – they are lovely – so comfortable – but Boden seem to do this style most seasons – I got the animal print ones from last AW season which are really similar.

  2. Diane

    Loving the printed jeans, I haven’t yet succumbed to patterned trousers, but have ordered the seam detail trousers from Boden, they are an a wait list but I love them ( or at least I love what I think they will look like on me) , have you received your autumn preview order? Do we get a sneaky peek ( I know you are height of summer over there, but for us Brits who are experiencing a 9 month autumn/ winter – I’m sure I can’t be the only one wanting a preview, so we know what to order )

    Glad the builders are nearly through, I’m sure it will all be worth it


  3. dinagideon

    Haha, I liked it when you said, “I reckon we have 12 more weeks of 80 degree plus days around here.” Yep, that is the South in summer. LOL. DC might have 11 weeks. 🙂 But based on last year, we could go straight through till next summer with no break from the heat. I kid, but I am not anticipating bringing out any of my heavier jackets until January, if then.

    Sorry again about your cold, but if anything helps, a gorgeous pair of floral jeans definitely is right up there…

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I’m pretending it’s winter today – I think I need a proper winter break somewhere as I REALLY miss wearing heavy coats and scarves…I was looking at the Boden velvet trim coat and just can’t justify it – I don’t think I wore a proper coat last year! Cold on the mend but still feeling sorry for myself – I’m a terrible patient:)


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