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Back to school!

So we were out there at 6.40am this morning in the dark, waiting for the bus for 1st grade!  Fortunately Poppy was very excited and so wasn’t too grumpy at the early morning routine but gosh I’m certainly not used to it!  Did not appreciate the 5.45am alarm bell this morning.  Of course the bus was late so goodness knows what time she will actually be delivered home today – a bit chaotic with a new bus driver and new bus routes this year.

Hugh has started pre-K too so a big day for us all.  To celebrate the start of a new school year we took them out for lunch yesterday.  Now I have to say we took them to one of my favorite lunch locations – Pizze Fritte – and yes Poppy doesn’t like pizza – so I guess it was a tad unfair, but I also claimed the lunch as my early birthday lunch before Friday – hence the 2 glasses of prosecco…at least Poppy enjoyed her fries:) I wore my Zara butterfly top and blue pants, which can’t be seen here but needless to say I felt very colorful!  Notice how they put families with noisy children in the far corner away from the other patrons…or maybe that table is saved for families with noisy mothers?

This week is hopefully our last week of work at the house…just a few loose ends to finish up and cleaning to do – so bear with me while my morning photos are still so dark and grainy – hopefully next week we’ll be back up in our beautiful, bright bedroom thanks to our new windows!

Today I’m wearing my fab Zara cargo pants, pink Zara linen t-shirt from the sale, AllSaints Itat shrug and Tory Burch pink Eddie flats.  Feeling very comfy on a drizzly Atlanta day.


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School open house…

I’m grumpy.  Have a miserable cold and I was in bed at 7pm last night dosed up with NyQuil.  Head feels stuffed with cotton wool and I am warm and feel fuzzy – but not the good warm and fuzzy:(  This morning should have been more fun than it was.  We headed off to the elementary school for our open morning to get ready for Monday when term starts.  Last year I was hungover after my 40th – not good for meeting your kindergarten teacher for the first time – this year my senses were dulled due to cold medication…Not ideal for being bubbly and chatty and trying to remember parents’ names from the last time you met them.  I’m sure they must all think I’m weird by now.

Plus I’ve been dealing with the transportation department for our school district.  Lots of issues regarding bus drivers, times and routes – and somehow I managed to be volunteered as ‘bus mom’ for this year.  I’ll be passing that baton on next year for sure:)  So 20 or so calls placed with the Superintendent and the Director of transportation and guess how many returned calls – yup – zero.  Useless.  Not looking forward to that 6.44am bus stop on Monday.

Also Hugh is off today for ‘teacher work day’ so I am parenting 2 hyper children, solo, with a cold…brilliant.  Tempted to sit them in front of Disney all day while I drown my sorrows online shopping…but no supermom here has agreed to take them to the pool…madness, sheer utter insanity – someone cart me away now.

Anyway tried to dress the part of the uber cool, urban mom this morning and probably ended up looking like mutton though I did the mutton test with MM and he passed me.  Anyway as I said all the other parents probably think I’m weird anyway by now:)  So I am wearing my favorite Zara cargo pants and a Zara top bought in the sale, with Tory Burch black patent Eddie flats and a necklace from H&M.

Wish me luck at the pool!:)

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Summer cold.

So all the temperature extremes are taking their toll – from 95 degree temperatures to freezing cold air conditioning – I have a head cold:(  Or as MM suggested it could be the extreme fumes from the new hardwoods in the bedroom being treated yesterday – we must have all been high as kites yesterday – even with the bedroom doors closed the fumes made their way around the house thanks to the air ducts.  The plumber is here today putting in the new faucets – the finish line is in sight!!

I’m taking Poppy to the hairdressers today for a ‘grown up’ hair cut.  She had a go at cutting her own fringe the other day much to my horror and she flattly denied it – even with the evidence presented – locks of hair sitting next to scissors.  She needs to get far better at hiding her misdemeanors!  Preparation for back to school is in full swing and some counties even went back today…I’m not ready for summer to end.

With that thought I did some reckoning and we’ve probably got at least 12 weeks left of above 80 degree temperatures here – so with that in mind I just checked out these fabulous tropical print pants from Zara.  I’ve seen them on several blogs this season but it’s only now, having adapted well enough to the concept of printed pants, that I felt brave enough to buy them.  They were just $19.99 on the ‘last sizes’ section and I grabbed the last pair of 6s – lucky me!

Today I threw on one of my favorite Boden tunics – these Fab jersey tunics are so comfortable and summery.  They are currently in the clearance and the pebble color is only $31.20 – Egyptomaniac is wearing it here and she looks adorable in EVERYTHING!  This is the moss color and it goes great with navy and pink.  I always pair it with my Tory Burch navy patent Eddie ballet flats.

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The desk is built!

Hurray!  The IKEA desk is now assembled!  After the exhausting weekend I have to say the last thing I felt like doing last night was battling my way through a flat pack but what with guests arriving from Sweden on Thursday the rest of the week is going to be filled with tidying and cleaning.  Last night was my only chance to get the desk erected before Friday.  The process began as expected with MM watching, pointing out the bleeding obvious and lining up the screws and pegs for me while I battled with huge, heavy pieces of chip board.  He was also very handy at taking photos of me.  I am actually glad he was around though, as I did need him to help do some of the heavy lifting – these things ain’t light!

The desk is now hidden under a sheet in the dining room until I can put it in Poppy’s room while she is at school on Friday.  The plan is to hang her new pictures, mirror and basically rearrange her room while she is out so she can be surprised with her ‘big girl’ room on her return!  I can’t wait to see her face!

Of course I did find time in between dinner and flat pack hell to do a little online shopping.  I had polled some friends earlier in the day on whether to jumpsuit or not?  Meaning is it something the every day woman can get away with?  I’ve avoided them so far thinking that only a 6ft skinny bird can wear them and look good, but then I stumbled on this stunner in the AllSaints archive.

It looks a lovely drapey, heavy jersey and I think it would look fab for a bit of evening glamour with heels, and it could be worn throughout the year, pairing it with a jacket in the colder seasons.  The poll results were divided so I decided to take the plunge and order it – I’ll let you all have your say when it arrives and I try it on.

I also ordered this gorgeous top in chalk blush which I’m hoping to pair with the vintage pink Petrel Brodies.  I decided against the Prey sequin vest as I remembered I had a couple of cheaper versions from Express that will do just nicely.  This top is much more unique and I love the colors.

Earlier in the day, on my way back from picking my little man up from daycare I happened to be driving by DSW and thought we could take a quick look before going home – what better place to take a 4 and 6 year old?  The only reason I wanted to nip in was that I had seen a pair of shoes on sale that I knew would go with my new items.  I’ve found that I’m a much better shopper these days.  I do procrastinate a little but online shopping definitely allows me to build a great capsule collection of new pieces instead of making impulsive mall purchases of lots of items that don’t coordinate.

Here are the lovely wedges that I got for a bargain of $50 – in store there was an additional 30% off!

We’re off to watch my daughter’s class perform the Three Piggy Opera today which should be fun, and then I am off home to start cleaning the house ready for S. and his girlfriend’s arrival – I am so looking forward to seeing them and partying all weekend!  I shan’t be cleaning in these but I’m wearing my AllSaints Phinius dress (here’s the top), Boden leggings and my Tory Burch black patent Eddies.  I love this dress and it’s also super cute with cowboy boots and bare legs.



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My Addictions #2 Tory Burch Shoes

So it’s time to ‘fess up again about another addiction/obsession.  Up until a few years ago I would never have dreamed of spending $200 on a pair of shoes when I could get at least 4 for that price…that was until I discovered Tory Burch.  MM may live to regret this but he was the one that initially encouraged me to look her ballet flats.  He is a little bit of a shoeaholic himself in so much that he is a true believer of quality over quantity, so I have an enabler.

After having my son and in the heat of Georgia I found that I was only ever wearing flats.  I was tired of feeling frumpy and really wanted some ‘fancy’ flats for going out in.  I’m not a fan of ’boutique’ stores but with some trepidation I made my way to Phipps Plaza and entered the wonderful world of Tory Burch.  If you ever get the chance to go in one of her stores do.  They are so intimate and personal and the service I have experienced has always been great – not intimidating or snobby at all.  The stores are full of wonderful colors, her signature pink and orange, and they usually have one of her candles burning so it smells exquisite.  On my first visit I had my son in the stroller with me – not ideal for a small store but still we managed.  I knew exactly what I wanted – some gold Tory Burch Revas.  I had palpitations leaving the store with my pink and orange bag, I was so excited!  Revas are named after Tory’s mother and they are a classic ballet flat with the T logo, and I find they fit beautifully and really flatter my feet.  After the gold pair came a black pair that I wore for work with palazzo pants in the summer.  All in all I now have the following colors: gold, black, hibiscus pink, nectarine, bleach, Tory red, espresso suede, camel, mouse and grey flannel.  My caveat is that some were in the sale and one pair was a gift:)

Tory Red Revas

Tory Red Revas.

Yes that’s a lot of Revas I hear you say – but wait – then came the sandals – the brown Holly sandal and the black and tan Emmy sandals.  Most recently I have discovered the joys of the Eddie flat – it has a little less bling than the Reva having no emblem on it, and has the most gorgeous, spongy insole – they are incredibly comfortably – I adore them and have them in musk, silver, camilla pink, black and navy – all patent.

Tory navy Eddies

Tory Navy Eddies.

Maybe I should say here that I care for them well, and I’m not heavy on my feet so hope to get many years out of each of them…and obviously the more I add to my collection the less each gets worn.  Sometimes I open my closet door just to admire my tower of pink and orange boxes.

Towering pink and orange boxes

In need of a bigger shoe closet.

The collection

The current collection.

Going to her website to look for links for this post has been a difficult exercise – I’ve now started lusting after the peacock feather Revas, leaf green Eddies and turquoise Emmys – resistance is futile.