Window shopping.

With the impending house renovations I REALLY am trying to curb my personal spending.  It’s hard though.  Sometimes I try to ‘bulk’ buy at the start of a season and tell myself ‘right I’m done now, I have this season’s closet, no more purchases needed’.  It never works.  I should know by now that the canny retailers keep us coming back month after month, or week after week in some cases, as their new items hit the stores.  I thought that by ceasing my visits to the mall this would stop me from seeing anything new and therefore my austerity measures would be intact.  Only problem is I use my computer every day and for some reason when I need a break I find myself visiting, or today it was  I’m an online window shopping addict – or should that be just shopping addict?

Several things unfortunately caught my eye today that I am now lusting after.  This gorgeous top is from AllSaints and is the perfect little number for summer cocktails.

Paired with these Petrel Brodie jeans in vintage pink it would look fabulous.  I actually want these jeans in all the colors available and I’m planning a little trying on session soon with my favorite AllSaints employee, Charlie, at the Bloomingdale’s concession in Lenox Mall!

I was inspired to visit the Zara website after visiting blog by Kat back in England.  She also got a mention in the Daily Mail article and I love her style – very urban chic and she accessorizes brilliantly.  She loves Zara and though we have one here in Atlanta I rarely go in there.  Now unfortunately I have discovered that their website is brilliant and what’s even better is that free shipping is standard – hooray!

It’s their shoes I have particularly fallen in love with.  These black pumps are just gorgeous and are on my wish list.

Now these sandals were on my wish list but as I kept flipping back to them this morning I managed to convince myself that $50 for a pair of fabulous looking sandals was too good to miss – so they are now heading my way courtesy of UPS.  I need to earn more money as I want them in every color.  I hope they fit as I find sandals really hard to buy – I have funny sticky out toes and they get stuck in strappy sandals and hang out of the sides – an appalling look, so I’m hoping this single strap at the front will keep my little toes safely ensconced.

I now feel horribly guilty about ordering them as we just went to pick granite out for the new bathroom and kitchen counter tops.  Of course the granite we like is the most expensive – surely $50 sandals won’t stop me getting the granite of my choice?

It’s raining here today so a bit cooler than it has been.  I decided to take advantage of it and wear some jeans while I can.  These are dark green legging jeans from Gap, worn with a snake print tee shirt from Express and my black patent Tory Burch Eddies.  My studded cuff is also Tory Burch.  I car pooled with MM today so was lucky enough to have a photographer – thanks honey:)

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5 thoughts on “Window shopping.

  1. Does my bum look 40 in this?

    Can’t see the pic of the basic sandal but I think i know exactly what you mean – they do them in turquoise blue colourway/pink colourway/black and peach and plain black? I’ve ordered the plain black ones as they didn’t have my size instore. Just love them.

    I absolutely LOVE the black pumps. Hubba hubba – haven’t seen those but am SO going to be checking them out on Friday. My fave pointed pumps are from there – their shoes are just utterly fabulous. They look so much more expensive than they are.

    And loving the All Saints purchases. That little vest is gorgeous in the flesh, as is the t-shirt version of it. Have to say I have been tempted more than once. All of All Saints’ sequin garments, whilst not cheap are such great quality for the money.

    Thank you so much for the mention – and so so pleased to have been a shopping enabler! Honestly you will become completely addicted to Zara – I defy you not to.

    Kat xxxxxx

  2. Poppy's Style Post author

    Yes they are the ones! I am waiting for my size to come back in stock in the black as I shall surely be needing them – I love the purple and red ones too! I’m heading back to England next month so I am looking forward to visiting some good old UK brands – very intrigued by all the hype about Primark!

    I adore AllSaints – my downfall – but I love how unique their detailing and cuts are. I just got the dissolve dress a few weeks ago which will look perfect with my new Zara sandals!

    We’re all enablers – thank god I don’t drink with you:) xx

  3. Running in Mommyland

    Going to check out Does My Bum Look 40? as soon as I post to you!

    My sister and I have a little joke. We call it our imaginary shopping carts. Whenever we talk we ask what’s waiting in each others online carts. We LOVE to shop, but since we can’t have every single thing we’d like we put them in our carts and if the things are still there or we are still pining over them days later, then we seriously consider buying. It’s like a game…. the online shopping thing.

    I have my favorites that I check daily. They are Lululemon, Boden, J.crew, Madewell. Others I check when I remember…. Saks, Nordstrom, Tory Burch online, Anthroplogie. I think I must add Zara and All Saints to the lists!

  4. Fab At Any Age

    I love those Zara sandals, it seems a lot of bloggers have them but they are lush! I have a pair of Zara heels I have had for a few years and still love them x


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