Calories burned > calories in.

Yesterday started early with a 10 mile run – my last long run before the Zooma half marathon next weekend.  I wasn’t sure I was in the mood for it as I woke at 7am but by the time I’d fueled myself with pancake and coffee I was excited to get going and the weather was perfect for 2 hours outside.  I was frustrated though as it took me a while to find my rhythm – sometimes I wonder why I don’t see the huge improvement I want over the course of several runs.  I find running is definitely mind over matter and once you feel out of sync it’s difficult to pull it back.  I can set out feeling exactly the same and run a scorcher one day and fall completely flat another.  Anyway I managed to get going and forced myself to floor it going up the long hill which we like to torture ourselves with.  I have a new mantra which I keep reciting in my head since I got my Newtons, ‘land, lever, lift’ – it’s quite a good rhythm to run to!  We set a good pace but I wish I’d finished stronger – I guess I’ll keep that with me as I run along a nice flat course next week aiming for a PB:)

I was very grateful to MM who not only watched the kids while I was running but then allowed me to have a nap for an hour to recharge before we headed out to dinner with Mike.  I felt like a million dollars after a good sleep and knew I could indulge guilt free after all the calories burned that morning!  I chose to wear my new AllSaints Dissolve dress.  I just love it.  It is a simple t-shirt dress with a little bit extra – and I love the long sleeves but it’s still light enough to wear on a warm evening.  I think all AllSaints clothes run big and this is a UK size 8 which I could never get into in other brands.  The Economist had this interesting piece on size inflation the other week – talk about vanity sizing! The skirt is lovely and kicks out perfectly – I have to say I felt dead sexy in it (without wanting to sound like Samantha Brick – though I recently heard a friend had labeled me a narcissist for my blogging…not bothered lol).

We had a great evening, with good conversation.  Abattoir is always one of our favorite spots and last night they had lots of my favorite vegetable on the menu – rhubarb.  My cocktail was a Rhubarb Ricky – delicious!

So a little tired today but looking forward to a fun day in the sun again.  Maybe the paddling pool will come out for the first time, and then we’re grilling out later.  I have the perfect Boden stripy tunic to wear.  This dusk stripe was actually my least favorite color of the four I bought, but I have to say I love it on – even MM said he loved it and he initially preferred the darker radish and French blue ones.  My dermatologist will be mad but everything does look a little better with a bit of sun on the skin – don’t worry I’m still wearing my SPF 30!


14 thoughts on “Calories burned > calories in.

  1. @

    Looking great as usual I wanted that tunic but it has sold out in the uk in my size but I am keeping an eye out for a return. Been meaning to write a reply since I noticed you were originally a bury lass , I am originally from nearby Oldham but now live in sale but took a trip out to whitefield yesterday to visit slattery s chocolatier ( I don’t know whether you are familiar with it). I am trying to motivate myself to start running, I used to have gym membership but have decided i wanted to save money.
    Anyway keep blogging they brighten up my day
    Take care


    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Hi Diane – such a sweet thing to say – you have brightened up my day!! It’s so great to hear when people enjoy reading my posts.

      Regarding running I definitely think it is more rewarding than a gym. I know it’s tougher over there when the weather is so unpredictable but just start off with short distances and relish in the little achievements. When I reach a goal I treat myself to some new workout gear – it’s great motivation – especially as the sizes get smaller!

      I had lots of good friends that lived in Whitefield – I remember they all used to get the 135 bus home and I headed the other way wishing I was with them!


  2. annewoodman

    Love the AllSaints dress! And I’ve got a 10-miler race next weekend, too. Sometimes long runs do feel a bit out of sync… there is an up-and-down quality to long-term running–I can totally relate. Hope your race goes well next weekend!

  3. Running in Mommyland

    I am on the fence about running the 10 miler next week, but since Anne is going I may have to do it and search her out!
    On the fashion front… I have never tried AllSaints, but thanks to your link was able to browse a bit until their website went wonky. WIll be going back. Also ordered the Stripy Tunic, but cancelled the order since I need it before 6 weeks. Ordered the Stylemint red and white striped dress instead. We shall see if it works!
    Have a fun day!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Their online sales are pretty good – you can save on tax too if there’s no store in your state. We have a concession here in Bloomingdale’s so if in doubt I can nip in to check sizing. They are definitely a bit edgier than Boden – more urban. I love the biased cuts though and the detailing of the exposed seams etc. I have quite a collection of their knitwear! Shame about the tunic – I can’t believe how many Boden items are already out of stock – I think the Real Simple ads they’ve been running must have worked better than anticipated! Hope the dress works out – and of course you’ve got to run next week! x

  4. Joanna Galys

    I love AllSaints dress – you look great! And I thought, I have just a pair of shoes to go with… I am 10UK with problem waist – do you think 8UK size would be ok? I am seriously tempted and don’t know this brand.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I have no waist, 5’6″ and about 140lbs on a good day – I definitely think a UK 8 would fit you – rather than a 10 – it’s stretchy cotton and fits well across my 36 C/D bust. I find all their clothes fit big – in some really loose style tees I even have the UK 6! I get a US 6/UK 10 Boden so it makes sense a UK 8 in AllSaints will work. I recommend some great shape wear beneath it too for a good smooth line:) Can’t wait to hear if you take the plunge!

  5. Liz

    Could you please be my stylist!?? I love the stripey tunic. I love everything that Boden carries, but I do not have the first clue on what would look good on me. I guess it doesn’t help when you are 4’11 and short waisted, huh!


    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      If that’s the case I think the stripy tunic will work great on you – I know lots of friends who are of shorter stature that wear the tunics as dresses. If anything the stripy tunic is about 3 inches too short for me to wear as a dress – though I do – it can be a little indecent and I have to watch how I bend down:) I highly recommend trying some of their tunics as dresses plus many are now done in petite sizing. Take a look at the notch neck tunic and the Ibiza tunic – two of my favorites this season. I’m tempted by the Hotchpotch tunic and spiral tunic too. You can’t lose with a tunic – just keep the accessories minimal and you’ll look fab with either flip flops or ballet flats! Let me know if you take the plunge!

  6. Christine @ Love, Life, Surf

    I love that AllSaints dress. I don’t know why but I’ve always been intimidated to try on their things. Hmmm, maybe I will have to give it a go. As for running, I completely agree that running is at least 90% mental and training for any race is as much about physical strength as mental strength. But I’ve also come to realize that I learn something from every run – good or bad – and I can take that into the next run or race. Sticking with the 10 miler and charging up the hill will definitely have you prepared for your half marathon! Good luck!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      No need to feel intimidated – at first I thought all their clothes would be designed to fit pre-pubescent model types but actually they fit great. I love their knitwear, tees and casual dresses. Maybe there is a store or department store concession near you? If not their online return policy is pretty good and I’ve never had any problems with refunds from them.

      Thanks for the running motivation – I’ll take it – the new playlist I just put together should help too!


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