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Calories burned > calories in.

Yesterday started early with a 10 mile run – my last long run before the Zooma half marathon next weekend.  I wasn’t sure I was in the mood for it as I woke at 7am but by the time I’d fueled myself with pancake and coffee I was excited to get going and the weather was perfect for 2 hours outside.  I was frustrated though as it took me a while to find my rhythm – sometimes I wonder why I don’t see the huge improvement I want over the course of several runs.  I find running is definitely mind over matter and once you feel out of sync it’s difficult to pull it back.  I can set out feeling exactly the same and run a scorcher one day and fall completely flat another.  Anyway I managed to get going and forced myself to floor it going up the long hill which we like to torture ourselves with.  I have a new mantra which I keep reciting in my head since I got my Newtons, ‘land, lever, lift’ – it’s quite a good rhythm to run to!  We set a good pace but I wish I’d finished stronger – I guess I’ll keep that with me as I run along a nice flat course next week aiming for a PB:)

I was very grateful to MM who not only watched the kids while I was running but then allowed me to have a nap for an hour to recharge before we headed out to dinner with Mike.  I felt like a million dollars after a good sleep and knew I could indulge guilt free after all the calories burned that morning!  I chose to wear my new AllSaints Dissolve dress.  I just love it.  It is a simple t-shirt dress with a little bit extra – and I love the long sleeves but it’s still light enough to wear on a warm evening.  I think all AllSaints clothes run big and this is a UK size 8 which I could never get into in other brands.  The Economist had this interesting piece on size inflation the other week – talk about vanity sizing! The skirt is lovely and kicks out perfectly – I have to say I felt dead sexy in it (without wanting to sound like Samantha Brick – though I recently heard a friend had labeled me a narcissist for my blogging…not bothered lol).

We had a great evening, with good conversation.  Abattoir is always one of our favorite spots and last night they had lots of my favorite vegetable on the menu – rhubarb.  My cocktail was a Rhubarb Ricky – delicious!

So a little tired today but looking forward to a fun day in the sun again.  Maybe the paddling pool will come out for the first time, and then we’re grilling out later.  I have the perfect Boden stripy tunic to wear.  This dusk stripe was actually my least favorite color of the four I bought, but I have to say I love it on – even MM said he loved it and he initially preferred the darker radish and French blue ones.  My dermatologist will be mad but everything does look a little better with a bit of sun on the skin – don’t worry I’m still wearing my SPF 30!