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Last supper.

Two weeks have flown by and tomorrow we will be leaving on a jet plane to return to soaring Atlanta temperatures.  We’ve had a fabulous vacation seeing family, days out, shopping trips and great food so it is bitter sweet that we head home to see Daddy and the dogs who have been missed greatly.  The bags are packed and yes I managed to squeeze in my ‘souvenirs’ though I have sacrificed MM’s tea bags – though we can buy them over there!

My brother and his family are heading over for dinner again so Mum is making one last family dinner for us all before we return next year – we’ve had lamb and beef so of course today it’s time for roast pork and crackling mmm!

I wish I had a long mirror to show you the Primark jeans in their full glory – they are definitely growing on me – especially now I have styled them with my white AllSaints Tilly t-shirt and my H&M linen top – more muted colors are definitely required with these jeans!

So see you soon back on the other side of the Atlantic!


Okay asked Poppy to take a photo for the legs – she would only take it sitting down while watching CBeebies so it is hideously unflattering and dark but here you go:)


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Shopping with no kids!!!

After the harried shopping trip at the Trafford Center the other week I was determined to have a trip to the shops without the kids so this morning my sister and I ventured into Bury without 3 of our children but decided not to overwhelm Mum too much so took baby Tom with us – who was an absolute joy and slept the whole time!  Bury has been somewhat transformed in recent years and now hosts a Primark, H&M, Oasis and Top Shop so I was excited to experience some UK style and buy a couple of ‘souvenirs’:)

I have heard a lot about Primark‘s renaissance from my blogging buddies but had yet to visit a store myself.  I must admit I was a bit overwhelmed when I entered but knowing time was on my side I started to work through the store systematically.  I actually entered the changing room with quite a few tops – I think I was just terribly excited about seeing all the five pound stickers!  Some of it, I hate to have to say it, was just too ‘young’ for me – way too much mutton dressed as lamb going on.  I did leave however with two fabulously patriotic t-shirts that I can have fun wearing under a blazer or with shorts back home – I just wish the London bus was going somewhere more glamorous than Croydon.  The floral jeans that I have seen Doesmybumlook40 and Suburban Style endorsing were in the sale, also at five pounds, and I even though I am still extremely skeptical about them, I bought them – who can put a pair of jeans back on the rack that only cost a fiver??  That’s less than a margarita!

On then to H&M which of course I have access to in Atlanta but I wanted to do a compare and contrast.  If anything the prices are pretty similar when converted, the selection in Bury of course was just a wee bit limited.  Ever the conquering hero I still managed to walk out with 3 items.  I’d tried on a similar top to the grey one shown below in Express back in Atlanta – I love the ruching that is very flattering over a ‘yes I’ve had babies’ tummy.  The one in Express was $49.90 which I thought was pretty pricey and these in H&M were only 12.99GBP (have you guessed yet that I can’t find the pound sign on my laptop!).  Anyway I walked out with it in this gorgeous grey and a white one – both will pair perfectly with my Zara harem pants.

This dress caught my eye due to my love of prints and also the fact it’s a jersey dress with a fuller skirt – snapped up for just 12.99GBP – what a bargain!

Finally on to Top Shop.  I used to love going into their flagship store at Oxford Circus in my London days and had the best silver skinny trousers from there circa. 1995!  Anyway again the mutton radar kicked in so I avoided anything shiny but fell in love with this asymmetrical t-shirt and only 16GBP!

My final purchase was another risky one – they could make me look like a complete hippy or they could be the coolest, comfiest pants ever – I’m going to wear them to travel in on Sunday just so I can gauge MM’s reaction when he meets us – he was wearing pants like this in 1990.  Oh how fashions come around again.  Speaking of which the late 80s/early 90s are in full swing in Bury – I’ve never seen so many pairs of pants with elastic ankles paired with espadrilles – and that’s just on the boys – very Howard Jones:)

I headed out in my Express cropped black jeans which are super comfy and my AllSaints plume jumper, worn with an old H&M scarf – it started of fairly warm here but there are plenty of clouds rumbling over us!

Oh I forgot – there was one more purchase – a bag of Holland’s steak and kidney puddings – I can’t really leave the North West without having one can I?  So a fabulous haul and a fabulous morning with little sis.  Now on to an afternoon of drinking Pimms – well Wimbledon is on isn’t it?  I just cannot wait for the Tour de France to start this weekend!!

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Not much changes.

And I mean it in a good way.  Despite some of the the changes that have occurred in our lives including the universities, career choices and 7 children, my night out with S. last night was filled with as much laughter as I remember them 22 years ago!  I arrived at her house not really knowing what to expect from the evening – it even crossed my mind for one horrible moment that she might not drink anymore!  In order to set the tone I arrived with a bottle of Prosecco and 5mins after entering the door any onlooker would have had a hard time believing we hadn’t seen or spoke to each other properly since 1989 or so.  I met her five gorgeous children and marveled at how on earth she remains sane – she assured me she wasn’t but bloody hell it made me wonder why I complain about feeling tired and frustrated with just 2 children!  We then went out to a place called The First Chop – a tapas bar in Ramsbottom – a very appropriate venue giving the Spain vs. Portugal game was on.  Good food was eaten and copious wine was drunk.  We rehashed some of our school days agreeing that really an all girls grammar school hadn’t done us many favors in the long run – and surprisingly we still have a few lingering hang ups and regrets – silly really – we need to move on and get a grip.  Anyway thrilled to have rekindled a fabulous friendship – it just goes to show that it’s worth reaching out sometimes even when you think too much time may have passed.

It was a really warm, humid evening here so I opted to wear my AllSaints Pipali tank, Gap black skinny jeans and Tory Burch ballet flats – yeah the ballet flats got worn!

I asked my lovely sister to photograph me to begin with but as you can see it was getting a bit mental in the lounge – chaos.

We don’t look bad for 22 years on either:)

The children unfortunately had no compassion for me this morning and were still pinging off the walls at 6.30am – uuurggh.  After deciding not to be a wimp about a late night out we headed to the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester – highly recommended for anyone with children.  It is full of planes, trains and automobiles, turbines, steam engines and textile machines.  There is even a children’s interactive area where they can run riot and touch everything.  Brilliant stuff for Mum shuffling along behind them with a large bottle of water:)

Poppy and Hugh found our vacation transport for next year.

A Sinclair C5 – I bet everyone would have one if they were introduced today!

Mmmmm ham butties.

The Enterprise – I want this.

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I brought too much.

Yes not surprisingly I brought too much stuff with us.  The lifestyle, the walking, and the weather over here really don’t require the array of outfits that I packed.  The need for 2 pairs of ballet flats completely obviated by consistently soggy ground and puddles.  Remind me next year folks to just bring jeans, a couple of t-shirts and a couple of sweaters – it’s all I’ve really worn.  Not that I’m complaining but it would have been nice to be able to wear a jacket other than my Patagonia Nano in June!  Well in fact I did yesterday and made a HUGE error in judgement but more on that in a moment!

On Monday we ventured off to Skipton.  Now don’t ask me why my family has always had an affinity with West Yorkshire but ever since I can remember we have been having family day trips to the lovely town of Skipton.  It’s just far enough to feel like a ‘proper day out’ and yet not too far where it feels you’re not home till dark – though that would be tough here right now – completely WEIRD that the sun is not setting till at least 10pm and rising at a ridiculously early hour.  My brother and his family joined us and we set off in convoy.

Now Skipton is a huge draw for me due to the fabulous fish and chips that it has to offer, so after a walk around the market we headed to Bizzie Lizzie’s for lunch.  Thankfully both children seem to have embraced this British institution too, though sadly remain skeptical about mushy peas.

Hugh overjoyed at the prospect of fish and chips.  Me in my Boden must have jumper in quail egg and Breton long sleeved top.  Boden’s sale will start soon but they have 40% off select styles now – take advantage if you have your eye on something it may not be there in the sale!

On then to Bolton Abbey.  This ruin has to be set in some of the most beautiful countryside in Britain.  It is idyllic and you can walk along the river through wild garlic, blue bells and foxgloves – just gorgeous – even with 2 very tired children.  I never thought I’d be the Mum urging them on and telling them the car park is ‘just around the corner’ around every corner:)

Aggressive ducks who enjoyed Hugh’s peanut butter sandwiches!

The rock climbing got a little too adventurous for me!


At the Strid with Grandad.

Bolton Abbey is also very dear to my heart as when MM and I were trying to select a venue for our non-religious but still white wedding we landed on the Devonshire Arms – the perfect place – a bit posh but fairly unpretentious (if you don’t count the helicopter pad) – so I got to show the children yet again where Mum and Dad got married, and a few years later my sister and her husband.

Yesterday we ventured off out again, this time Chester Zoo.  Chester Zoo has changed dramatically since I was little – it’s a fabulous zoo, well looked after, clean, and large with tonnes of great animals to see.  The weather was glorious as we packed the car up in Bury – in fact I nearly put my shorts on and I got to wear my Wayfarers for the first time here!

Waiting to go – I’m in my Gap black skinnies, AllSaints Bonny Cuban boots, H&M linen long sleeved top and my Ray-Ban Wayfarers.

All Mini Bodened up:)

Now Chester Zoo isn’t that far away from Bury – we’re still in the North West of England anyway, but boy those skies darkened as we got closer to our destination.  It turned out to be that rain, very specific to the North West, that I like to call a fine, consistent, wet rain, wet as in drenched.  This is where my error in clothing was spectacular – my poor Boden leather jacket:(  The rest of my very sensible family were all prepared in their Gore-Tex waterproof jackets…not me – I didn’t get the memo.  Thankfully there seemed to be a coach load of Scousers wearing far more inappropriate attire than me – they were more fun to watch than the animals:)

I asked them to smile.

Wet, wet, wet.

The dinosaur exhibit – Hugh was far more interested in the inanimate, extinct animals.

The spitting dinosaur – couldn’t tell really due to the rain.

Awww – new baby tigers:)

Today we’re taking it easy.  My sister and her boys are coming over, I’m going for a run, and then I’m off out with an old school friend tonight.  I can’t wait to catch up – I saw her briefly last year, but really it’s been almost 20 years since and 7 children (she has 5!) since we had a night out together.  I bet neither one of us has changed too much.

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Donkeys, cows and sheep.

It was curry night last night.  I’m surprised there wasn’t a queue outside the front door it smelled so good.  Chicken madras with all the trimmings – yum.  My brother and his family joined us – apparently he pops round every so often when Mum is cooking his favorite or Dad has stock piled some beer – what a coincidence:)

I’ll mention it again but won’t go on I promise – the weather really hasn’t improved.  In fact before the calorific curry I went out for a run and I’m sure it took me twice as long as the wind was so strong.  Despite the weather we bundled up this morning to head for Bury Show.  It’s an agricultural show so it was a great opportunity to show Poppy and Hugh cows, horses, sheep, sheep dogs and a few real life farmers.  Once the falconry ‘expert’ retrieved his hawk we also saw a a few birds in flight – though the funniest part was watching him chase after said hawk while telling us how well trained his birds are.  It’s a wonder he wasn’t cursing over his mic.

Poppy met a member of the Bury constabulary and when he asked where she was from he proceeded to tell us he was off to the Jersey Shore for his holiday.  I asked him if he had seen the show and he replied “no but the Mrs has which is why she wants to go”.  Hmmm good luck with that mate.

Having fun in the garden with Space Hoppers.

Have you ever tried to explain sheep dog training to children?

Gorgeous Shire horses.

Sheep dogs and geese?

PC Pritchard

The most expensive donkey ride ever – total scam!

With Nana and Grandad.

No real fashion stakes to talk about today – Patagonia Nano pullover was certainly needed and the obligatory green wellies – even cooler as they were the ones I had 20 years ago!

Massive cows – didn’t mention we are having roast beef tonight:)

Biggest load of bull – rarely meant literally.

Sunday afternoon now means sitting with my beloved, well missed, Sunday papers, savoring the smell of roast beef and waiting for the England game tonight!  Poppy and Hugh are ready in their official M&S t-shirts, though they are a little confused between the football and the Olympics as they keep telling me they are supporting Team USA too.  We’ll figure it out before August I’m sure:)

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Slam in the Lamb.

The weather today is similar to my last visit.  All well and good except my last visit was early December.  It has been raining non stop, blowing a gale and it is is very dark – and yes it’s June 22nd.  Hard to believe just hours away on a plane it is almost 100 degrees with blue skies.  After a little consideration given to venturing out this morning we all decided better of it so we’ve had a lovely relaxing day watching movies and vegging on the sofa.  No point complaining bitterly about the weather – we decided to behave like grown ups – embrace it and go with the flow.

The kids have watched Wallace and Gromit about 10 times now and still giggle at the same points, never tiring of it.  I have raised my game on Bejeweled, surfed Facebook and enjoyed a few more chapters of the last of the Larsson trilogy.  Mum and Dad – the complete nutters – have just decided to go out for their daily 3 mile walk.  Poppy was either in awe, confused, or both as they left dressed head to toe in waterproofs.  I guess if you live here 365 days a year you can’t let the weather dictate your actions or you’d rarely leave the house.

I am writing with the smell of dinner wafting through – roast lamb – it smells divine.  I think I might actually be drooling.  It is the perfect day for a scrummy roast dinner cooked by your mum, who happens to be the best cook in the world.  It’s just a shame that all I can see across the road is a field full of sheep with their new baby lambs – will just not look when dinner is served.

The weather has also allowed me to enjoy me new AllSaints purchases.  I bought the Boston cardigan thinking I would wear it just open in a waterfall style, but today I have been sitting with it wrapped around my neck in some kind of cardigan come scarf fashion.  I’m wearing it over an AllSaints Godiva tank with my comfy Zara cargo pants – perfect for stylish lounging:)  If you’re considering the trousers these seem to run big contrary to most of the Zara items I have.  I’m wearing a US 6 and they are perfect – nice and slouchy.  Thankfully here you can’t see my slipper socks that I have resorted to wearing my feet were so blue with cold, so happy I bought them to wear on the plane!

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Heaven and hell…

…that’s what the Trafford Centre trip turned into for me today.  We had originally decided to go as Dad was very excited about the John Lewis sale – under the guise of “your Mum loves John Lewis” – well he wasn’t fooling anyone.  As it happens it was also lashing it down with rain this morning and the trees were horizontal so being indoors seemed like a good plan.  Though, just so you all don’t think I am a complete nut job, I HAD cautioned everyone involved about the peril of shopping with a 4 and 6 year old – my Mum had clearly forgotten after raising 3 children.  We met my lovely sister who is enjoying maternity leave with baby Tom – who coincidentally is the perfect age for shopping with children, as long as you have plenty of baby bottles prepared before you leave.  To be honest I don’t know what the fuss is about with newborns – all they do is eat, sleep and poop – so easy compared to a 4 and 6 year old…yes I hate to harp on, and I know parental amnesia is kicking in, but I am trying to evoke some sympathy.

So as we walked into John Lewis, knowing I hadn’t taken a photo of myself in all my glory, wearing my Hudson jeans, AllSaints Bonny cuban boots, Zara lace top, YSL Roady bag and JohnnieB leather jacket, I asked my lovely daughter to photograph me.  The following results are the beginning of a downhill spiral:

Flattering hey?  Intentionally action shots?  I don’t think so…

Having fueled the kids with boiled eggs and sausage this morning they did allow me some time to browse the sale and I spotted these lovely dresses but couldn’t summon the energy to try them on, and the lovely Oasis dress with anchors on it was only available in an XS otherwise I would have just bought it without trying I liked it so much.  The second dress was the lovely French Connection Calypso jersey dress that I’m not sure I would ever wear but I still thought it was gorgeous and drapey.

I did manage to try on a Mint Velvet long sleeved top that caught my eye mainly due to the color.  I have to admit I haven’t heard of the brand before but they have some lovely casual tops.  While I was in the changing room I heard the screams of my son and thought twice about returning to my party – I nearly made a run for it just 30 minutes into the shopping trip…While in the changing room I also managed to achieve what Poppy hadn’t, that being a photo of my outfit of the day…

Here’s the top I tried – I think the fit of the 12 was fine and a 14 would have been to loose around the neck but the fabric was a tad too clingy for my liking so I passed on it.

On then to AllSaints.  Not having a stand alone store in Atlanta I relish the opportunity to visit one here and the one in the Trafford Centre is pretty big.  I left Mum and Dad watching their grandchildren and legged it.  I certainly wasn’t intending on buying anything – but then why would I go in the store at all?  Oh and then I discovered my heaven for the day – their sale had begun today!  (on the US website too!)

I walked out with knitwear and yes granted it is needed here in Bury, it won’t be worn for a while in Atlanta with 90 degree temps.  I ended up with four, yes four cardigans.

I love my black cerulean cardigan so I got the grey marl:

I already have the plume jumper in ivory and was tempted by the ebony striped one shown here, but ended up with the cardigan instead – my favorite of the 4 items, but not to be found on either the UK or US website:

Then I picked out the grey Jagger cardigan – I have the black jumper which I love, and I’m a magpie around anything grey – could only see the black online though:

Finally the Boston cardigan – just gorgeous and I can wear this in the summer evenings with shorts:

VERY, VERY happy with my haul.  Sadly I then had to regroup with the tired, irritable children…poor things it’s not their fault the shopping gene hasn’t kicked in yet.  So we took them off for fish and chips in John Lewis and all were soon happy and smiley again.  I’m now at Mum and Dad’s with my first glass of white of the day – well earned I’m sure you will agree, and if you were in Manchester today and heard a manic woman yelling “Poppy!”, “Hugh!”, “Come on guys!” – it was me.



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Running over the moors.

We’ve arrived!! After a tiring but thankfully uneventful flight we landed in Manchester at 8.35 yesterday and were met by my Mum and Dad.  Poppy and Hugh were exceptionally excited and we had one of those ‘T Mobile’ Welcome Back moments that made me all misty eyed.  They both slept most of the way which was a blessing as having bought 3 movies for their iPads I realized on the plane that none of them had downloaded onto Hugh’s – what an idiot I am!  In my midst of syncing iPods, iPads, iPhones, and shuffles I had somehow completely omitted the most important thing – movies on Hugh’s iPad.  He is the only one that will obsessively watch “Hercules” over and over and over again…Thankfully for me his sister was gracious enough to switch iPads which allowed her to play games on his while he watched “Hercules” before passing out:)

Sensibly I took some ham sandwiches for them on the plane as I knew they’d turn their nose up at Delta food.

Once home we had lots of fun catching up with my sister and her boys, Tom the youngest just 8 weeks old and is grinning from ear to ear already.  My brother and his 9 month old, Alice, then came for dinner later.  It was so much fun seeing all the cousins play together with Poppy of course herding them around and playing ‘mom’.  I then watched the incredibly boring England game with Dad – good result but geez rubbish to watch.

After restful night’s sleep I headed off for a long run this morning.  It was a beautiful sunny morning and it felt great to shake some of the jet lag off and run up some massive hills, taking in the views of sheep, moors, mill chimneys and towns down below.  Little changes around here which is why I love it.

Mum and I decided to have a ‘potter’ around Bury just to M&S and Tesco but of course that can take 2 hours and the children were not impressed – their jet lag well and truly still present.  I did manage to take a few snaps while we were out of some items that I didn’t have time to try or consider but I thought were definitely worth a second look at some point.

Mum with Poppy and Hugh at a Bury landmark.

I pointed out this t-shirt online a few weeks ago and still love it in real life – once I have stopped converting pounds into dollars I may take the plunge.  Right now it seems exorbitant for a t-shirt!

I LOVE this swimsuit and had been admiring it in Mum’s M&S magazine last night – this could be going home with me.

I am loving all things butterfly and bird print currently so this shirt caught my eye, though it’s cotton and could require ironing, not something I like to spend my time doing.

These spotty ballet flats are so cute, but certainly no time to try them…I will be doing when we head to the Trafford Center this week – they are adorable!

My sister was laughing at the following photo – apparently I’m not supposed to take photos in stores as they suspect it may be competitive intelligence but I couldn’t resist this one for MM – the baked bean lover in the house.  Heinz have a packaging that is completely new to me and I LOVE the idea as I am always looking for tupperwares for half opened tins of beans.  I’m sure all you UK residents are completely up to date with the fridge packaging innovation but I’m blown away!  MM thinks it’s sacrilege for beans to come from anything but a tin and was more intrigued by the vegetarian sausage and beans behind Poppy!

Just don’t get me started on how much more advanced British supermarkets are with their packaging and product innovation – the scale of the country compared to the US must allow for more experimentation and variety.  Thankfully pickled onion Monster Munch are still readily available here!

Most of the morning was spent with the children telling me that they didn’t want to walk anymore – they are so used to jumping in an SUV and being driven store to store (on the rare occasion I shop with them), the pedestrian life is quite a shock for them.  Fortunately I was wearing my AllSaints boots (Bonny cuban which I can’t see on the UK or US site right now) which are so comfortable and I love the buckle and fringe detail, they are one of my favorite purchases so far this year.

Finally, a trip back home wouldn’t be the same without picking up a “Hello” magazine…I will enjoy reading this later this evening while the children play with their Euro 2012 football and Olympic Games silly bands – EVERYTHING is red, white and blue here:)

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Bon voyage!

So sorry for the lack of recent posts – it has been bedlam getting ready for our trip!  I’d have thought by now I would have packing for a trans-Atlantic trip down to a fine art, but oh no, this time I have some how managed to fill 2 enormous bags for 3 of us whereas previous years I’ve managed with one bag alone.  The unpredictable British weather does not help – plus I need black and taupe ankle boots, and black and neutral ballet flats, casual sneakers, running sneakers and flip flops just in case:)  I reckon if I could carry it all I’d make full use of our allowance of 3 bags but I’m not entirely sure they would all get in mum and dad’s car back in Manchester – in fact I’m not even sure 2 will…I’ll just have to sit on the roof…I’m sure as hell not sacrificing my closet.  MM did ask when I thought the leopard print capris would get worn in Bury…well you just never know do you?!

I also have 3 iPads, 1 iPod touch, 1 shuffle, 1 MacBook and 1 iPhone to carry – Steve Jobs really was a genius.

So here are 2 outfits from over the weekend that I shared by FB and Twitter in lieu of posting the blog – lazy I know.  The first is from Friday.  I went to get a haircut in the morning and knew I’d be running errands for most of the day so comfort was key.  It’s the first time I wore my Sam Edelman leopard print Petty boots and I adore them – they are on sale on right now – you must have these in your closet!  They looked fabulous (note overwhelming modesty here) with my orange J.Crew shorts, black Express tee and Zara black jersey jacket.  I’m embarrassed to say I now have this jacket in black, off white, fuchsia and jade.  I just love them.

Saturday night my fabulous man took me out to our favorite place for dinner, Abattoir, for a farewell dinner.  One too many prosecco cocktails were imbibed and too little food which resulted in a stonking hangover on Sunday – hence no photo from yesterday as it was spent horizontal on the sofa in sweatpants, watching recoded Euro 2012 matches:)  After a good sweat this morning and a mani pedi with my girl I am now throwing the remaining items into my bags ready to leave for Atlanta’s new international terminal.  I believe there is a new El Taco there where the kids can have some nachos and I might have a cheeky margarita!  See you in England on Tuesday!

Saturday evening’s attire: Zara jade jersey jacket, Zara harem pants, DSW Levity peep toe boots, white Express tank, YSL clutch (cardboard courtesy of contractors!) – photo a bit fuzzy given MMs haste to get out of the house!


My girl and her mani pedi:)

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Reading material.

I pity the poor folk who have less IT literacy than I do and try to borrow eBooks or audio books from Fulton library system!  I have been trying to get a few alternatives to listen to and read on the plane on Monday but blimey you need a flippin’ IT degree to figure out the library’s system – I used to work in IT and have still been struggling!  There appears to be a cluster of issues making it nigh on impossible to borrow a book.  A combination of few available books, several file formats, several apps needing to be downloaded, and zero compatibility with my Macbook – resulting in one frustrated borrower.  It’s easier and cheaper time wise just to buy a couple of books on iTunes or go back to the good old paperback.  MM thinks I’m fooling myself anyway – thinking that I will have time to read with a 4 year old and a 6 year old in a confined space for 9 hours is just asking for trouble:)  Anyway the third book in the Larsson trilogy will be joining me on the plane and I will get to read it – though I’ll be sad when I’ve finished it – I’ve loved these books so much.  Next on my list is the new Robert Harris book – The Fear Index.

I’m off to the pool with Poppy this afternoon again to avoid the workmen at home.  I had a sneak peek in the room yesterday and my oh my – it’s all gone!  The old bathroom is completely demolished and the old closet wall is gone!  So we’re almost at the ‘fun’ bit – that is bringing in the new bathroom!  It does look a bit creepy in there now – as MM pointed out – they get their plastic sheeting from the same supplier as Dexter Morgan🙂

I opted for a bit of summer color today with my Boden fab jersey tunic in prune (I have the moss here too).  This really has been the surprise of the season – it is so lovely in real life – the colors really pop.  Luckily I also have the perfect J.Crew cashmere cardigan to coordinate with the orange in it – and my nectarine Tory Burch Revas work perfectly! Apologies for the dark photo again and all the stuff behind me – my packing is in full swing!

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