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Donkeys, cows and sheep.

It was curry night last night.  I’m surprised there wasn’t a queue outside the front door it smelled so good.  Chicken madras with all the trimmings – yum.  My brother and his family joined us – apparently he pops round every so often when Mum is cooking his favorite or Dad has stock piled some beer – what a coincidence:)

I’ll mention it again but won’t go on I promise – the weather really hasn’t improved.  In fact before the calorific curry I went out for a run and I’m sure it took me twice as long as the wind was so strong.  Despite the weather we bundled up this morning to head for Bury Show.  It’s an agricultural show so it was a great opportunity to show Poppy and Hugh cows, horses, sheep, sheep dogs and a few real life farmers.  Once the falconry ‘expert’ retrieved his hawk we also saw a a few birds in flight – though the funniest part was watching him chase after said hawk while telling us how well trained his birds are.  It’s a wonder he wasn’t cursing over his mic.

Poppy met a member of the Bury constabulary and when he asked where she was from he proceeded to tell us he was off to the Jersey Shore for his holiday.  I asked him if he had seen the show and he replied “no but the Mrs has which is why she wants to go”.  Hmmm good luck with that mate.

Having fun in the garden with Space Hoppers.

Have you ever tried to explain sheep dog training to children?

Gorgeous Shire horses.

Sheep dogs and geese?

PC Pritchard

The most expensive donkey ride ever – total scam!

With Nana and Grandad.

No real fashion stakes to talk about today – Patagonia Nano pullover was certainly needed and the obligatory green wellies – even cooler as they were the ones I had 20 years ago!

Massive cows – didn’t mention we are having roast beef tonight:)

Biggest load of bull – rarely meant literally.

Sunday afternoon now means sitting with my beloved, well missed, Sunday papers, savoring the smell of roast beef and waiting for the England game tonight!  Poppy and Hugh are ready in their official M&S t-shirts, though they are a little confused between the football and the Olympics as they keep telling me they are supporting Team USA too.  We’ll figure it out before August I’m sure:)

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Movie day.

So what do I pack for the UK next week?  Is it really that bad that I just need to take jumpers and jeans?:(  Am I being crazy if I pack shorts or a skirt?  Is it really going to be wellies and rain coats?  To be honest I don’t mind the rain too much – we had torrential down pours here yesterday and it was lovely – I miss it in an odd way.  But rain for 2 weeks in the UK will restrict my footwear choice – i.e. no suede, and also means my bags will be heavier with colder weather clothes – unfortunately rain in the UK does not equate to saunas and steam room heat and humidity like it does here…I’m slowly building a pile of possible items to take but I’m now getting to the stage where I am throwing things at the pile for the hell of it.  I need to keep reminding myself that I am not Victoria Beckham and will not be wining and dining every night in Bury’s finest establishments – therefore I do not need 3 pairs of ‘going out’ shoes, a pair of heeled boots, or a pair of strappy sandals.  I WILL be going out though and obviously if I am seeing people from my past i.e. school etc…then I need to look drop dead gorgeous, skinny and fabulous so maybe I do need some heels?:)  Shallow indeed;)

Yesterday afternoon I went shopping with Poppy for gifts for the nephews and nieces and my sister’s birthday gift.  I truly am creating a diva – while at the Jo Malone counter in Saks she was asking very relevant questions about certain scents and then had the audacity to ask for extra samples – I love her nerve!  We then had fun at the library doing much more sensible things for a 6 year old like signing up to the book club.  I LOVE libraries – even the smell of the old books appeals to my inner nerd…entering one takes me straight back to school – I really did like to study!

Today after her gymnastics camp I’ve promised to take her to watch the new Madagascar movie.  I’m quite relieved to have something to fill my afternoon given the demo of the bathroom is in full swing – the last place I want to be right now is home.  I’m looking forward to my popcorn:)

I was again very uninspired with what to wear – I think it’s because I feel overwhelmed with packing and wading through my clothes – it’s times like these I can really see the benefit of a capsule wardrobe.  Anyway I picked out my J.Crew skirt from a couple of years ago, Zara Union Jack tee (feeling a little patriotic with the imminent trip and England’s not too shabby performance yesterday in Euro 2012!), and then I opted for my Frye Sabrina’s in clay which I’d probably take to England were it not for the hassle of taking them on and off at airport security – and I don’t want to pack them as they will take up precious cargo space!  So sorry for the rubbish photo again – ’tis dark in the basement!

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Note to self – must go away without MM more often…the reason being I get wined and dined before I go!  Poor love I know he will miss me and the children and he is being so sweet taking me out a few times, without the children, so we get some time together before I leave for the UK on the 18th for 2 weeks.  We’ve always been very independent and I know he’ll be fine without us – he doesn’t fall into the usual stereotype of being useless by himself – he’s a better cook than I am, always runs the dishwasher and loves to read so he can catch up and a few books while I’m gone – oh and the European Championships start today – so who am I fooling about reading?  Every game will be DVRd and watched I know for sure!  In fact is it possible that is why he suggested we left the country for those 2 particular weeks?…Hmmmm cunning….

So before he sits down tonight to watch the first games we’re off out to lunch at Local Three – it’s a fabulous local eatery with a menu based around local and seasonal fare – they do great ‘small plates’ too so it is a fun place to go and share lots of different offerings.  The lobster salad sounds particularly good!

This weekend will be spent – by me at least – moving all my clothes and possessions from the bedroom to the basement bedroom where MM and I will be relocating to while the master bathroom, bedroom floors and walk in closet are under construction.  It all starts on Monday!!  I’m SO excited about the work starting, but running up and down stairs with arms full of swag does not fill me with joy.  Oh well it will be worth it and who knows I may find more items to eBay!  I may start trying to design the interior of the new closet too – IKEA have some brilliant modular solutions I’ve got my eye on.

So for lunch – what to wear?  I wanted something casual but not too casual as I’m getting tired of throwing a tunic on over a bikini at the weekend…so I opted for my lovely green J.Crew chino shorts, Express white tank, and my new Zara printed jogging jacket – I’ve gone for a nude shoe, Tory Burch Emmy sandals, so as not to overwhelm the look – the flowers and green are already pretty vivid!

Have a fun Friday!!

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