Summer jackets.

I was inspired to write this after Kat at highlighted the gorgeous Zara printed jogging blazer – which I admit I bought after seeing it in person yesterday – resistance was futile especially with a piece so versatile.  Kat has opened my eyes to Zara – it’s one of her favorite stores and we have one here in Atlanta but I rarely venture in, but as she has warned me I think I may now be hooked.  Even better news is there is a HUGE one at Barcelona airport so if I haven’t managed to spend my holiday money each year I know exactly where to head before the gate for the flight home:)

The jacket is simply gorgeous and such a vivid print – it will look amazing with jeans or white pants – or even these fabulous red Editor pants from Express that I’ve had a while and are now a steal at $36!  One tip – if you are in store looking at the jackets make sure you look at the back to see how much print is there – I picked a couple up and there was more white than print on the back which may be preferable for some – but I managed to pick one out that had a good balance of print on the back of the jacket.

So while I was in Zara I took a peak at their other jackets.  I love a great summer jacket, though it’s definitely more difficult to get away with in the 90 degree heat of the South.  Having said that I’m always in an air conditioned house, office, car, restaurant, mall etc. so I always seem to be carrying a lightweight cashmere cardigan around with me.  What better way to sharpen up a look than a fab lightweight jersey jacket instead?  Starting at $80 a pop these Zara jackets are great wardrobe staples and can be worn with shorts, skirts or skinnies for a great polished look.  My favorites are the following:

Fuchsia jersey jacket:

Jade jersey jacket:

Short blazer with pockets – gorgeous with just a white tee and jeans:

Piped Fantasy cardigan – I love the detail and lining:

Not surprisingly I did leave with one more jacket – I swear it literally accosted me and held me at gun point so I had no choice.  I’m wearing it here (Zara white jersey jacket) with J.Crew linen harem pants from a couple of years ago, a pink Loft tank and my ever faithful musk Tory Burch Eddies.  I love how sharp the jacket looks instead of a cardigan – very chuffed – thank you Kat you are a bad influence and I love it!

Oh and yes I ordered the blossom tipped blazer from Boden – shhh – I had some account credit sitting waiting to be used – I will model it as soon as it arrives!


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10 thoughts on “Summer jackets.

  1. Running in Mommyland

    Oh wow… they are all so great! I love the white you have on! I haven’t gotten into Zara either, but I’ve heard people are wild about the brand. That black jacket you pictured would fit into my wardrobe easily…like you said, with just a white tee and jeans.

  2. Poppy's Style Post author

    Aren’t they great?! does free shipping too – do you have a store close by? I think you have to be picky – it’s a bit like H&M though not as cheap. Great eclectic, European style but some items look a bit cheap so you have to be choosy when you’re in there. Some of the jersey jackets weren’t as well finished as others so I was there for a while selecting the best one in my size lol:)

  3. Nicky Hayward

    I loved the Zara Piped Fantasy jacket so much I ordered it for delivery to store – disappointing in the flesh I felt as it seemed thin, flimsy and badly made? I couldn’t imagine it lasting more than a season before looking old and tired. Love the idea though.

    On another note, I saw you were clearing out your wardrobe recently to make way for new lovely things. I had a major wardrobe overhaul earlier this spring following a colour consultation to find out what colours I would benefit from wearing more of. I would highly recommend this if you haven’t already had this done at some stage – I now have a wardrobe full of clothes that all go together and do wonders for my skin tone. It also was a real incentive to sort out all my clothes and only keep the ones that worked best for me.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      The quality is very hit or miss – the feedback on the piped fantasy jacket is great! I am sometimes prepared to pay for poorer quality if it’s a very on trend item that might not work again – a bit like floral jeans, which I haven’t succumbed to yet. I tend to use H&M for that kind of disposable fashion though as Zara is still priced a tad high I think for something you might only wear once or twice.

      LOVE the idea of a color consultant – though I have SO many patterns and bright colors from Boden in my closet! I’m really trying to be ruthless with what I buy these days so I can get as many outfits as possible out of my clothes:)

  4. Diane

    I love “does my bum look 40” blog I ordered the linen t shirts as recommended on that blog and they are fab I have found that the quality of the clothes is better if you order on line the ones in store have often been tried on thousands of times and can look a bit grotty. Looking forward to seeing you in the floral blazer. Also I ordered but sent back the Boden blazer in the blue and cream pinstripe it was lovely but it finishes quite short for a pear shaped girl like myself and finished at my widest point so even though I’m not big (I buy uk 8 tops from Boden ) it really did make me look dumpy but as you aren’t a pear shape it will no doubt look fab.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I agree Diane – that’s the main reason I like online shopping so much more. I am happy to wait for an item to be sent rather than getting something that is smeared with lipstick in a store. I would have ordered online with Zara but had no idea what their sizing is like. I ended up with the medium jacket which is snug but the large looked too sloppy on. I ordered my usual size in the Boden jacket I so hope it works as I love the style and color!

  5. Kat Farmer (@doesmybumlook40)

    YAY!!!! So pleased to be an enabler! I’ve been a massive fan of Zara for 20 years now since living in Spain and actually used to go back to Spain each year for a haul until we got one in the UK. The quality can indeed be hit and miss, but I’m never afraid to just return something with the receipt. They’ve always been great at taking things back.

    A number of years ago they used to have ridiculously long lengths on all their trousers but they seem to have realised most people aren’t giants and they’re now more normal. But from then, I do have a number of pairs of jeans and they have all been of great quality.

    The only downside to Zara is that they have a new “season” every fortnight I think it is and so a) there is a constant flow of fabulous new stock to bankrupt me and b) if you see something and you like it you MUST buy it there and then as otherwise it may well vanish never to be seen again (they do have some things they replenish throughout the season but there’s no way of knowing what it will be – doh!)

    Once addicted…….!!!!!!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Oh gosh you shouldn’t have told me that about new items every 2 weeks – that is just fatal! I AM NOT BUYING ANYTHING ELSE UNTIL MY NEW BATHROOM IS INSTALLED. Promise.

      Lululemon – my favorite place for workout gear get new items every week! I’ve had to unsubscribe from their emails lol:)

  6. FerdieG.

    got some style. 😉 A lesson in understated indulgence, 120% Lino is the planet’s heading fine material name. Plot at the imprint’s Bologna home office and made out and out in Italy. Bohemian chic, understated, high outline material wear. Aggregations for ladies, respectable man, children, and the home. Seen in Palm Beach on 150 Worth Ave. I, myself passed by their store and it was bewildering. I’ll unmistakably return for extra.


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