Back to ‘normal’.

After a few days off in the sun it’s back to the office for me today.  Quite nice in a way as I get to dress in something other than a bikini.  Even my 4 year old son mentioned yesterday that I needed to put some lipstick on and a dress – he’ll be asking me where his dinner is next.

So it’s back to cracking the whip at work and figuring out why some stuff isn’t being done.  It’s a tough time of year when most people, including me, just want to slow down and enjoy the summer, but with only 2 weeks left before I leave for England needs must when the devil drives.

To honor my son’s request I am wearing the Boden Fab jersey tunic in moss – I just love it.  It hangs perfectly and is the lovely stretchy jersey that made me fall in love with Boden tunics in the first place.  So comfortable to wear in the heat and yet I still feel really neat with a few accessories.  I’ve thrown the Boden cropped cashmere cardigan from last year over the top of it for the freezing air conditioning in the office.  Accessorized with H&M pink beads and Tory Burch navy Eddies.

I’m currently lusting over the Boden tipped blazer in blossom.  I know their sale will start soon but I’m so tempted to order now so I’ll have it in time for my trip back to the UK.  At $103 it’s still a bargain and the perfect color to wear summer into fall with white or blue jeans.  What do you think?

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3 thoughts on “Back to ‘normal’.

  1. Annette

    I’d say buy the blazer….I have just placed a massive order pre-sale to make sure I manage to nab what I actually want!! x Nothing worse than than losing out in the sale.


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