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Falling in love all over again…

with…wait for it…Loft!  Wait!  Wait!!  Don’t run away scared!  Let’s start at the beginning.  Back in my corporate days I loved Loft.  Cheaper than Ann Taylor, but great quality and did I mention CHEAP!  They ALWAYS have some kind of offer going on – so once we are done here remember to sign up for their newsletters.

I popped in yesterday – why I have no idea as I had the kids with me…but I saw this in the window and it drew me in like a magnet.  The skirt is a beautiful cream with a hint of pink in the tulle – but what I really love is the grey stretchy, jersey lining that makes it not only super comfy but also incredibly easy to dress down with a t-shirt for a super cool party look.

tulle skirt


Here’s what I’ve ordered to wear with it.  Two fabulous t-shirts – in my opinion as nice as J.Crew but CHEAPER!  What’s not to love?

beads Bow tshirt


And of course I couldn’t check out without at least trying these – the sweatshirt for layering and the shoes for that finishing touch.  They’d also both look perfect with jeans.



gold shoes


It’s funny how popping in those stores that you’d long ago dismissed can be quite the revelation!  Take a peek – I dare you not to find something you love in Loft!

Oh and the best bit?  Right now using code ENJOY you can get 40% off all your cart:)

(p.s. this is NOT a sponsored post – I genuinely adored what I saw!)

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A fresh look at some old clothes is sometimes all it takes to create a new vision for them.  Thanks to Sue at SusieSoSo I have two new style crushes.

One of them is Sue.  She always wears her clothes so effortlessly and can make anything look chic – she has inherent cool and seems to know exactly what suits her and how to make a pair of chinos or a $5 sweatshirt look fabulous.  Check her blog out, if you haven’t already – you’ll see what I mean – oh and her sense of humor is pretty neat too.  Anyway we have a few ‘style traits’ in common – our love of boots, sneakers and jeans to name three, so Sue sent me the link to another blog that she loves – Tiffany Wendel Personal Styling.

Take a look – I defy you not to love what you see.  I have drooled over Tiffany’s photos over the past 3 days dissecting her closet and coveting her West Coast style.  Her photos show an incredible collection of clothes – but it’s the way she combines them that makes me weak at the knees.  Her photos of what she packs were just the inspiration I needed for my packing.  The way she wears sneakers is just so (sorry I’m getting repetitive) cool!  Gold sequin trousers with grungy sneakers – I love it!  Now that red leather jacket is something else.

Before I start to sound stalkerish – here’s my point.  I had a pair of boots and a jacket that didn’t sell on eBay.  Taking some cues from Tiffany I suddenly realized that maybe, just maybe I could make them look current again.  A pair of old, really old, white – heaven forbid – Nine West booties and a Loft suede bomber jacket, also really old.  You know what?  At least 5 people have commented on the boots today – positively.  Who’d have guessed!?  What do you think?

IMG_4722 IMG_4723

Jeans – Hudson boot cut // Booties – Nine West (old) // T-shirt – Zara (old) // Jacket – Loft (old) // Sunglasses – Ray-ban aviators //

After a haircut this morning I nipped into Zara to see if the new collection had arrived…slowly it is but there was still some sale stock in.  On the off chance I had a quick look and there waiting for me was the most perfect looking black, velvet, sequined trousers for $20 – RESULT!  A cute long sleeved t-shirt made it into the bag too:)

IMG_3128 IMG_3133


What’s in your closet that deserves a second chance?


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These boots were made for walking…

What a treat in store for me this week!  After watching the Golden Globes live on Sunday it means I have Girls, Downton Abbey and some Real Housewives recorded for my viewing pleasure!  In addition I’ve also picked up a new book at last – American Psycho.  MM has been encouraging me to read it for some time now…I hope it’s as good as he says it is – we rarely enjoy the same books! It’s the perfect weather for staying in and curling up on the sofa with a good book – it’s wet, wet, wet here.

Braving the rain today I opted for a pair of my Frye’s.  Don’t panic there are no leather soles here and all I’m doing is walking from the car to the office – not enough exposure to warrant the Hunters.  These are the Veronica Slouch and they are a gorgeous dark, nutty brown – is that a good description?  Maybe not.  The jumper is one of my favorites from AllSaints – the Ellil in smoke.  I love this jumper so much – the cut and drape are perfect and the buckle detail on the neck gives this knit a bit of edginess.  I’m wearing it over an H&M vest dress for warmth – plus I find they keep some of the lumps and bumps at bay, working as a smoother or a shaper.  The jeans are  Hudson Collins.  It’s five weeks since my last haircut and I’m desperate for one again – thank goodness I have an appointment on Friday – it’s feeling rather bouffant in this weather.


I found a photo of an outfit I wore last week that I forgot to post.  I’m doing it now as it’s a rare photo of me in a skirt – the H&M Grey Concept skirt, worn with a Target belt and a Zara top.  The fabulous Boden military jacket is from AW 2011.  If you ever see one on eBay don’t miss out – it has the most beautiful fit and is lined with purple velvet.  The boots are REALLY old Loft suede booties that I haven’t worn for years.  It’s great to rediscovering items and now having easy access to them in my new closet!



Remember to check out the Boden site again this week as there is a new selection of items reduced by 20% which you can stack with my 15% discount when you click on the banner here:


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Summer jackets.

I was inspired to write this after Kat at Doesmybumlook40.blogspot.com highlighted the gorgeous Zara printed jogging blazer – which I admit I bought after seeing it in person yesterday – resistance was futile especially with a piece so versatile.  Kat has opened my eyes to Zara – it’s one of her favorite stores and we have one here in Atlanta but I rarely venture in, but as she has warned me I think I may now be hooked.  Even better news is there is a HUGE one at Barcelona airport so if I haven’t managed to spend my holiday money each year I know exactly where to head before the gate for the flight home:)

The jacket is simply gorgeous and such a vivid print – it will look amazing with jeans or white pants – or even these fabulous red Editor pants from Express that I’ve had a while and are now a steal at $36!  One tip – if you are in store looking at the jackets make sure you look at the back to see how much print is there – I picked a couple up and there was more white than print on the back which may be preferable for some – but I managed to pick one out that had a good balance of print on the back of the jacket.

So while I was in Zara I took a peak at their other jackets.  I love a great summer jacket, though it’s definitely more difficult to get away with in the 90 degree heat of the South.  Having said that I’m always in an air conditioned house, office, car, restaurant, mall etc. so I always seem to be carrying a lightweight cashmere cardigan around with me.  What better way to sharpen up a look than a fab lightweight jersey jacket instead?  Starting at $80 a pop these Zara jackets are great wardrobe staples and can be worn with shorts, skirts or skinnies for a great polished look.  My favorites are the following:

Fuchsia jersey jacket:

Jade jersey jacket:

Short blazer with pockets – gorgeous with just a white tee and jeans:

Piped Fantasy cardigan – I love the detail and lining:

Not surprisingly I did leave with one more jacket – I swear it literally accosted me and held me at gun point so I had no choice.  I’m wearing it here (Zara white jersey jacket) with J.Crew linen harem pants from a couple of years ago, a pink Loft tank and my ever faithful musk Tory Burch Eddies.  I love how sharp the jacket looks instead of a cardigan – very chuffed – thank you Kat you are a bad influence and I love it!

Oh and yes I ordered the blossom tipped blazer from Boden – shhh – I had some account credit sitting waiting to be used – I will model it as soon as it arrives!


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