The real me.

Okay so I know I said I was trying to grow my hair and many of you were very good at encouraging me but I have no staying power.  Actually I polled a couple of people who I knew would give me their honest opinion.  One being MM who said even though he likes my hair long he prefers it short.  This kinda made me question my sanity.  Why would I go through the hell of growing my hair, especially in the heat and humidity of an Atlanta summer when MM prefers it short?  In addition to that, and more importantly I think, I actually prefer it short – I feel like the real me with it short if that makes sense…?  So instead of opting for a painful summer of bouffant frizz I booked myself in to see my favorite hairdresser O’Neil at Van Michael in Virginia Highlands.  He seemed quite happy to see me back and though we agreed that as short as my previous cut was not for me, he also agreed that he favors short hair on me – so he proceeded to de-mullet me.  I now know for sure that I am a short hair kinda gal as I immediately felt groomed, sassy and a little more urban and a little less mumsy.  Hurray for that hey?

I told you yesterday that I had ordered the Zara Basic sandal – sad news folks I had to cancel the order.  On a whim I popped into the store here to see if they had the black in my size but it turns out no size is my size.  My feet are too wide to get in them so my little toes were left perching over the front strap – not a good look.  The search for the perfect sandal for my feet continues.  It has to be said though if you have narrower feet and regular toes the sandals are gorgeous.  In order to raise my spirits again I headed into H&M for a ‘browse’.  Now in my case there is no such thing as just a browse in H&M – I always see something worth buying.  Today I got 3 fabulous linen blend long sleeve tops from their Basics line – coral, cream and brown – at $17.95 each they are perfect for throwing on over a tank.  I’ve trawled their website and can’t find an image so will post a photo soon.

To help take me from 40 year old mom to 40 year old hot chick (tongue in cheek here Daily Mail readers!!) I wore my AllSaints Coli top, Gap black legging jeans and my lovely Sam Edelman Alvin loafers.

So what do you think of the new haircut?


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14 thoughts on “The real me.

  1. Running in Mommyland

    So cute! Love it!

    I had mine short for years. Sometimes I want to cut it all off again, but I have a strange relationship with ponytails and rubber bands. They are like my security blanket. I never wear my hair long.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Thank you!! I’m really happy with it – I love having a naked neck lol! When I had long hair I never wore it tied back so never did anything with it…it was my security blanket when I was heavier – I used to hide my chins with it:)

  2. Martina Walsh

    Really great hairstyle on you, love those gap jeans, I’ll be taking myself into gap soon methinks!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Thanks Martina! Gap jeans are just the best and the best value. Though I love my Hudsons for an ‘investment’ piece I still think Gap jeans are just perfect. Great cut, great quality and great price!

  3. Lili

    It really suits you- lovely cut. Never seen you with longer hair but it looks like you have found your signature hairstyle and it’s not at all mumsy,lol.
    I feel you on Zara shoes- I am a UK size 8 and none of their shoes ever fit. So annoying as they are the ideal way to try trends without breaking the bank but sadly us big feet/non-regular feet girls get no love from Zara. I feel a petition coming on…

  4. Lili

    oh and great shoes too!
    I always walk by all saints without ever popping in- the displays look like clothing only a goth (or a very confident sort) would wear but your pieces indicate otherwise.

  5. Siobhan Nolan

    Love love ur new hair cut… After growing mine for a year or so I went for the chop 2 weeks ago and like u feel you younger and groomed!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Some of us are just destined for short hair. I was looking at some older photos of me with long hair and I never take care of it well enough so I’m happy to be sticking with short – plus I stand out a bit more here as so many people have long hair!


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