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New sunglasses and new hair

I don’t buy a lot of accessories. I love a great bag, but I hate changing bags daily, so I don’t have too many. I don’t do necklaces, and these days I tend to stick to dainty studs in my ears. The one accessory I do enjoy buying, however, is sunglasses. I have about 10 pairs, which I don’t feel is excessive when I live in Atlanta with sunshine 12 months of the year – even when it’s cold the sun still shines! I tend to spend quite a bit on each pair – thankfully – touch wood – I haven’t lost or broken a pair yet. I’m really short sighted so I also have a couple of pairs of prescription sunglasses. Because I wear glasses for vision I think I am quite fussy about the comfort, weight and shape of glasses – sunglasses and prescription glasses. That’s probably why I always think it’s worth paying a little extra for a great pair. Well now you can have all that and at a great price point too.

Warby Parker started as an online alternative to expensive opticians and now they also have bricks and mortar stores, including one in Atlanta. They offer great quality eyewear at great price points along with the opportunity to do some good too –

“Almost one billion people worldwide lack access to glasses, which means that 15% of the world’s population cannot effectively learn or work. To help address this problem, Warby Parker partners with non-profits like VisionSpring to ensure that for every pair of glasses sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need.”

The other great thing about Warby Parker is that if you have no local store you can order a ‘try on’ kit. They will send you 5 frames to try at home before you make your final decision – how cool is that!?

I had seen this fabulous pair on their Instagram feed the other day, and on Wednesday I stopped by just to try them on…well you know how that goes 😉 I love them – and I now have a pair of super cool sunglasses with polarized lenses for just $95! Mine are the Banks in crystalized ginger – I’d quite like the sea smoke tortoise too which has gorgeous blue and grey shades in it.

Warby Parker Banks Warby Parker Banks


Banks Warby Parker sunglassesYesterday I spent most of the day in hair salons – either for me or the children! It’s exhausting – my husband laughs – but seriously all that talking, washing, dyeing, cutting and then dealing with kids confined in a salon – I was seriously beat last night!

I am still trying to grow mine a little but the fabulous O’Neil at Van Michael salon gave me a great shape and removed my mullet to sharpen it up a little. Lauren at Plum salon then colored it for me – though she deserves double for giving my son the best haircut ever – and believe me he is incapable of sitting still!

AllSaintsSneakers – Nike Air Force 1 // Jeans – J.Crew // T-shirt – AllSaints

HairHave a fabulous Friday – my day consists of housework, a run and then hopefully lunch with my husband! We have only one week left of school so I am trying to enjoy ‘my time’ before ‘summer family time’ kicks in!! x

*this is not a sponsored post – all opinions are my own and I bought the sunglasses!

The real me.

Okay so I know I said I was trying to grow my hair and many of you were very good at encouraging me but I have no staying power.  Actually I polled a couple of people who I knew would give me their honest opinion.  One being MM who said even though he likes my hair long he prefers it short.  This kinda made me question my sanity.  Why would I go through the hell of growing my hair, especially in the heat and humidity of an Atlanta summer when MM prefers it short?  In addition to that, and more importantly I think, I actually prefer it short – I feel like the real me with it short if that makes sense…?  So instead of opting for a painful summer of bouffant frizz I booked myself in to see my favorite hairdresser O’Neil at Van Michael in Virginia Highlands.  He seemed quite happy to see me back and though we agreed that as short as my previous cut was not for me, he also agreed that he favors short hair on me – so he proceeded to de-mullet me.  I now know for sure that I am a short hair kinda gal as I immediately felt groomed, sassy and a little more urban and a little less mumsy.  Hurray for that hey?

I told you yesterday that I had ordered the Zara Basic sandal – sad news folks I had to cancel the order.  On a whim I popped into the store here to see if they had the black in my size but it turns out no size is my size.  My feet are too wide to get in them so my little toes were left perching over the front strap – not a good look.  The search for the perfect sandal for my feet continues.  It has to be said though if you have narrower feet and regular toes the sandals are gorgeous.  In order to raise my spirits again I headed into H&M for a ‘browse’.  Now in my case there is no such thing as just a browse in H&M – I always see something worth buying.  Today I got 3 fabulous linen blend long sleeve tops from their Basics line – coral, cream and brown – at $17.95 each they are perfect for throwing on over a tank.  I’ve trawled their website and can’t find an image so will post a photo soon.

To help take me from 40 year old mom to 40 year old hot chick (tongue in cheek here Daily Mail readers!!) I wore my AllSaints Coli top, Gap black legging jeans and my lovely Sam Edelman Alvin loafers.

So what do you think of the new haircut?


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Lust for Life

Yesterday was brilliant.  We had a fabulous meeting with our daughter’s lovely teacher – I love her candor and humor, it’s very refreshing.  I’m so proud of my little girl it makes me teary eyed.  In order to try and engender the association of achieve and reward we went out to our favorite diner for dinner and had milkshakes all round, it was a lovely family evening.  We were all exhausted afterward though, so it was an early bedtime for the kids and another recorded episode of Downton Abbey for me:)

It was a struggle to get out of bed this morning and I didn’t have time for an invigorating run due to a hairdressers appointment.  Armed with my photos of Ginnifer Goodwin I arrived and demanded my shorter cut.  My hairdresser is fabulous and always seems to understand my descriptions and then refines them to best suit me.  If you are in Atlanta and in need of a great hairdresser, who is humorous and conversational too, then seek out O’Neil at Van Michael in Virginia Highlands – you will love him I promise.

To coordinate with my shorter style I wore my Gap black jeggings, Frye Shirley Strappy Short boots, AllSaints Char jumper and my lovely Boden military jacket.  MM encouraged my shorter style, though has since made comments suggesting I should be in Roxette or that I’m channeling David Bowie’s Berlin era – maybe I’ll try a more feminine look tomorrow:)

Bowie Low


Boden military jacket

Before haircut.


After haircut.