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Get an extra 20% off clearance prices!!

You can get my favorite Stella McCartney fur bag right now with an extra 20% off using code sale20 – it’s already reduced 50% – too good to miss – I adore it and always get complements on it! There’s so much more too that you can take advantage of the extra 20%! Here’s the bag in all it’s glory today!

red coatBag – Stella McCartney (extra 20% off already discounted price with sale20) // Boots – Acne Jensens (sold out in silver but similar here) // Jeans – Zara (old) // Shirt – Zara (old) // Coat – Zara // Scarf – Zara (not online – in sale)

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Atlanta after all the snow of the weekend so we headed out for a long lunch.

AllSaints jacketBoots – TopShop Magnificent boots // Jeans – JBrand Selena // Jumper – Everlane cashmere // Shearling coat – AllSaints (similar here in sale) // Bag – Mulberry

The weather was a sharp contrast from Saturday when we all went for a blissful 4 mile walk in the snow! I knew my Sorels would come in handy! This brilliant parka is in the sale too – I love it – so warm!

Uniqlo parkaCoat – Uniqlo on sale // Boots – Sorel // Trousers – H&M


Authentic Greek (Cypriot) Sandals

Yesterday we headed back to Nicosia. This time we had our passports and crossed the border to the Greek side. Immediately it was obvious that we were somewhere different. I was suddenly confronted with lots of recognizable brands – MacDonalds, Starbucks, TopShop – there’s even a Marks and Spencer! On the Turkish side there are no European brands at all – though several stores emulate them, for example Tempo’s stores and supermarket bags are very similar to Tesco’s!

We wandered around the streets and had coffee and ice creams and I was really aware of not using the Turkish words for ‘thank you’ etc…

The highlight of the trip (sad I know) was stumbling on a sandal store. The sandals are made here in Nicosia and they are remarkably similar, if not identical to another sandal brand that I love wearing! The key difference is that these sandals in Nicosia were just 40 Euros! I ended up leaving with 2 pairs but I could have bought more – and may go back next week just to check. They are all leather with leather soles. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with them – never again will I spend over $200 on sandals. My sandals are identical to another brand’s sandal!

Astir bagFeet are badly in need of a pedi after almost 4 weeks of dust and heat! Just focus on the sandals!

gold sandalsI even got shoe bags to take them home in – a nice touch.


Astir Sandals have two Etsy stores – SandalsAstir and Sparta Sandals – and they will ship. Take a look – you will see many styles that you probably recognize. I found them true to size and I have a Eur 39 in mine. They only show photos in one particular color, but if you scroll through the photos you can see all the available colors that you can request and buy them in.

Not many people can say they are traveling to a different country for sandals hey? 😉

Here are some of the outfits I’ve worn over the past week – to state the obvious – it is damn hot here!

Alexa Chung dress (1)Dress – Alexa Chung for AG Denim (sold out but similar here) // Sandals – Astir Sandals

AllsaintsDress – AllSaints (on sale here with extra 20% off – sale ends tonight!) // Shoes – TopShop

Black shortsShoes – Ancient Greek Sandals // Shorts – J.Crew (on sale plus an extra 30% off with GOSHOPPING) // Top – Mango (similar here)

tassle shortsShoes – Avarca Pons // Shorts – J.Crew // Top – Everlane // Sunglasses – Warby Parker

Preparing for our vacation!

Yes it’s that time of year again! It sure rolls around quickly once the children have finished school! Next week I take them back to England to see my family – always fun for the children to catch up with their cousins. I just hope the weather cooperates so they can play outside. It will also help with the challenge of packing for 2 climates, as after England, we are off to Istanbul and N.Cyprus – not known for their unpredictable weather – it will be predictably scorcchio.

Right now Poppy has a pile of clothes the same size as my pile – not bad going for a 9 year old. I think we may have to adapt from ‘what I want to take’ to ‘what I need to take’ – especially as I will be lugging luggage around by myself until my husband joins us!

Before I share my recent outfits I wanted to let you know that the Vince Nina shoes at Saks have been further reduced to $151 – a steal for a fabulous pair of flats! My indigo pair arrives tomorrow and I called them this morning to apply the new price instead of returning and reordering – always worth checking first as most stores will price match within 10 days of an order being placed.

Vince Nina indigo


So here’s what I’ve been wearing this week before a quick change into pool gear in the afternoons!

J.Crew jeansJeans – J.Crew // Shoes – Nine West (old) // Shirt – J.Crew (on sale plus an extra 30% off with SHOPSALE) // Bag – Alexander Wang Rocco (similar here discounted on TheOutnet.com and here in the UK)

J.Crew jeans, Zara denim top, Alexander Wang RoccoShoes – Nine West (old) // Jeans – J.Crew (in sale PLUS an extra 60% off with SHOPSALE code) // Top – Zara // Bag – Alexander Wang Rocco (similar here on sale)

Warby Parker BanksShorts – J.Crew // T-shirt – ASOS // Sneakers – Adidas (old) // Sunglasses – Warby Parker


Our AC decided to pack in on the hottest weekend of the year so far. Needless to say we spent all our time by the pool cooling down and then in comfy cool clothes at home. We had to go underground and relax in our tv room in the basement – we have lots of windows on our main floor and it was like a furnace! Blow drying my hair this morning was no fun – thank goodness for the cool blast button!

dungarees 1 dungarees 2Shoes – Vince Nina // Dungarees – H&M // T-shirt – Zara (old) // Bag – Alexander Wang Rocco

I was tempted to stay in the car with the AC on full blast – the first time I’ve not wilted this weekend!

Warby Parker BanksSunglasses – Warby Parker Banks

If you love the Vince Nina shoes as much as I do then hurry over to Saks where the indigo and nude snakeskin versions are 30% off in their designer sale.

Vince Nina indigo

Wish me luck in getting some cool air today!

New sunglasses and new hair

I don’t buy a lot of accessories. I love a great bag, but I hate changing bags daily, so I don’t have too many. I don’t do necklaces, and these days I tend to stick to dainty studs in my ears. The one accessory I do enjoy buying, however, is sunglasses. I have about 10 pairs, which I don’t feel is excessive when I live in Atlanta with sunshine 12 months of the year – even when it’s cold the sun still shines! I tend to spend quite a bit on each pair – thankfully – touch wood – I haven’t lost or broken a pair yet. I’m really short sighted so I also have a couple of pairs of prescription sunglasses. Because I wear glasses for vision I think I am quite fussy about the comfort, weight and shape of glasses – sunglasses and prescription glasses. That’s probably why I always think it’s worth paying a little extra for a great pair. Well now you can have all that and at a great price point too.

Warby Parker started as an online alternative to expensive opticians and now they also have bricks and mortar stores, including one in Atlanta. They offer great quality eyewear at great price points along with the opportunity to do some good too –

“Almost one billion people worldwide lack access to glasses, which means that 15% of the world’s population cannot effectively learn or work. To help address this problem, Warby Parker partners with non-profits like VisionSpring to ensure that for every pair of glasses sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need.”

The other great thing about Warby Parker is that if you have no local store you can order a ‘try on’ kit. They will send you 5 frames to try at home before you make your final decision – how cool is that!?

I had seen this fabulous pair on their Instagram feed the other day, and on Wednesday I stopped by just to try them on…well you know how that goes 😉 I love them – and I now have a pair of super cool sunglasses with polarized lenses for just $95! Mine are the Banks in crystalized ginger – I’d quite like the sea smoke tortoise too which has gorgeous blue and grey shades in it.

Warby Parker Banks Warby Parker Banks


Banks Warby Parker sunglassesYesterday I spent most of the day in hair salons – either for me or the children! It’s exhausting – my husband laughs – but seriously all that talking, washing, dyeing, cutting and then dealing with kids confined in a salon – I was seriously beat last night!

I am still trying to grow mine a little but the fabulous O’Neil at Van Michael salon gave me a great shape and removed my mullet to sharpen it up a little. Lauren at Plum salon then colored it for me – though she deserves double for giving my son the best haircut ever – and believe me he is incapable of sitting still!

AllSaintsSneakers – Nike Air Force 1 // Jeans – J.Crew // T-shirt – AllSaints

HairHave a fabulous Friday – my day consists of housework, a run and then hopefully lunch with my husband! We have only one week left of school so I am trying to enjoy ‘my time’ before ‘summer family time’ kicks in!! x

*this is not a sponsored post – all opinions are my own and I bought the sunglasses!

New goggles.

I am blind as a bat.  Astigmatism and over -5 in each eye means I cannot see a thing without glasses or contacts.  It happened years ago at school and I was mortified.  I had no idea that I was struggling to see the blackboard and I felt such a loser for needing glasses.  I never had the NHS glasses but my first pair were from Boots Opticians and horrific.  Mainly because at 14 I hadn’t done that much research into the spectacle market and really I was so ashamed I had to wear them that even trying them in the opticians was utterly disturbing.  By 17 or so I had my first pair of gas permeable contact lenses that scraped across my eyeball with every blink, but as far as I was concerned red eyes were preferable to glasses.  My how times have changed.

We are now inundated with amazing glasses – which even people with 20/20 vision wear, though I have never understood that.  A variety of daily and monthly contact lenses are available and I even get mine to correct my astigmatism.  Lasik of course is now done routinely, though it still scares the bejeezus out of me which is fine as at the ripe old age of 41 I have been told to wait a few years so my ‘old sight’ can develop before I have it done.

I am a daily contact lens wearer – I love my glasses these days, but to be honest I just find them inconvenient, but with working in front of a laptop so often I need to start wearing my glasses more as my contacts just make my eyes tired.  So as some of you know from my Facebook page I embarked on the hunt for some new cool frames.

I love statement glasses – I like them big and bold and prefer plastic to dainty metal frames.  That being said the dainty metal frames may suit me better.  My current pair are these Oliver Peoples Wacks in cocobolo.  I like them a lot but they are big.

They are also expensive – with lenses we are talking $600.  So I thought I would investigate Warby Parker.  Warby Parker are online only (I think they have bricks and mortar in NYC).  Online glasses shopping is a novel concept – surely you can’t choose without trying them on?  Well Warby Parker have devised a genius model where you can choose 5 pairs to try at home, then model for friends, share on Facebook (they’ll even give you their preference on their page) and hopefully come up with a consensus of the best pair for you and then buy a full set with prescription lenses for just $95!  I could have a pair for every day of the week!  So I chose my 5 pair tried them and not only did most people dislike all of them on me – the one that some did like was one of my least favorites.  So great idea Warby Parker but not that successful for me.

After revisiting my optician I realized I am going to have to suck it up and pay through the nose for my favorite pair.  The Wacks come in 2 sizes and I have the largest size.  After trying the smaller size in black/tortoise I fell in love with them.  They tick all my boxes of style, comfort and color.  Cha ching – ordered and paid for,

Now I am also intrigued by colored frames.  I’ve always played it safe with the tortoise shell as it suits my coloring – but recently I have been drawn to the new aubergine, blue and red frames that are coming to market.  I tried a pair of SALT Brixton frames in velvet purple which I LOVE – but can I carry off purple every day?

I then discovered that the Wacks frame is now done in a beautiful blue color – Havana blue.  So I’ve ordered them to compare with the SALT frames.  I’d love a pair of colorful frames for fun – that can add some pizazz to an outfit!  I just need to decide on the color – plus do I need another pair of Wacks?  I do think that if there is a frame I’m happy with why change it except in color?  I’ll let you know the verdict.  Meanwhile my cocobolo frames are being transformed into sunglasses for me.  Look out for more photos of me with my goggles on:)

Still in the contacts today while my lenses are being fitted and I’m feeling pretty tired after a stressful morning having an old filling removed – I hate the sound of the drill and the smell of tooth dust!  My knuckles were white!  I’m wearing my Hudson jeans, Tory Burch Eddies, Zara owl t-shirt which I love and my Zara jersey black jacket.  Lovely and comfortable for a traumatic morning!


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