How did it get to Friday?

The days are whizzing by right now.  With the children back at school, a new magazine at the printers and a hot date with Duran Duran on Sunday I haven’t even noticed this week pass.  Poppy had her first ‘test’ at school today and all the drills during the week paid off – she is thrilled she got 10/10 for her first spelling test!  For her treat we have all just dined on tacos at our local Mexican – lots of fun was had!  It’s great now it’s cooler here too as we get to hang out in the garden for an hour or so before bedtime – nothing wears them – or us – out more than hula hooping and jump ropes.  Not recommended after a margarita.

Today started with a good run around Chastain park – it was certainly cooler but that humidity is a killer.  I’m off there again tomorrow with my running buddy – I haven’t seen her for weeks so it will be great to catch up.  My post workout shower has taken on a whole new meaning now I have full body sprays and a rain shower – I think our water bills will be doubling.

Before I collected Hugh from daycare I popped into our local DSW.  They now have all their Fall boots in and wow – there are some stunners this year – I picked up this Vince Camuto pair for $150 which won’t get worn for months but now I am lusting after the taupe too.  They are a great worn in look leather – really soft – and will look great over my copious pairs of skinny jeans – unfortunately I don’t see them on the website to link to.

With the cooler climes today I opted for my Gap boyfriend jeans, white Express tank and white oversize Zara shirt, with my leaf green Tory Burch Eddies, complemented by some green Target wooden beads that rarely see the light of day.

Now I have a question for you – WHAT do I wear for cocktails followed by an outdoor concert with my teenage icons?

Answers please!:)

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8 thoughts on “How did it get to Friday?

  1. Pauline

    Not sure what to advise re an outfit for the DD concert but thinking back to my wardrobe and style of the eighties I’d have to say electric blue figured quite heavily…..from shoulder padded sweaters to eyeliner & mascara!!! Enjoy your night out:)

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      LOL Pauline – my closet was full of grey and neon pink – it was so strange as I was in H&M yesterday and it was like walking into a time warp – they’re clothes have a lot of lace and neon, and a lot of chain embellished jewelry like the good old 80’s:)

  2. Brian Davis

    Happy belated birthday! Great outfit, I just love this casual look. If I ever see those leaf green Eddies in my size I’m getting them. They are so cute.

  3. Running in Mommyland

    I saw DD in the 80’s… it was my 3rd concert after U2 and Howard Jones/General Public! You must wear neon pink…. it’s perfect! And skinny jeans… of course! 🙂

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I have some bleached jeans I am considering with that H&M grey and pink t-shirt like the dress you saw…Howard Jones – there’s a blast from the past! That’s why I loved the Olympic ceremonies so much – the music was fab! xx


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