Ready for Fall.

Oddly, given that it’s still only August, leaves are falling in the garden and the temperature has dropped due to lots of rain – it feels great.  The long summer months here always have me pining for Fall, especially now all the September magazines are out crammed full of fabulous Fall clothes and boots.  From what I have seen we’re in for a real treat this year and I have already ordered my winter coat from Zara as I know this will disappear fast:

It will hang in my closet for a few months yet but it is lovely – more like a chunky knitted cardigan than a coat, with leather quilted sleeves – perfect for Atlanta winters and really edgy looking.

I eventually moved my mirror upstairs last night so I am now taking photos in my empty closet!  MM and I have decided to take a breather for a month before embarking on the closet fixtures and fittings – we’re feeling a little overwhelmed after the renovations!  Today I am wearing my Express blush Zelda jeans, Zara cat top (a bit of a rip off from Victoria Beckham’s cat print dresses) and Zara off white jogging blazer, along with my nectarine Tory Burch Revas.  It’s lovely being able to do hair and make up all in one place again even if I do have to run downstairs to get my clothes:)

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7 thoughts on “Ready for Fall.

  1. Diane

    Jo, I ordered that coat last week along with some studded slipper shoes and a navy blazer, now eagerly awaiting their arrival. Have you ordered anything from the Boden winter preview? I am e baying my Thelma wedges, loved them but I ordered a uk 6 as it was all that was in stock and they are too big, but I replaced with the genial wedge trainer slightly lower and dare I say it a lot more practical ( god i hate that word) but fab in fact I may order another pair!! Take care


    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      It’s a great looking coat isn’t it!? No you know I haven’t ordered anything from the winter preview – a lot of it seemed a bit too girly for me this season. I do like the sequin blazer but wish they did it in a blush color like the sequin top! I haven’t worn my Thelmas for a while – it’s hot – they do fit big though don’t they – I managed to get away with a 38. I want some of the Bea or Bowie ones next:) xx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      They are my latest obsession – I think I may have overdone the Boden tunics and I’ve been enjoying wearing trousers and tops for a change:) Still undecided about some of the Boden Winter preview – it feels a bit too girly for me with the swishy skirts and collars…it may grow on me by the time it’s cold enough to wear here! Love the sequin blazer though:)

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      They are quite wishy washy colors for me but I like the pop of orange on the feet to match the orange cats – cats make me sneeze and stop breathing usually…


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