Jet lag.

Uuuurggh suffering from jet lag and my 4 year old is waking up at 3am thinking it is 8am aaarrrgggh!  Thankfully tomorrow is the 4th so we have a day off to enjoy the pool and fireworks and celebrate our Independence as all Americans do – just a tad odd that it was independence from the Brits.  When both children asked to wear red, white and blue today I did think about their England shirts – but only for a moment.

So tomorrow we’re up early (or late if you are my son) to go and cheer on the runners in the Peachtree road race which will no doubt have me desperate for a run – so a good job I just registered for another half marathon!  Then off to the pool followed by burgers on the grill and then peering over the trees to watch the fireworks.  I always enjoy Independence day but not so much when it falls on a Wednesday – it’s harder to justify taking two days off work…

On my return I have been amazed to see how much work has been done on the house – new windows are in, new floors are stained and the tub has even arrived!  Only about 4 weeks of work left hopefully so we are off to IKEA on Friday to investigate closet fixtures and fittings – very exciting.  I’m ashamed to say my new walk in closet is almost as big as my old bedroom in the UK:-/

Due to the ongoing work I found myself this morning with no full length mirror so my lovely daughter kindly obliged – I think I need to get her to stand on a stool next time – photos are never flattering when taken from below chin level – I look a bit startled!  Today I am wearing my Zara off white jersey blazer (their sale has started but to be honest I don’t think the reductions are great so I haven’t been tempted by anything), H&M spotty skirt from a couple of years ago and a black tank from Express, along with my Tory Burch black Emmy sandals which you can barely see.

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