New earrings.

I’ve never been one to wear huge earrings. I am always envious of my friends who can carry off great chandelier earrings or statement necklaces. I always feel it’s just too much on me – I feel ‘over the top’ with large jewelry – except that is when it comes to rings and bracelets! Since having all my piercings done I’ve been wearing studs all the time. I’ve got so much going on in my ears it seems crazy to add more! However, I have grown tired of my studs and I was looking for something delicate and different – fine jewelry as opposed to costume jewelry – without the fine jewelry price.

I have been buying my nose rings from an Etsy store – they are fabulous low gauge and gold filled so no tarnishing. Karyn is based in BC, Canada and makes the jewelry herself. Recently I discovered that she also makes beautiful earrings that appeared to be exactly what I was looking for – and they were. They arrived quickly and are so delicate and light – I love wearing them. I got mine in rose gold filled to match other jewelry I have, but she will also make them in silver and yellow gold filled.

Marquis earrings – 


Diamond shape earrings –


Teardrop earrings –

Arc earringsShe has lots of other great designs so I encourage you to take a look. I received 10% off my purchase as a repeat buyer, and she is giving you all 10% off if you use code Featured10 at checkout!

Today I am wearing the teardrop hoops and they look great with all my other piercings!


It’s back off to work now for me and then cheerleading practice with Poppy tonight, that’s after 3 hours of practice yesterday! It’s a good job she loves it!

Image 1

Vince Claires

Shoes – Vince Claire // Jeans – Zara (old) // T-shirt – Asos



10 thoughts on “New earrings.

  1. doesmybumlook40 (@doesmybumlook40)

    Oh they are just perfect – couldn’t think of a more perfect earring to go with the rest. Understated but statement at the same time. Perfect. And those shoes look just ACE with the outfit – love the fact you’re wearing them instead of just keeping them for best. Gorgeous outfit – laid back but dressed up at the same time -my fave.

    Now I need a tally or a blog round up of what you’ve bought recently as I am insanely nosey and it all sounds just too too too fabulous to keep hidden (and you could hide a horse in there!) in your closet.

    Pretty please? From one who needs to live vicariously as I can’t do any shopping till October now (apparently..)


  2. Jane Pollitt

    Okay, this is just too weird, as I have been scouring so many websites today looking for ‘delicate, drop earrings’! I think I have the same issue as you, as I have quite a few ear piercings, and chunky earrings just don’t look good on me (maybe it’s the short hair as well?) So thank you! I will definitely be checking these out 🙂


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