Note to self – must go away without MM more often…the reason being I get wined and dined before I go!  Poor love I know he will miss me and the children and he is being so sweet taking me out a few times, without the children, so we get some time together before I leave for the UK on the 18th for 2 weeks.  We’ve always been very independent and I know he’ll be fine without us – he doesn’t fall into the usual stereotype of being useless by himself – he’s a better cook than I am, always runs the dishwasher and loves to read so he can catch up and a few books while I’m gone – oh and the European Championships start today – so who am I fooling about reading?  Every game will be DVRd and watched I know for sure!  In fact is it possible that is why he suggested we left the country for those 2 particular weeks?…Hmmmm cunning….

So before he sits down tonight to watch the first games we’re off out to lunch at Local Three – it’s a fabulous local eatery with a menu based around local and seasonal fare – they do great ‘small plates’ too so it is a fun place to go and share lots of different offerings.  The lobster salad sounds particularly good!

This weekend will be spent – by me at least – moving all my clothes and possessions from the bedroom to the basement bedroom where MM and I will be relocating to while the master bathroom, bedroom floors and walk in closet are under construction.  It all starts on Monday!!  I’m SO excited about the work starting, but running up and down stairs with arms full of swag does not fill me with joy.  Oh well it will be worth it and who knows I may find more items to eBay!  I may start trying to design the interior of the new closet too – IKEA have some brilliant modular solutions I’ve got my eye on.

So for lunch – what to wear?  I wanted something casual but not too casual as I’m getting tired of throwing a tunic on over a bikini at the weekend…so I opted for my lovely green J.Crew chino shorts, Express white tank, and my new Zara printed jogging jacket – I’ve gone for a nude shoe, Tory Burch Emmy sandals, so as not to overwhelm the look – the flowers and green are already pretty vivid!

Have a fun Friday!!

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2 thoughts on “TGIF.

  1. Diane

    You will send me bankrupt !! I saw that jacket on the lady who writes the blog “does my bum look 40 in this ” and resisted , but there’s something about seeing clothing worn in bright sunlight that just makes you want to buy it (given that it is torrential rain here not sure I would quite carry it off the same) . I’m off to Portugal tomorrow so at least I will get some sun there. And if you could please bring some gorgeous weather with you when you come over here that would be fab!!

    Have a lovely lunch


    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      It’s all Kat’s fault that I fell in love with Zara in the first place – I never used to go in there until I started reading her blog! Have a fabulous time in Portugal – apparently Zara is very cheap there as it’s all made in Spain and Portugal:) I am hoping to tie the sun to the plane next Monday – I refuse to bring a bag full of sweaters and rain jackets! Have a fabulous holiday!
      Joanna x


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