Uuuurgh – sorry for the lack of weekend posts.  I have had an exhausting, stressful time running up and down stairs moving what appears to be shed loads of clothes, shoes (some I’d forgotten about – the shame) and cosmetics to the basement suite where MM and I will be residing until the end of the renovations.  In a way it’s quite nice to have the opportunity for a good clear out.  We really haven’t done it since we moved into the house 4 years ago – then we just put stuff in what seemed logical places and now, having lived in the house for a while, I know there is a better way to organize things.  In fact it will be amazing to have a large walk in closet where all my lovely clothes can be hung, and shoes can be stacked for easy access.  You wouldn’t believe the amount of crap that my bathroom vanity had hidden in it.  I must have really suffered with hemorrhoids after the birth of my son – I had about 20 different brands of cream in there!!  Ouch!

Poppy and I took a break from the turmoil yesterday and headed to the salon for her hair cut.  Honestly you would think she is 6 going on 16.  Mom wasn’t allowed to sit with her – but I assure you as I sat in the waiting area I could hear her chit chatting away ‘well ac-tual-leee I can do this’, ‘no reeeeally she said so’, ‘I SO like that’…etc.etc.  Where did my little girl go?  She’s been possessed by a 16 year old mall rat!

The workmen arrived this morning…an hour late…not a good start…but at least they showed up to start the demo.  I now have to stay clear of the house all day till 4pm so I don’t get roped into making cups of tea all afternoon:)  I did manage to get MM to move the only long mirror in the house down into the guest room where we are sleeping for the next 8 weeks – but the photo is pretty dreadful today – I need to move the mirror somewhere where it doesn’t look like I have a light affixed to my head!

The outfit isn’t too inspiring today mainly as I was struggling for ideas after carrying all the clothes downstairs.  Packing for England this week is going to be a nightmare – I already can’t find half my underwear!  I’m wearing my Hudson jeans – all of you in England will be happy to hear it’s throwing it down here too and we have grey skies today.  Paired with the jeans is the Boden Pretty top from last summer – a lovely, ‘pretty’, easy to wear top that is much more girly than my usual attire.  On my feet I have my Tory Burch flannel Revas which are really comfy.  You’ll notice I’m also desperate for a haircut – 6 weeks between cuts really is too long for me.



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